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Bangkok With My Wife

  • Written by Anonymous
  • October 22nd, 2013
  • 15 min read


After using your website extensively prior to our Bangkok trip last week I thought I would provide a bit of a trip report and some comment on the experience, as we would not be considered the normal visitors for P4P.

Firstly to provide some context. A number of months ago my wife and I discussed my 40th birthday and what I wanted to do. I told her that I had not been back to Thailand for 20 years and would like to stop off there, with her, on our way to the UK. We are a mid to late 30's couple who are by no way hardcore swingers but have been to swingers clubs and enjoying mixing things up from time to time. Anyway it took a bit of discussion, but my wife agreed to 5 days in Bangkok, and basically for me to have whatever experiences I wanted (yes, I know I am a lucky man).

We stayed at Grand Centrepoint Terminal 21 – a great hotel and very accommodating but more on that later. So the first night Saturday, I wanted to ease us in slowly after a day acclimatising we had a walk through Soi Cowboy, mostly so I could make sure my wife was really alright with this before getting too involved. We ended up at the beer bar the opposite end to Asoke nice bar great for people watching, we had 3 beers as 2 things became very apparent; 1. We were definitely not the norm being a couple and 2. If we wanted any fun we were going to have to work much harder than the single Farang men.

We then walked back down the soi and stopped for a couple more beers at the beer bar next to Tilac where it was very obvious we were not the focus of attention for even the waitress, as single guys buying lady drinks were much more lucrative. Not a problem for us as we enjoyed the people watching, I think we just believed an attractive couple sitting at the bar would be much more preferable that some of the men in the bar – oh, how naive we were on our first night!!!!

Suzy Wong's, we bit the bullet and went in, sat right on the stage as the place was packed. Nice ambiance and well set out. Beers were procured and 15 girls or so gyrated/shuffled on stage. I must comment here that I had read so many reviews prior to our arrival that spoke about old / ugly / fat girls, whilst not every girl is to my taste, there were many that were stunning.

We watched the subsequent shows that we're done really well, although the needles and the balloon popping went a little far. The neon painter who applied amazing body paint to the girls came by and started painting on my wife's arm – and she loved it. Not the worst job in the world applying body paint to a number of young naked Thai girls. Although we really enjoyed it here as it was so busy the only attention we were getting was from our overweight 40 something waitress that kept showing us her bra and flashing. It was time to move on, as I began to feel that to live out the fantasies we may need to get an escort after all, as the bars wouldn't accommodate us.

We walked by After Skool, and having a penchant for schoolgirl uniforms and being intrigued by the naughty boy corner we entered. This is where the Bangkok experience came to life. We were ushered in and we sat near the door, small bar with bar along one wall and small stage mid way down the other wall. Drinks arrived and we took in the surroundings. We really liked it here, although there are some annoyances I will come to. The bar is small and vibrant, seemed like a party place, girls on stage fully clothed but looked to be enjoying themselves dancing to the music. One of the girls came up and started talking to my wife, we bought her a drink and chatted as our new friend started to teach us Thai. I'm sure this is a well rehearsed ploy but it worked on us. After buying a couple of drinks for us all, mamasan appeared, a smiling lady in her late 30's but a woman to be wary of. Mamasan wanted a drink, and when mamasan wants a drinks mamasan gets a drink. She is very pushy, and when you agree she starts pushing for drinks for the waitress and the bar girl and the cashier, before you know it you have spent 1000 baht on a round. I' m sure you're shouting they saw you coming, did you not read all the advice on the forums. Suffice to say we partied with 2 of the girls in the naughty boy (and naughty girl) corner where much more than BJs are on offer. $2500 baht for 2 girls entertaining both of us (full service). Great bar, really friendly girls, you just need to watch mamasan.

Sunday night turned into a bit of a washout, started in Patpong on a bit of a tour, then the rain came in heavy. Bars very quiet, in the couple of bars we went too all the girls fully clothed. Jumped a taxi to Nana Plaza to escape the rain. Had some drinks in Angelwitch on the second floor great shows. Then a couple of beers in Playschool on the lower level. Generally very quiet. Everyone was friendly, but again we would have had to push to get anything to happen. Just a note here for any couples, Nana felt very safe, my wife said she felt fine there with no issues taking her there.

