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Reason Enough to Come to Thailand

I’m a 45-year-old American man. I first came to Thailand in 2011, visited again in 2012, and now I’m here for good – living up in Chiang Mai.

When I first came here two years ago, I didn’t quite know what to think of this place. Everything seemed unorganized and out of place. But once the software between my ears adjusted to this unknown “alien planet”, Thailand really grew on me. It grew on me so much that during my second trip here I made the earth-shattering and life-altering decision to permanently move to the Land of Smiles; or what I like to call, the Land of Hedonism.

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I’ve left the rat-race in the west and have been in Thailand for nine months now. It’s not perfect here, as there is no perfect country. But Thailand is perfect for me – that’s what really counts.

Here are some reasons for coming to Thailand that may forever strike a chord in you, just as they’ve done for me.


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The food is absolutely delicious. Thailand is known as ‘Kitchen of the World’, as it’s a food lover’s paradise. The Thai food was nothing like I’ve had in the U.S. It is not only tastier, but more visually appealing (food experts say you eat with your eyes).

The way I look at it, you have to eat three meals a day, every day — why settle for garbage like McDonalds, Taco Bell, ham / bologna / tuna sandwiches, or any other filling but non-interesting meals that many of us eat without a thought. You can have delicious, healthy and inexpensive meals in Thailand. <I have *serious* reservations about how healthy Thai food isStick>

This is reason enough to come to Thailand.


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I’ve stated to my friends that the Thai people were friendlier than the people in America. Most didn’t believe me. But it’s true; I had an easier time making friends with strangers from Thailand than with Americans. And most of the time Thais would make eye contact and sincerely smile. Have you ever tried to do this with strangers in the west? Usually it was an awkward experience; at least it was for me. Most people think you want something and have a hidden agenda, and usually all you get is looks of suspicion because of the fear-based western society groove that all us are conditioned to expect.

This is reason enough to come to Thailand.


Houses are much more affordable in Thailand than in the US or Europe. And it is very modern… it’s not thatch covered huts and dirt driveways and roads like some believe. The housing and infrastructure here is just as nice as it is in America.

A comparable house in Thailand is 1/3 the cost of the one I lived in in Washington state. And there are little to no property taxes. Housing isn’t inexpensive in Thailand; it’s just that houses are overpriced in America, and the high property tax burden keeps you on the hamster wheel forever.

This is reason enough to come to Thailand


Big Brother government is not an issue in Thailand. I just hate being spied upon by the US government, thanks to the “Patriot Act”; phone tapping, email interceptions and internet traffic monitoring. Then there are the highway cameras and UAV drones that nearly watch our every move. It seems the US government is just waiting for its citizens to make one false move so it can fine or arrest them. The U.S. has become “One Nation Under Surveillance”.

This is reason enough to come to Thailand.


Pretty, single women are abundant. When I was told this before my first trip to Thailand in 2011, that many Thais are very attractive, I thought it was an exaggeration. But seeing is believing. Not only were the women, as a whole, more attractive than American woman, they are very thin and fit. Obesity is not an issue. Thai women would also dress feminine – skirts, dresses, heels – it was refreshing to see women dress like women.

Another thing that got my attention is that the young “cuties” were friendly to me. It made me feel good when a cute 20-year-old would innocently smile at me and say, ‘sa-wut-dee- ka’ (“hello”).

This is reason enough to come to Thailand.


Like most men, I despise shopping. But I was surprised how much I enjoyed the MBK Center in Bangkok, a modern 8-storey mall with over 2000 stores selling everything under the sun. The vibe was energetic, not sterile and predictable like the malls in America.

In Chiang Mai, there’s the high-end Airport Plaza Mall … just as nice as any mall in the US … but what’s really interesting is the night markets that open up daily around 6 PM. These are more or less open air swap meets, where you can buy clothing, music, movies, food, tools, art, even animals. It’s something everyone should experience because of the atmosphere, as well as the low prices on goods, even on name brand items. Thailand has fun and exciting shopping where it’s a big social event.

This is reason enough to come to Thailand.


Thailand is all about service, even though people seldom talk about it. One of the very first things I noticed when I came to Thailand is there are no “self-service” gas stations. Aren’t the words “self-service” a paradox, anyway?

In Thailand nearly every gas station is full service. I sure wish there were full service options in the U.S. I’ve lost count how times I was on my way to a sales appointment, wearing nicely pressed clothes – or it’s 30 degrees F, with snow on the ground and then realizing my tank is on empty. Pumping gasoline is about the last thing I want to be doing.

I don’t think I’ll be on my way to any sales appointments here in Thailand, and there certainly won’t be snow on the ground (thank God, Buddha and all that is holy), but this little bit of extra service goes a very long way.

Here’s another example of excellent service; the 3-star hotel I stayed at in Bangkok, the Ibis Nana, not just offered laundry service like many hotels, they individually poly-bagged my garments as if I just ordered brand new clothes from Neiman Marcus. I’m willing to bet that not many 5-star hotels, and certainly no 3-star hotel in the West would go this far to impress me.

Truly good service has vanished in the West, with just a few exceptions or if you’ve got a lot of money to spend. One of the reasons to come to Thailand, is you don’t have to be wealthy to live like a King!

Not only can you live in absolute luxury for half or a third the cost of living in America, you’ll see people practically tripping over themselves wanting to help you any way they can. And Thais serve you with a genuine smile – which is something you rarely see from the millions of thankless kids from America and other countries, with their pants drooping halfway down their ass.

This is reason enough to come to Thailand.


The healthcare system in the U.S., as well as Canada and the UK, is a mess. Socialized “free” healthcare looks great on paper, but in reality it’s a nightmare. Many Canadians and Europeans have to wait weeks, months… sometimes even a year for major medical treatment. Americans should prepare for similar inefficiencies.

In Thailand, you can walk right into the hospital and get treated the same day, or the next day if it’s major surgery. And the cost as low as 1/10 of what I paid in the U.S. For example, the cost to get my teeth cleaned in Thailand is less than $30. And this is in a tidy, modern facility where the doctor cleaned my teeth instead of a technician.

Everyone needs healthcare; from minor checkups and tests to possibly major treatment down the road, such as treatment for cancer and heart disease. Affordable healthcare is attainable to everyone that comes to Thailand.

This is reason enough to come to Thailand.


America was made great by pioneering people from other lands who saw opportunity in freedom. Many of their descendants are now revitalizing that spirit for freedom and leaving America, as well as Canada, Europe and the U.K., for new lands. I feel that Thailand has more to offer than all other countries.

It may not have all the amenities that we’re used to back home, such as strip malls on every corner, Wal-Mart and Bob’s BBQ… there is one overriding attraction that is infinitely more valuable: freedom. Freedom is what every living man and woman spends a lifetime searching for. Thailand has it.

This is reason enough to come to Thailand.

I’ve written an informative, entertaining and occasionally sexy Amazon eBook about Thailand. Every Thailand newbie should read it before coming over, and every person who likes a good travel yarn will find it to be a page-turner. It’s titled: The Amazing Stories of Tom in Thailand. Read it at home, or during lunch break or digest on the plane ride over here. Just read it. Click here to preview for free or to download it. http://goo.glFnz1Vx

Stickman says:

You've covered a lot of points but I think you paint a way rosier picture than what is the reality! But with that said, it's great to hear from someone who enjoys it so much here – and long may that continue.

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