Stickman Readers' Submissions September 13th, 2013

Ghost Made Her Cheat!

I had some business in Pattaya last November, late 2012. During that time I really tried to keep to myself but Thailand got the better of me. I was walking in the early morning past the market and noticed a Thai girl shopping for shoes. I approached her and asked her out, to which she replied with a smile and agreed to have lunch. After returning to the hotel later on that evening she told me she arrived in Pattaya the day before and attempted to work at Heaven Above Gogo bar but couldn't make herself do it for more than 20 minutes so she left the bar and went to sleep and had the intention of going back to home to Nonthaburi the next day. That's the day we met. We of course had a great night and then proceeded to go to her room to pick up some medicine. Well, I had no idea what kind of medicine these were, so once inside her room I remembered the name of one and found out it was for the treatment of tuberculosis!

She did allude to it in a vague manner but nothing that made me worry at the time. I really felt for this girl. She was 22 and attempting to make some money but her conscience was strong (at least what she told me originally).

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Now one year later, with 5 visits to Thailand to see her, I bought her a face massage business in Nonthaburi while sending her money for rent for the business (she lives inside the business with her daughter). This is another reason why I thought this girl was genuine and really cared and loved me as much as I love her.

Now she has moved her business to Surin in the Chom Jom market to be close to her grandparents who are ill and weak with no home of their own.

2 weeks ago I had a funny feeling inside and decided to hack into her Facebook account and contacted one of her guy friends that had a picture of her and him together in Pattaya. I pretended to be her and started a conversation with him. THE FIRST SHOCK! He says "Are you still working at "Sugar Sugar"?

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I pretended to be "married" and got a little bit more info about my girlfriend. She was a dancer in Pattaya and the pics of 4 men that I found on her cell phone were actually customers and NOT just friends that she had met in Bangkok! So I called her up to confront her with all these lies about her working at Toshiba and 7/11 in Nonthaburi. She was very defensive and replied that now that I know this she wants to finish with me because she can't accept that her boyfriend should know about something like this. It was too embarrassing for her! I ended up convincing her that I didn't care about the past and the only thing I care about is the present and what she does now. Now, remember I'm still logged in into her Facebook account, so I get a message from a Thai man that says "I love you". My heart drops to the floor and now I confront her with this new surprise. She immediately says he's just a friend and if I want to call him now he would say the same. So I hang up the phone completely confused by these findings and receive an email from the Thai man who says he loves her and has been dating her now for one month. He actually sends me the entire SMS between the 2 of them from the time they met – and it's definitely sexual in nature. We were in the process of building a house for her grandparents and she was looking for vendors and materials, and guess who the man helping do this was? Yes, the Thai boyfriend! After confronting her she flying off the handles! She says she knew she had made a mistake with him, and that she wanted to stop seeing him, so he threatened her to come see him or else he would go to her family and business! So to save face she decided to go to his place and have sex so he doesn't have to be seen with her in public. She also said she didn't love him and her friends / family said that in Surin men have ghosts working for them to make a woman sexually attracted to them (?!). In her defence, while reading the SMS she never once mentioned that she loved him, only that she missed him. But he on the other hand mentioned it constantly, and even said for her not to leave him.

She stopped writing back the last few days before I found out, but later knew that she was with him only the day before he blew the cover on both of them. She has cried, and cried and now doesn't want any money from me. She only wants me to love her the way I did at one point. As I mentioned before we were in the first steps of building a house which I have completely stopped and also stopped supporting her financially. She has an order pending for 256,000 baht and she can’t find the money, so she requested a loan from the bank. I doubt they would give it to her. The Thai man knew all along she had a farang boyfriend and many times he would actually listen in when I called her at night and she would pretend to be in her business. Here is my dilemma: the Thai man told me that she loves me and she is waiting for me but that he loves her and is waiting for her. I don't know if this is worth it, but she told me the same thing that she loves me very much and that this was the first time and the last time.

Stickman says

This woman is bad news. She has systematically cheated on you with many different guys. There is absolutely no future with her whatsoever. Remove any thoughts you may have of her being the one for you. You will never be able to trust her because she is someone who simply cannot be trusted!

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