Stickman Readers' Submissions September 26th, 2013

Coyote Awesomeness

One night in September 2013 at around 9 PM I was heading back to my hotel in a bit of a rush as a huge storm was brewing and I had no interest in getting caught in it. Bad luck for me though as it started to pour and I quickly wanted
to duck for cover. Typically I’m not that bothered about getting wet but I wasn’t really in the mood for puddle jumping that night.

I look around real quick and spot a coyote bar with the music pumping and the ladies dancing. Sweet! I will just duck in for a bit and have a beer until the storm passes. Just one beer I tell myself…

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As I cross the street and make my way I catch the eye of a smoking hot chick with long black hair and a kick ass tattoo. She was short and sporting a sexy tight shirt that made her entire figure just pop. There were a few other girls
about (it was just after 7 PM) but none of them looked that appealing to me.

I don’t ever wave girls over to chat as I am really more of a random chance type of person and just wait until someone walks up and takes a seat. It just so happened though that the girl I was keen on was the one who hopped onto
the stool beside me. Nice!

We get to making small and meaningless talk with generic questions. What you name? Where you from? First time in Thailand? I answer in turn and we get through the boring stuff. She asks for a drink and I nod giving her the go ahead. We’re
sitting their sipping on our drinks and we look like a boring old couple who have been together for 30 years. *sigh*

I spot some pool tables at the back of the establishment and ask her if she would like to play – her eyes light up and she grabs my hand and away we go. After 10 minutes of playing pool she asks me if I can buy her a shisha. Sure
whatever. 300 baht BAM! It’s cool though as I’m on holiday and I never cheap out while travelling especially when girls are involved. The shisha pipe arrives and in seconds another 4 dancers rock up who all start shaking their
booty for me while they smoke away. Great! Now we have a party!

Now I'm a pretty good at pool and have always thought most working girls would kick my ass given they play a lot. This wasn’t to be the case though! Before long I had mamasan out watching me play with more girls putting their
boobs all up in my face trying to distract me so I would lose. No go though as I have a focus that cannot be broken! I want to win damn it! Well after a heap of games I quickly discovered that the staff do not like to lose to a farang… well
actually they don’t mind so much as long as you keep buying drinks. There was however some pouting and what I am convinced harsh words spoken in Thai.

While this is all going on though I spot a number of guys at the bar who are all looking my way wondering what the hell is going on. Who is this guy with all the girls dancing around him? I won’t lie, I kind of felt like a big

Shisha…moths to the flame mate.

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I take a bit of down time from pool and do a bit of searching to read about what the go is with coyote girls. I found a Stickman article on coyote girls and thought bugger…can I even barfine this chick? So I ask her and she said bar fine 1000 baht before midnight and 500 baht after. Phew! OK. I wasn’t really up for anything that night but kept this in the back of my mind. I paid my
tab of about 3000 baht – and she asked if I would come back and I said sure, why not.

Next day I really didn't want to go as I was pretty tired from the previous night but as I’m a man of my word I decided I would. I mean what is the worst that could happen? I’d have fun. OH NO!

I go back at about 9 PM and her friend spots me from way off like a hawk and waves me over. I sit down and grab a beer and notice my girl from last night is with some other farang sipping on a lady drink. Her friend yells something in
Thai and she looks over at me and finishes her lady drink in big gulp and walks away from the other guy. Boo yah! Suck it buddy.

I order her a drink and we chat for a bit… I always thought there was something different about her and it turns it she is actually from Laos. It never really occurred to me to ask a bar girl where they are from as I just assume they
are all Thai. So this was a first… but it explained quite a few things. She didn’t have the same attitude as the other girls and was just generally a bit different. Not in a bad way; just different.

I still wasn’t 100% sure of the whole bar fine process at this coyote bar as I saw some dude rock up earlier in the night and we had a chat. Not to get off track here but I’m a fairly normal looking guy who is fit and in
his mid 30’s and own a successful business and have all the right shiny objects to attract females. I don’t have a problem with getting tail back home and only go for girls while travelling P4P because it is FUN!

So this guy was having a few drinks with a dancer and he asked her if he could bar fine her. She looked him dead in the eyes and said “No bar fine here – we only dance. Another drink?” I was thoroughly confused at
this point as I was told the complete opposite the previous night.

My only theory for this statement made by the dancer is that they get paid enough money per month (they make 1000 baht a day to dance) to not have to bar fine if they don’t want to. Their reasons could vary – maybe the guy
had breathe like a dead corpse. Who knows but the girls were selective!

My smoking hot firecracker of a girl and I had an awesome night which involved pretty much the same as the previous. A bit later we grab a seat in a nice quiet area and my girl asks me if I want to bar fine her. It wasn’t as direct
as that but the message was loud and clear. She wanted to go. I ask her how much for long stay and she tells me 2500 baht. Wow! That is pretty expensive but after two nights of watching her dance, grind on me, and all the other fun stuff that
goes on I didn’t care. Checkbin! Time to go…

We take off and as predicted she tells me she is hungry and wants to get some food. Nom nom nom we eat and head back to my room after a quick stop at 7 Eleven to pick up a few things.

I won’t go into details of what happened that night but all I can say is this. Coyote dancers get paid well because they know how to dance. They are fit, full of energy, and know lots of moves. It was the best sexual experience
of my life and I enjoyed it so much I bar fined her the next two nights and coughed up the dough without thinking twice. As with all things you get what you pay for.

The best part was that she was professional enough to know her role and didn’t do any of that clingy I love you crap GFE stuff. We had fun and after it was just “OK I go now – don't forget me. Bye.” Simple. It
was the most honest relationship I have ever had in my entire life.

I didn't expect to meet a chick from Laos but that is the beauty of Thailand as you never know what is around the next corner. Just keep an open mind and an open wallet and let the good times roll!

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