Stickman Readers' Submissions September 27th, 2013

My Life

I have been a reader for several years of the Stickman pages and read many of the submissions with interest, sometimes boredom, sometimes amazement and sometimes a total lack of understanding. Although having the highest IQ in my whole school
when I was "little", I have never been able to get a complete control of words and their infinite meanings, associations and juxtapositions. I will try anyway to give a compacted view of my life if anyone may be interested.

I had a wonderful, eventful life of being an artist, musician, beatnik, hippy, entrepreneur, starting folk clubs, festivals, theatre group, running an architectural salvage company, taking every conceivable drug to form my own opinion. Nothing in excess
I might add and never obtaining a criminal record. My sexual self was always repressed although I had at least 100 encounters in my formation. Yes I was shy! I achieved three major partnerships conceiving I thought for 35 years four children.
On a DNA test one was found to be fathered by my so called best friend. Another story. I started with no money and was incredibly lucky finding a derelict mansion for few pennies and a few more property coups. Another story.

He Clinic Bangkok

I lived with my last UK partner for over 20 years, eventually sleeping in separate rooms and sex once a week for five minutes if I was lucky and took her the Sunday paper and coffee in bed. I was resolved to a life at 59 of bored insecurity
and getting old.

Then after my advice she took some testosterone. She went off with another guy to have a very sexual liaison, much to my horror! I was a bit upset ha ha ha.

I started online dating. No-one in the UK wanted an old git. I went to China, Ghana, Philippines and Thailand, all several times while trying to sell my business at home and talked to many online girls and met several. I collected hundreds
of conversations with Nigerian scammers! I could write a book on the subject. I found that Thai girls were the most real although got scammed sometimes by them.

CBD bangkok

My friend in Bangkok said, "Come to Thailand. There are many lovely girls here"

I did… My partner buggering off was the best thing that ever happened to me.

This was nine or ten years ago. I came to Thailand two or three times a year. I am now retired and have been living in Bangkok for two years in my own condo. Ten baht motorbike from the sky train, a small condo block with no passing traffic
and cocks crowing in the mornings. A 24-year old architect is my girlfriend of six months. My best girlfriend ever! Yes, yes, I know what everyone says about old men and young girls and I will say again what they all say "SHE IS DIFFERENT".
To get to this point I have been in love three times, had a lot of money taken for sin sot, 300,000 baht – worth it for two years of joy. She then married another guy who lost 800,000 and in the process now of grabbing another. Lovely
girl! Her evil father had limitless desires to obtain FACE. I had in that ten years gathered 150 phone numbers, many dubious encounters and found three wonderful friends. One friend who I trust entirely which is a bit like hen's teeth in
Thailand. I love talking to people and have talked to many bargirls and listened to their stories mostly of Thai guys getting them pregnant and them working the bars to pay for their families to take care of the children. Before my latest girlfriend
I was on ThaiFriendly and clocked up 10,000 emails in one year! Met many girls from there but now increasingly difficult to meet as I am now 67.

I love live music and have found different venues to enjoy although they are getting increasingly expensive. The Saxophone Pub is my top venue. I even played piano there at my friend's wedding ten years ago! Anyone want to play music?
I have a Thai driving licence for cars and motorbikes but don't have a car or a bike. Easier to take the skytrain or taxi! I have travelled all over Thailand. I don't like Pattaya and Patong in Phuket. I love Krabi and Koh Samet (I hope
they have cleaned up the oil). Off to Chiang Mai tomorrow and then Mai Sai to stamp my "O" visa. So far I have not had any bad experiences in Thailand. Although I have been pocket picked and phones stolen, London seems by far a more
dangerous place. I have always been a bit highly sexed but that is not my only motivation. I love music, art, theatre, food and am trying to write my life story.

wonderland clinic

Well, yes, a positive attitude. If you keep your wits about you it is a wonderful country although Bangkok is sinking fast and politics should be avoided. And understand policemen don't get very high wages. The whole world seems to be
on an exponential curve to self destruction anyway. I am trying to learn Thai but my teacher keeps whacking me with her ruler because I am so slow.

Well as they say in Thailand "TAKE CARE".

nana plaza