Stickman Readers' Submissions September 19th, 2013

In response to “A Little Perspective”

My prior submission begins by explaining that women and LBGTs are not well represented in the US government. That point was to show how ridiculous it is for men to act persecuted in a country where they are certainly well represented and in power. Professor Korski affirms that further by stating that the glass ceiling for females still exists, which statistics bear out and I agree with. Stick ends my submission by explaining how mongers take offense at the questioning of their behavior or logic by accusing the writers of being secretly female or even an NGO. Korski again confirms that behavior by accusing me of being a woman and probably a British woman. Why not an overweight, man-hating British woman? Being a scientist, I would think he was more careful in making incorrect assumptions.

In my 59 years on the planet, Korski is first person to call me sensitive. And I’m pretty sure the first to call me politically correct. My friends would call brutally honest and irreverent.

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I don’t find most woman in the US, (where I was born, with testicles, and have nearly always lived), to be cold. That being said, a charge of rape or sexual harassment is taken extremely seriously and while we technically are innocent until proven guilty, the accused is often fried in the court of public opinion before any evidence is presented. When my former company first made all male employees sign a sexual harassment policy “contract” in the 1980’s, I did so under protest, writing on the form that it belittled females to think that they don’t possess the ability to stand up for themselves. And I’m quite sure that university employment is horrible on some individuals due to the university’s push to diversify often taking precedence over academic achievement.

To quote Wikipedia, Hypergamy (colloquially referred to as "marrying up") is the act or practice of marrying a spouse of higher caste or status than oneself.[1]

The term is often used more specifically in reference to a perceived tendency among human cultures for females to seek or be encouraged to pursue male suitors that are higher status than themselves, which often manifests itself as being attracted to men who are comparatively older, wealthier or otherwise more privileged than themselves or their current partners. According to economists, females have evolved a preference for higher status males because they offer their prospective children both better genes and greater resources, e.g. food and security. Men, who invest less in their children, have less reason to prefer mates with high social status. Some have even argued that males "marry-down" to ensure that their mates have a higher incentive to remain faithful.

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The word "hypogamy" typically refers to instances of the inverse occurring: marrying a person of lower social class or status.

Whether cultural or innate behavior, and I’ll defer to the PhD whom by all I’ve read has an excellent grasp on evolution, we are viewed as “attractive” to younger women in third world countries because we are seen as perhaps their best option to escape their situation. Why in hell would a woman in the US want a man more than 10 or 15 years older than her if she has other options? And why shouldn’t she be attracted to younger mates whose sexual performance is better than a 60 year old man? Try asking out a woman in the US ten years older than you and your luck will change, I promise. And if you’re accused of “leering,” maybe you are? (I have been often and it’s because I was).

As to it being real, it’s easy. Walk down the soi with no money, no ATM card, and vow not to spend one baht. Then tell me how sexy they think your beer gut and old wrinkled ass is.

From all that Korski has written, (and I’ve read and enjoyed them all), I believe that he treats women of all socio economic levels with respect. But I’m not sure why he doesn’t take offense to someone wanting to “slap them silly” because they won’t date a man, back in the US, old enough to be their grandfather. If rejection is the real issue here, I again advise you to respect their right to choose, something not always present in poorer countries.

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I’ve got female friends in Thailand who are beautiful and desirable (and educated) who want nothing to do with me sexually because I’m the same age as their father. I respect that. If I were to hit on my friends’ daughters in the US I would be viewed as extremely flawed, to say the least. If you’re being told often by women that what you’re saying makes them “uncomfortable,” perhaps it’s time for a good look in the mirror at your own behavior and attitude toward women. I did crazy things in college in the ‘70’s, but it’s time to move off campus.

I’ve visited Thailand since 1974 and I of course love the look and smooth skin of younger women. I don’t care if anyone reading this thinks “I’m cool.” I don’t knock anyone for enjoying the P4P lifestyle, me included. I do have a problem with people who leave their brains at the airport and then are angry and hateful that women with better options in their home country don’t behave like uneducated starving prostitutes.

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