After the Sunday 'fizzer' I wanted to get a bit more action, it was getting close to my 40th birthday after all. I decided to go to Dream Heaven Massage on soi 33 I think. Went alone as wanted to see how that played out. Lots of options with Love Teen Massage next door, but I had read reviews of DHM and checked out the girls on the website first. I walked in and 2 young guys were all ready choosing from probably 15 girls lined up. The guys were going through the catalogue asking when others would be in. I looked down the line and noticed nobody from the website photos, maybe they were there but I didn't recognise any. Calibre of girls ok, most a 7. Paid 2,100 baht for 1 hour full service nuru massage. It was ok, massage can only be described as sticky and sex can only be described as average. Girl was nice enough, just a little formulated for me, plus she complained about being tired – I wouldn't go back. I think if I had turned up with my wife they would have freaked out and not known what to do with her.

The evening saw us both take on Club Eden, a couple of beers in The Game sports bar around the corner and then in to the lion's (or lionesses) den. I don't know what I expected but I was pleasantly surprised. Bar area was ok, bar staff very friendly and most importantly made my wife feel comfortable. The rates explained 5,000 baht for 2 girls for 90 minutes. We would have the large double room and all girls are ok with couples. We had another beer and then the line up and the famous yellow line. I let my wife choose the girl – for obvious reasons, then as advised let the girl choose her playmate. Ok, let's be honest, they are not the best looking girls in Bangkok, but some are good looking and some are ok. I must admit at first to being a bit disappointed in the girl's playmate choice, but given the fact I was going to spend 90 minutes with 3 women I thought I would struggle on.

The upper room was large, 2 beds walk in shower etc. don't know why they bother with dodgy porn on the TV, I already had 3 women in the room, didn't need to watch anymore. I actually really enjoyed Club Eden, the girls were really friendly with us both, and even the very thorough showering was a turn on. I honestly believe whatever we wanted was available, we ran well over the 90 minutes as they wanted to make sure we were both more than satisfied. Our only thought on Club Eden is that you need to direct proceedings, if you want something specific you need to make it happen, the girls were very obliging but left to their own devices you will get a basic service. I believe I had read this before on a review. The other point is they were initially a bit wary of couples and wanted to see our dynamic. Apparently often couples get up there and the wife freaks out. I reassured them that definitely wasn't going to happen and my wife soon proved our point. Overall very couple friendly, just have an idea on how you would like the session to play out. Well worth the money.

Tuesday, 40th birthday, last night in Bangkok. We had enjoyed our experiences so far, but something felt lacking. I think we felt we had worked hard for them and had expected to be treated more like single guys. Well today was going to be different, unsure if I would get the opportunity again I wanted the full Bangkok experience in 24 hrs. My wife went to get her nails done and instructed me to go and enjoy myself. It was 2pm so I trawled the Internet for a suitable start to the festivities. Lolita's BJ bar was my destination. I strolled in to a small dimly lit bar past probably 10 girls. I must admit to not really noticing the girls at the front as I grappled with the entry curtain. I sat down and ordered a beer, and if by magic a very attractive girl dressed in a school uniform style outfit appeared, the girl was up there in the 9's. I had a beer and bought my companion a drink. I guess this isn't the norm as the other 2 patrons that came in after already had the girl in tow as they entered and had no plans for a beer. I was told it was 800 baht, and after my 2nd beer went upstairs. Through the locked door to a number of curtained off booths, I though it was a bit like a number of lap dancing clubs I had been too. You sit on a small sofa, she has a cushion on the floor, there is the obligatory wipe down and off you go. This was a great experience, the girl was obviously very good at her job and the whole process was unhurried and very enjoyable. I remember thinking as I paid if only we had these all over the world, we may have the answer to world peace as I walked down the soi with a sense of contentment. This place is probably not suitable for couples, although they may try to accommodate they would struggle in my opinion.

The evening then started back at Club Eden, this time we met the Frenchman, reasonable enough, many of the descriptions I had read were accurate. We took 2 different girls this time and being a bit more directive got overall a better experience. We left feeling very satisfied, although the night was far from over – after all, you only turn 40 once.

A taxi ride to Soi Cowboy saw us have a couple of beers in the music bar at the entrance at Asoke, dodgy band and mostly Japanese patrons, although they seemed very intrigued with my wife's presence not much happening. A couple more beers followed sitting outside Tilac, chatting to the girls who came out and then to the tourist police who took our picture for some reason. I joked when we turn up on the next Soi Cowboy ad campaign we may have some explaining to do. I went inside Tilac to see the famed toilets. Bar very busy and very impressive probably the best we went in. The view from the toilets meant you were never far from the action.

