Stickman Readers' Submissions October 10th, 2013

Statistics, Probabilities And So On…

I have read a lot of submissions in your website and mostly they have one point in common: GIRLS! In this case, bargirls.

To succeed with a Thai lady, a man should have common sense. One basic piece of advice is, and I have read this many times over the internet regarding Thailand, ask yourself, “Have I ever get involved with bargirls in my hometown?”

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Because, it seems to me, most westerners never thought of having an affair with bargirls in their own country. Women are simply women all over the place. There are sweet and good ladies everywhere and bad people everywhere too, not only in Thailand. When I read that some particular kind of Thai ladies only want to scam and deceive you, it's common sense that this happens all over the globe on a daily basis. Where there’s the all mighty dollar, there’s a bunch of scam artists and thieves ready to take your money!

You only should be able to know where to look up to. What I mean by sweet and good ladies is ladies that won’t go with you because of your money. I mean that sweet and good ladies you are used to back in your country sincerely interested in you and who want to have a good relationship.

Make any sense to anyone to go to a gogo bar and find the love of his life there? And I don’t mean only in Thailand. I mean everywhere, all over the world. By definition gogo bargirls might be someone with drug abuse problems, they can be lazy and only seeking easy money, they might have had bad relationships before you that made them cold-hearted. In general they had a huge sort of problems that made them the most undesirable ladies in Thai men's eyes. When they look at you – old, fat and / or ugly – farang with money, they see money and they see an opportunity to take advantage of you. They smell the opportunity like sharks smell blood! I must say that I think most of these ladies are not attractive enough unless they are in their early 20’s. When I watch gogo bars in Soi Cowboy I have a disgusting feeling. They are the lowest society can offer you. In my hometown most of these ladies come from the slums. I think in Bangkok should is not much different. Many of these ladies come from rural Thailand and don’t have an education either. They are just low-life ladies, most of them with children from previous relationships living with their family deep in Isaan.

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I consider myself a man with good common sense and I am a self determined guy. I’ve been in Thailand to know the country, their culture, their language if possible, their nice beaches with warm waters and (the less important to me) meet some nice ladies. Meeting nice ladies in such a place like Thailand is very hard to the average western guy because his mindset is set to gogo bars. Imagine this, Thailand has around 66 million people, accepting that half are males and another half are females, we have 33 million ladies. Maybe a quarter are available to meet western guys, so… around 8.25 million. Around 10 – 20% of them work or had worked previously in the sex industry (let’s call it for their names, ok?). <No, I think that number is way too highStick> Now we have around 6 million. Regarding your age you can have more success or not in finding a nice lady in those 6 million. So, let’s stick with the number 4 million ladies. From this 4 million ladies you can find 1/6 in Bangkok (because population proportion). It gives me the number of around 666,666 nice ladies in Bangkok available to date with western guys. That’s huge!

You can find most of them when you travel on the BTS or MRT around Bangkok, in malls and restaurants. You might probably meet them in the street when they leave their work. Even at the airport, in public buildings or department stores. Just use your imagination.

What do I think nice Thai ladies are looking for? The same things nice western ladies look for in a man! Just be polite, dress good (don’t need to be a sharp dressed man), have manners when you eat, stop drinking beer like it will finish soon and your chances will probably get better. Women seek a gentleman with a good heart. Women seek love and care. Women seek security and stability in a relationship (and I don’t mean only material stability). This is worldwide; I don’t have a manual to Thai ladies and another manual to western ladies! So, when dating Thai ladies, set them simple tests and check for red flags there. Back off immediately if you are not sure, the same way you do in your hometown!

The language barrier might be a good opportunity too. Let’s see why. When I date in the west some of my dating will go wrong because there’s nothing in common, nothing to say. A clever guy will use it on his advantage. How? Just use your imagination.

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One time in 2011 when I went to Thailand I had a Belgian guy seated next to me on the plane. Soon we started talking about some issues in Thailand (he was a newcomer). The guy had a plan…he was separated from his wife and wanted to start something with a Thai lady, so he had a visa for 2 months and went to Thailand to find a sweetheart. Some friends and his sons give him that excellent idea. Where was the guy going to start looking for love? Of course… Pattaya! That’s his fantastic plan, the worst place to find a decent partner… PATfuckingTAYA. That doesn’t mean there aren't nice ladies there, but the probability of this happening is a bit shorter than in any other city in Thailand.

