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  • Written by Anonymous
  • December 17th, 2013
  • 3 min read

I am a 44-year old Englishman and have been to Pattaya 4 times in the past 3 years and although I have had a pleasant time each time I have never had an experience approaching some of the tales on this site.

I admit that I am cautious in my dealings with the ladies. I don't like to drink too much and I hate wasting money. I am a man who prefers the beer bars and the more relaxed atmosphere therein. Having said that, I find some of the
mamasans and girls a little too pushy. One of my pet hates is being pestered for money so I find the 'lady drink' business tiresome after a while.

I have been reading this site since I started visiting Thailand and can say, sans doute, that Mr Stick has enabled me to enjoy my visits safely and with the knowledge required to avoid any unpleasantness. After all, only a fool learns
from his own mistakes!

I present some of the hits and misses of my experiences in LOS:

HIT The Bell Travel coach service from SVB to the heart of Pattaya and back again. Cheap and efficient. I find their staff at the airport friendly and professional but more cool and aloof at the Pattaya terminus.

MISS I am pretty sure one overnighting girl took all the notes from my wallet, about 2000 baht, whilst I slept and I still had to pay her in the morning. Never mind, I always hide my excess cash well and there was plenty left.
I put it down to experience and moved on with my life and holiday.

HIT There is a large beer bar area near Walking Street, the one with the boxing ring at its centre and a large restaurant at its rear. I walked in there one night and banged my big toe on the kerb. Blood pissing out from under
the broken nail and very painful. I sat down at the nearest bar and was soon attended to by a couple of bargirls who could not have been more concerned, fussing around me, cleaning the toe and applying a bandage. All done without my asking.
I guess they must have seen I was in a lot of trouble and pain and their natural sympathy kicked in. God bless them. I remember tipping them but there was no suggestion that money was expected.

MISS Being pestered for money by 2 bullshit kick boxers from the same place (see above) once their bullshit bout had ended. Paid like a jerk and paid again after the next 'fight' because I was still unable to walk
out of the place and was obviously not thinking straight.

HIT The hotel cleaner who took me on her moped to her home for an authentic fish supper before taking me back to the hotel afterwards. I have every respect for hotel cleaners and try to treat them well. This includes not leaving
a messy room or dirty bathroom. This cleaner and I would have quite a lot of fun whenever she was cleaning my room and I was there…the infamous 'sanuk' prevailed.

MISS Visiting a ping-pong show and being terribly disappointed. I was expecting balls to be flying around like bullets from a gun. This was not to be. Instead I witnessed a slightly dumpy woman position herself over a beer
jug and, given the time it took, I assume gravity and not any great vaginal control caused a ball to drop down from between her legs. In fairness I suppose she could have been aiming but, in this case, she missed.

HIT Cheap, no funny stuff, massages. A real treat although the quality between establishments and masseuses can vary greatly. I suppose the trick is to stick with the ones that suit you best.

MISS Paying a barfine in anticipation of a return visit that night, that is to say requesting an overnight companion's return that night and giving her the barfine in advance as she left that morning. Needless to say
a no-show was recorded. Never mind, only a minor setback, easily remedied with a new evening companion. You gotta love Thailand.

HIT Ms X's most fine and beautiful breasts.

MISS Being unable to find Ms X on a return visit…I never ask for telephone numbers or email addresses and, to be fair, I have only been asked twice for mine…not given, of course.

I will be re-visiting Pattaya next year. I want to try a Beach Road freelancer. From my observations some of them look pretty hot indeed. Hopefully a hit will result.

Happy Holidays

Pure Bangkok Escorts