Stickman Readers' Submissions October 19th, 2013

Back in the Saddle

10 days back in Thailand from my visit to the USA. As I read so many opinions about Thailand, I thought I might add my 2 cents' worth.

Seems like this experience is good if it serves one's needs and keeps the stress low. For some of us Thailand is a pretty decent remedy for the stress of relationships. We are that much aligned "losers" feminists seem to
need to denigrate and feel superior to in so many pieces I have read. Oh, yes, those fellows who are "successful" long term husbands here in Thailand sometimes have a negative view about us single capricious men as well. It is just
fine, somebody has to be as they have chosen to be.

But, many of us older guys are quite pleased to be who we are and, we help poor Thais rather well I think.

Last night I went to a Patpong bar with Stickman and after a glorious Madrid (also in Patpong) pizza, of course he was working on a photo shot. I am retired. When you are this old, you do not wonder if you are handsome as you know you
are not. The idea is just to be clean and not so fat as some older guys, dress decent, and make a deal where both sides get what they want. Stickman was busy, but Caveman came over to keep me company. The handsome fellow was getting more eye
bites than me as a clean cut vegan his age should. We had a good conversation as we always do. Around 9:30 he left and I focused on a happy great dancer who was smiling at me, then would look back ( all men love that) when she went off stage
so I gave the drink signal of mimicking having a drink. Then, of course she can either walk over or I can focus on someone else. She came over.

And I bought her a few drinks. She was a cheerful, young (19) skinny girl who earned her income by being happy and enthusiastic as few great looking girls seem to be willing to do these days. I have always agreed with Dana in that give
me a smiling, energetic, happy girl anytime. Two hours after going to my room she is in a taxi back to Patpong to dance her way into whatever she can get to advance her cause. Good for her. And good for me. I paid the huge 1,200 baht coyote
girl barfine and gave her 2,000. As I seldom go more often than every other day or every third day these days, it is nowhere near as pricy as trying to have a girlfriend that good looking or young.

I know I have often written about the benefits of short time, and that it is not for everyone, particularly it is not what the lonely western man wants in his early years here. I know because I have tried relationships four times here
and each was a stressful event. It could be said that is my fault. That is okay with me, I am only concerned with what works and both parties can walk away smiling. I am one of those men who found marriage the loneliest part of his life. A
loser? I don't think so as I do not have to lie to a wife and sneak around to do what men naturally want to do – and I am not paying divorce penalties. Oh well, there are pluses and minuses to marriage or single life. It is just not for
everyone, I suggest. At least certainly not with bargirls has been my experience.

Some of us over the years have run across the surprise of a ladyboy once we get behind closed doors. That some guys enjoy it seems okay with me and I have seen many who try it for a year or two then abandon it for reasons that are their
own. I think I will wait until I am much older than my present 67 years. But, if they enjoy ladyboys, even long term, I cannot imagine what I can object to about people being happy as long as no one is hurt. We are here to be happy is what
most farangs tell me and I agree. In my condo building I know a couple of older guys from Belgium who have been married for 30 years. They cheat on each other with young Thai male sex workers, some they regularly use for years, although they
sometimes see them in Central with their wife and kids.

For me, it was in Patong Beach 11 years ago. Walking blissfully along beach road I saw what looked like a young Cher, who offered a massage. Part way through the fist clenching BJ, she / he rubbed a crotch against me that seem to contain
something like a little finger pressing under the bikini bottom. I asked if she were a he, and heard "yesth". So, being pragmatic, I responded with "Well, hurry up and get the job done!" Fortunately, she / he (some say
shim) was not seeking to give or receive an invasion. Fortunate, at least from my personal point of view.

So here I am in Bangkok which sure has some flooded areas right now. Glad the prime minister promised no flooding here. In her defense, I believe she meant the flooding from the north over what was once a sponge, Nonthaburi, and is now
paved over for growth. What we have now is from a terrific typhoon that bashed the surrounding countries leaving and only with lots of rain.

My 2-day vacation from Pattaya ends tomorrow, then it's back in the bus, two seats please as my backpack needs a place too. 124 baht times 2 is much cheaper than 1,200 baht taxi rides. And, I think, much safer.

Next week, Angeles City for some girlfriend effect.

Now Mega has me wondering about adding Vietnam to the circuit. After last year's Songkran in Phnom Penh, I think there are four stops for me in Asia, at least until maturity.

As folks used to say, "It's all good, man."

Stickman says:

It was good to catch you last night and that pizza at Madrid was excellent, as always. Please to hear the lass looked after you well.

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