Do you all remember my statistics? Yes? Ok! I think that 10 – 20% of Thai ladies work or had worked in the sex industry or are related to it. Would you date someone related to the sex industry for a good relationship regarding your future in your hometown? I can assure you all, not me. One night stand is ok, sure. Sex will always be good, same as pizza. And I like pizza.

So let’s go back to Pattaya. Pattaya and Phuket are well known for the sex industry, so the chances of having ladies working in such places related to sex industry, I think will get higher to an astonishing 50 – 60% (don’t forget the ladyboys as well). Now, can you imagine your chances of getting involved with someone related to the sex industry? I think slightly less than you have in Nana, Patpong or Soi Cowboy. Let’s get real! You want fun and don’t mind to pay for sex? OK! Just go Pattaya or Patong beach in Phuket or even stay in Bangkok and go to Nana, Patpong or Soi Cowboy. There you will find so much fun and entertainment.

I was in Phuket 2 years ago for a 2-week vacation and I met 4 ladies. I slept with 2 of them. The first I met online on a dating site and we met in person there. We had a sex relationship only. She was a nice lady and had a decent job in a department store. She wanted to settle down with me and have a good relationship. I told her I was not in that mood and she backed off a few days later.

I met another lady selling real estate properties. We and her lady friend hanged out for 1 or 2 times for a couple of drinks. She tested me when we went to Tiger Disco together. She saw I wasn’t a sex tourist and her interest in me developed, but we never related in any way except friendship.

Tiger Disco has many ladies. Most of them are freelancers. That time I was naïve regarding Thai ladies in Phuket.

So, I found a lady in Tiger Disco and she wanted to go with me to my hotel room. For me it is ok, since I like pizza so much. When she started driving our way to my hotel, she asked me for money for the pizza delivery. I agreed, because I was horny. We arrived at the hotel, did it, I paid her, called her what she was by her name and she went off pissed off with me! For those who don’t know, many prostitutes or freelancers think when they ask for money to eat pizza with a guy (in a figurative way of speech) they are not prostitutes or freelancers anymore and they start to be nice and decent ladies. Awkward to me. When ladies ask for money to have sex with a guy, that is prostitution. In Thailand, US or Spain it has only one name: prostitution.

Another day, another intercourse at Tiger Disco in Phuket. Another lady targeted me and I thought it was my lucky night. Very interesting lady. I had bought many drinks that night and I thought it was strange, but I was naïve regarding Thailand nightlife at that time… let’s roll. Later that night when we left Hollywood Disco I asked her to go my room. What I was expecting? She asked me money for the night of course. That time, I thought to myself… “No more money. I don’t pay for sex in my country, why should I pay here?” I said goodbye to her, picked up a moto-taxi and I went back to my hotel room. After that, no more Tiger Disco.

So, to cut short a long story. If you want to find a nice and sweet lady to have a good relationship in the future, forget Pattaya, Phuket and all the gogo bars. You will only pick up prostitutes or freelancers (don’t forget some freelancers strikes in hotels too). Thailand, and especially Bangkok, have a lot of opportunities regarding relationships with ladies, but don’t forget there are many scam artists that just want to deceive you and keep your precious money that takes so long to earn.

Now… meeting Thai ladies online. I had good experiences with that. I found by chance my Thai wife on one of those sites BTW. We made a good relationship online and then it was easy to proceed our relationship when we later met in Bangkok. She’s nice and sweet and we have been married for about 6 months. Never been so happy with someone before. I have the best of 2 worlds, I must say. The bad thing about dating online is there are some scammers that only want your money so be careful.

I know some guys have found good relationships with bargirls, but I estimate that happens around 5 – 10% of the time. So, believe the statistics, ok? Don’t think like… “It only happens with the others. I’m so much more clever than the rest.”

When I met my wife I never thought in getting married with her, but in fact it happened and I’m happy with that fact now. We’ve been through some bad issues like all the relationships I know, but we had much more good things to remember.

Stickman says:

For sure, if you're after a relationship, online is a much better place to find a lady than in the bars!

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