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My Experience And Reasons For Seeking A GFE (Part 1, 2011)

I’ll call myself Paul and my girlfriend's name is Mary, for the sake of confidentiality. I was introduced to Stickman by a friend and have read many of the submissions, and overall find the site very interesting, educational and quite respectful in its content to its readers. Therefore I would like to share my story about Thailand with a brief background of myself and my journey in experiencing a girlfriend experience (GFE).

I am 53, have many children, been married for 1* years (divorced 20**), experienced a de facto relationship (* years) and now have a girlfriend Mary, back home for past 18 months. I find myself very hesitant moving forward but Mary is really a great woman with qualities of old, not the modern feminist like so many of today in the western world.

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I grew up in a dysfunctional home like 50% of us and moved into marriage at a early age, very much underprepared. My sex life was very ordinary and in the end dried up, but like good old values stuck to bringing my kids up. Future relationships were also affected by my upbringing, a lack of confidence and never quite understanding women or I properly. Eventually, through years of therapy, I came out the other end knowing why all this happened and having the luck of meeting one of those rare western woman who treats a man like the old days and prides herself on being a modern woman with old-fashioned values.

In 2011 I suggested a holiday to Thailand, my first holiday to Thailand since 1987 and Mary’s first trip to South-East Asia. It was during the preparations of this first trip that Mary first suggested why don’t I consider a GFE to help in my confidence and to make up for all the lost years in relationships and my non-existence of letting go when I was a young bloke in the work force. These discussions developed over time where I often would stop and question Mary on why she was letting, or more importantly wanting me to do this. Yes, fellow readers, I had an girlfriend wanting me to experience a Thailand GFE with no hidden agenda.

We arrived in Patong, Phuket, and proceeded to get to know Patong and all its attractions. It didn’t take long to discover Bangla Road, the restaurants, the beach and the shopping. Mary and I had many a late night looking for a nice quiet bar and eventually found one in the back streets away from the noise of Bangla. At the bar we were warmly welcomed by the mamasan and the girls and were quickly introduced to the common bar games of jackpot, checkers etc. In those first encounters Mary informed the girls that she wanted to shout Paul a GFE. At first they didn’t believe her but after a while understood and gave her total respect for this. Mary set about seeing which girl took my fancy, to which I found myself very shy. I even had trouble looking at one of the bargirls who was fantastic at dancing and showing her potential skills and womanly features.

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After two nights of getting over my shyness, Mary and I approached one of the dancers (P**) and asked if she would like to go with me. The barfine was established at 300 baht and long time (LT) cost 2000 baht. Her reply was not tonight as it was that time of the month, but maybe in 3 – 4 days. Our total time in Patong was only 8 days so time was getting short! The next night a new girl arrived fresh from up north named M**. She took my interest straight away (maybe being fresh was my lucky day). We renegotiated a LT price of 1,500 baht and planned to come back the next night at 7 PM.

Things now get interesting for a first time experience where both Mary and I were going off our own ideas. To give you an idea, we were staying in a 4-star family hotel. Our idea was to take her home, and Mary would leave me alone for 3 hours and then come back and sleep in the spare bed. In the morning, Mary was to get up at 6 AM and again leave me alone for 3 hours. Well that was the plan!

Back to the bar, we picked M** up at 7 PM, proceeded to a beachside restaurant and enjoyed a nice meal. Whilst walking Mary took M**’s hand. On arrival to the hotel we were greeted by the security guard who barred her entry. We left and regrouped for another go and this time I kept a look out and we made it safely to the room (I had no idea about getting a guesthouse room). On arrival we got comfortable and soon Mary left the room as planned.

M** and I got to talk with the assistance of a bargirl translation book, very frustrating may I say, not a mood improver at all. I was shy, she was new (first foreign man she said) and sorry to disappoint but there were no real home runs as you would say, just nerves, anxiety and time pressures due to Mary and I setting a window of 3 hours. I won’t go into any more details except to say that there was lots of cuddling, touching, some kissing, a little communication and a first time GFE experience, just no sex. The next morning I paid the agreed amount of 1500 baht and Mary escorted M** from the hotel and we went to breakfast and debriefed.

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After my de brief with Mary, it came apparent that M** was too young (20) and maybe I should be with someone a little older and mature. This bought us back to our favourite bar (well the only one!) and I took a liking to K** who was working as a waitress, very friendly, kind, understanding and supportive of Mary in her gift to Paul. Yes, readers, Mary paid for both experiences. We talked to K** about M** saying how it didn’t quite work out and whether she would be interested in giving Paul his first proper GFE. After getting reassurance from Mary, K** agreed to a price of 1500 baht and me returning the next evening at 7 pm. This time I booked a guest room and travelled by myself to the bar to pick K** up. I paid the mamasan her 300 baht and we walked off in to the night holding hands. We had dinner, talked, drank and eventually made our way to my room. There I was instructed to have a shower followed by K** showering. After this we laid on the bed and before long K** took the lead and we kissed, touched, cuddled and attempted a home run but again I suffered anxiety nerves and K**’s comment was “very lazy!” We gave up and cuddled through the night and I waited till morning for round 2. Morning took forever to come and when it did, not much changed. Eventually with some guidance from myself, my little man awoke but only with a joint effort from both of us if you get my drift. I was able to prove that I could arise to the occasion and after relief, K** was convinced that I could at least get it up. I think all the girls were thinking that I was a dud and felt sorry for Mary. I paid our agreed amount of 1500 baht and farewelled K** outside the guesthouse and proceeded back to my hotel for breakfast and a second debrief. That night we went back to the bar and there was much giggling and smiles and I felt like my reputation as a man was partly restored from what M** may have shared. Even the mamasan expressed an interest in whether I would go with her!

Well that was the end of our 8 days in Patong. We farewelled the girls and prepared for our return journey to Australia. Mary had helped me step up and have two GFEs and although both were not home runs, they did happen and my story is in fact very true. I enjoy telling a story but it has to be real and honest.

Well that concludes Part 1 of Paul’s journey towards a first time GFE, Part 2 begins with the next holiday in 2012, thanks for reading.

Credits go to my Australian girlfriend Mary for the suggestion and encouragement and to Paul for breaking through his comfort zone.

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