Stickman Readers' Submissions December 16th, 2013

Bangkok Bars Upddate

I'm heading out of Bangkok tonight after 6 days in town, my first time here since April, 2012. Here's some thoughts you may be interested in – or totally bored with 🙂

I spent the majority of my Nana Plaza time in just two bars. Mandarin and Mercury.

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Mandarin: Has to be by far the best bar in Bangkok when it comes to the quality of the women. There is not one girl there that I would describe as fat or ugly. Maybe one or two slightly chubby ones, but almost all the girls are in good
shape and fairly attractive. Most of the girls have their natural black, straight hair, so if you hate that blonde curly-haired look as much as I do, this is the place to be. I saw almost no Japanese in here, and the few that walked in, walked
right out. The girls on the stage smile and flirt and make eye contact with customers, most of them actually dance, and from what I could observe, cell phones are not allowed! I did not see one girl pull a mobile out of her bra or boot as
they so often do in the Rainbow bars. When their shift is over, the girls all sit by the side of the stage, or talk to customers. You will not see them hanging around outside, sitting alone in the customer's area, or eating. The mamasan
has these girls under her complete control, and they are the most disciplined bunch I have ever seen (which isn't really saying much, but anyway…). On the subject of the mamasan, this is the BIG negative of this bar. She is an absolute
Nazi. She is constantly pressuring customers to barfine ladies, buy lady drinks, buy her lady drinks, and to tip her. I was sitting with a lady a few nights ago, and she was coming to me literally every 30 seconds and holding 6 fingers up
(for 600 baht barfine). And she would just stand there, holding up the 6 fingers, for extended periods of time! It was incredibly annoying, and I got to the point where I had to tell her to go away. While this woman seems to be a doing a great
job on inflicting much needed discipline on the girls, she is no doubt going to drive customers away. The next night, I actually would not go into the bar to barfine the lady I wanted. I gave the money to the hello girl, and told her the number
of the lady I wanted, and she went inside and took care of business for me. So, my recommendation to your readers: Lots of high quality girls, but find what you're looking for and get the hell out!

Mercury: I'm a huge Mercury fan now. I visited this place in past years just for the cheap beer. It was a dumpy little hole in the wall. Now this is one of the best bars in Bangkok. Lots of pretty girls, that are always smiling and
flirting, and fun and friendly service staff, and a great atmosphere. What I love about Mercury most of all though: No pressure! Nobody in my face constantly pushing me to barfine or buy drinks. Actually, Mercury is quite the opposite to Mandarin
when it comes to this. Several girls sat with me to talk, but nobody ever asked me to buy them a drink or barfine them. As a matter of fact, I actually had to ask for a second beer after my first one had been finished for 10 or 15 minutes.
This was ok with me though, since I want to do things at my own pace.

I visited Fantasia, and was impressed with the body painting show, the layout of the bar, the music, and the absolute beauty of a mamasan, who I'm told is married to someone in the bar…maybe the owner? There were a fair number
of customers in there. The coyotes were barfineable at 1,500 baht, but I didn't think any of them were any prettier than the other girls. There were some decent girls here, but other than mamasan, none interested me.

Rainbow 4: Why? Boring girls doing the Bangkok shuffle, texting while on stage, and looking totally apathetic. A bunch of average looking girls at best. I used to worship this bar, now I avoid it.

Rainbow 1: Always has a fair number of girls, many are attractive and try to interact with customers. I didn't spend too much time here for reasons I prefer not to mention, but, this bar has a great lineup.

Playskool: A great looking bar, not a lot of girls, and even fewer customers.

Tilac: Great bar, lots of pretty girls, no pressure. I wish I spent a lot more time here. I barfined a girl who I had been with on a previous occasion. An absolute stunner, with a little bit of a different look, and a tiny and tight body.
She turned out to be such an annoying money-sucker, that I gave her 2000 baht, told her to go home, and jumped out of the taxi…before we even got to my hotel! I would have paid her more just to get her out of my sight.

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Random comments: I've never seen so many ladyboys in my life! It's almost like their numbers have tripled since my last trip here a year and a half ago. I had a beer on the balcony above the escalator and kept tabs on the customers
going into the short time hotel: Of the seven couples that went in while I was drinking my beer, four were man / ladyboy couples (3 Asian customers, 1 Brit), and three were male / female couples.

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