Stickman Readers' Submissions January 31st, 2014

A Possibly Atypical Bangkok Bargirl – Part 1 – First Round

I have been reading Stickman for many years ever since someone I know who is married to a Thai woman told me about this site. Through all the feedback that has run through here about Thai women good and bad, I have been ruminating on
my own first experience in Thailand and perhaps I can offer my little slice for your perusal and perspective. Let the names be changed to protect the innocent and the guilty. The first parts of this story were written in 2008, just never submitted
at that time so bear that in mind. I'll let you know where the story has been brought forward.

First, bear with me while I get the tale off my chest, then I will offer my 2 baht… and more. Before visiting Bangkok in July, 2006, my previous Asian experience was limited to a couple of stays in Hong Kong. One of those trips involved
a wild side trip to Macau (long before the new gambling palaces). Then I visited Bangkok twice during the summer of 2006. In between there were several weeks in Manila. I might talk about Manila, but that is another submission if I ever feel
like writing it.

He Clinic Bangkok

But it's all about Bangkok now, so have a seat, dear reader and grab a Beer Lao… okay, let's see now. About halfway through my first week in Bangkok, I met her. Yes, her. Yes, that one. You know what I mean. No, let me rephrase
that, you know *exactly* what I mean!

Let's give her a nice generic Thai girl's nickname: Nat. Nat was a cute Isaan bargirl working in an upscale bar somewhere. She was not a spring chicken, she was in her 30's. However, she was quite charming, laughed quickly
and flashed that famous Isaan smile a lot during our first meeting. So what if she knew very little English and my Thai vocabulary went as far as 'sawasdee khrap' and 'korp khun khrap'. So what indeed. The difference and
the reason I did not dismiss her quickly was that I did not see in her face that mercenary look I had seen many times already that week. The sadder but wiser veterans among you know that look. Hopefully not too much damage was done before
you acquired the experience. For me, I knew what I was getting into. It's about not falling for the girls.

But I didn't dismiss her. The smile flashed for me, I felt the high wattage light shining on me, I saw the look in her eyes and I was hooked. I was quite hooked. Sound familiar, dear readers?

CBD bangkok

I do not fall in love easily, heck, I do not even fall in lust easily, even if the eye candy on the streets was the best eye candy I had ever seen on any Asian streets. They did not sway me much in the love department though they often
had me feeling something in my shorts! But I feel I have enough presence in the moment to know that is all it is: lust, dammit! Preferably in big Dana-like neon capital letters. Nothing wrong with that… but I digress.

Nat had that cute way about her, the way that she carried herself. For instance, she was sooo cute when she wai'd me. This gesture is instilled in Thais from an early age so it is very natural for them. And oh my, some girls are
dynamite at melting the ice in your heart when they are wai'ing you, just the way they look at you when they're doing it. You try to remember you are farang, you are not supposed to wai them back because you are guaranteed to screw
it up, get it wrong, put yourself in the wrong place in their social hierarchy and so on. The advice I got is to just nod and smile to acknowledge a wai. But when someone like Nat wai's you and does it in such an endearing manner, it
is really, really hard not to get into the act and wai her back.

Okay the hook is set: I barfined Nat for long time; she was good that night though I had a few drinks, then she was good again the next morning. Especially in the shower where she caught me without a hat and it took all my will not to
finish inside her. Whoa! She left late that morning, but not until after we had breakfast. After doing the tourist thing that day, I came back late; she was waiting for me so I took her back to my hotel again. Evidently, she liked me well
enough that she paid her own barfine on the 3rd night so she could take me to Pattaya to visit her older sister. Of course this was before the expressway. We took the bus from the Ekamai bus station to the North Pattaya bus station, then Nat
negotiated for a pair of moto taxis to take us into town. I do not remember the name of the hotel, but it was cheap, just 450 baht for the night with air con. Or maybe Nat knew somebody there and she got the local rate. Dunno about that, but
I digress.

Let us give another nice generic Thai nickname to the sister … hmm, Fon! Fon seemed to be Nat's senior by a few years. She was a bartender somewhere and I suspect a former bargirl, but I did not ask. I did find out that Fon was
getting married to some local guy in Isaan later that year. I made sure to ask whether that was really a local guy and not a farang. So maybe Fon was not such damaged goods… odd, that. Or maybe it was a made up story. She spoke slightly
better English than Nat so that tells me she's been in the game longer. We went cruising down to the beach in Jomtien during the afternoon via the baht bus. There we rented space under the umbrellas, bought some drinks and shooed away
the food vendors. Though the girls did do the fried bug thing… er, I am supposed to kiss Nat after that? Ick!

wonderland clinic

Later, Fon had to go to work so we went back to Pattaya without her, walked up Walking Street, then Nat decided she had enough of me looking around. Something about my head swiveling just a bit too much for comfort. Her comfort, that
is. So back to the room. I thought do not pass go; she thought make love, not war. Nat was good at that. Have to hand it to her.

After 4 days of hanging out together, I left Bangkok… she accompanied me to the airport in a nice dress. Does that sound familiar to you? Perhaps someone hit on her as soon as I was gone. So I went to Manila and while I was there Nat
texted me now and then to say "i miss u darling". I never sent her money and she never asked me to send any. So I was not in love, but I sure did find myself attracted to this girl. Behind that high wattage smile, there was a niceness
about her that belied her occupation. I will come back to that.

To be continued…

nana plaza