For some reason that I am still not sure of we went into Moonshine – maybe the girl at the door, maybe I thought I had read a good review, but whatever the case we were in at a booth, the bar was half full. On stage some excellent dancers maybe 15 plus, all a 8 plus in looks. Well we caught the eye of a cute girl and her friend who came over to chat. We bought them both a drink and they danced with my wife for a while showing her some moves. Really friendly and I suggested to my wife maybe we take them out of the bar. My wife eagerly agreed, maybe she wanted some more dance lessons or something. Anyway then something strange happened, our cute dancers advised that they cannot be bar fined and were only there to dance. Somewhat dismayed we asked who can be bar fined and 3 (yes only 3) girls were pointed out to us. The 3 girls were well below average and I knew I wouldn't be bar fining them. I found it incredible the amount of dancers in this bar who were allegedly unobtainable. I have since read up on coyotes and feel a bit conned.

Walking out of Moonshine frustrated to say the least, with the hours ticking by we graduated to After Skool again, with me planning to control the drinks situation a bit better. We walked into a party atmosphere again. I must admit to really liking this place. Our first companion from Saturday made a bee line for my wife – it was obvious that they had got on well before and they were both interested in a more thorough experience. A couple of drinks later, 1 bought by the owner, a small cake came out and the obligatory ' happy birthday' was sung by all – a really nice touch and one that got us to stay.

Whilst my wife continued to get to know her companion a very pretty girl came over to chat. She was introduced and I was advised she was new. Well, my frustrations of earlier soon disappeared as my young Thai beauty had me enchanted. I discussed the bar fine with mamasan and my wife went walking down Soi Cowboy hand in hand with 2 Thai girls in school uniform – what a sight – a few passing comments came our way as I scampered behind the 3 of them. We decided to go to the short term hotel on Asoke as my wife felt this would complete the experience. 500 baht for the 4 of us and we were in the room. The room was clean and functional. I was surprised as I expected a flea pit. We spoke about his later and we both were really surprised at the room and would have no issues using it again. Drinks were ordered, to be honest couldn't tell you the price as I was too eager to start. I disappeared to the shower with my companion whilst my wife was pinned to the bed by hers. Really enjoyable, I partied with both girls, whilst the newer girl wasn't interested in playing with my wife. I must admit to walking out feeling like some sort of hero, the best 4000 baht I've ever spent.

At this point we should have returned to our hotel but my insatiable desire to keep the night going was infectious. We followed the girls back to After Skool for a final drink before closing. Mamasan tried to push drinks again but she realised I had no plans to buy her more. The bar closed and my wife's new friend asked us to go dancing. Off to a place called Crazy House off Soi Cowboy. I remember walking through a gogo bar in a lift and up some stairs to a live band and about 10 people. I sat back savouring a beer as the girls danced. My wife then decided we should take the party back to the hotel it was around 3am, on the way grabbed some food before getting to the hotel. Well the hotel was great, easy no problem bringing our guest and we were all in the room in a few moments. We all partied for a few hours and around 6 it was time to bid our Thai friend farewell, with another 2000 baht. What a night! I sit here a week later writing this having had the best night of my life and the best 40th, thank you Bangkok.

I must admit to loving Thailand and especially Bangkok, as much as I did years earlier. A society that seems to operate in constant chaos, but does it so well. Yes, there are problems but where aren't there? The Thai people continue to smile and get on with life in this great country.

Well, the original idea of this post was to give some perspective and comment on a couple's visit to Bangkok in the hope it would assist, as there seems little information on this, but maybe it has been more of a 'brain dump' to get some clarity on our recent visit. Anyway below are a few final thoughts from our experience of playtime in Bangkok as a couple:-

1. Expect to have to make most of the approaches, Thai girls seem wary of couples as they don't always know how everyone will react.

2. Expect to pay more than your average single man.

3. Expect to be the only non working female in most bars.

4. Don't expect every girl in the bars to want to play with the female partner.

5. Don't worry about reviews of the lack of quality girls, we didn't experience this.

6. Expect to have more showers than you have ever had before – my wife was a little shocked at first by how thorough these were.

7. Try to understand the dancers or coyotes as this was a frustration and something we still don't fully understand.

8. Keep you wits about you and most of all have fun.

We will be back in the next few months maybe not for quite as wilder time but definitely for more experiences. Maybe we will see more couples out and about in the future- enjoy.

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