Stickman Readers' Submissions September 6th, 2013

Answer To Pattaya Gary’s Are Bars Empty

I can only tell the readers what I saw when I very recently visited the most popular bars on Fields Avenue, Angeles City. To say that I visited late and did not see all the girls is just not true. I started barhop at 9 PM,which is early for Angeles City just like it is in Pattaya's Walking Street gogo bars. I never heard of anyone in gogo bars at 6 PM, whether Pattaya or Angeles. Most bars in Angeles close at 5 AM, some are 24 hours open, 99% of all my friends / associates / Angeles expats head on out after 9 PM, most after 11 PM, so to claim some how I went out late therefore did not get to see big numbers or the best looking girls is just ridiculous!

The numbers were well down to my many previous visits, maybe by 70%. Now why is this? Could it be that over 50% of all Angeles bars have been raided in a massive attempt by the authorities to stamp out prostitution and underage girls in recent months (14 raids just in the last few weeks)?

The raids normally involve a setup by an undercover guy using marked money, or intelligence information that underage girls are being employed in the bars of Angeles.

Now when raids go down, the raiding teams arrest all the bargirls, managers, owners, load them on to buses and take them down to Camp Crane which is a detention centre in Manila. Most girls found to be of age are released after a few days in the holding cells. There are many online claims of girls being mistreated, asked for sexual favours, robbed while in custody (Google and Angeles based forums is full of such reports).

Now up to now 80% of all raided bars have found minors to be working. These minors are rescued and helped out of prostitution by the relevant organisations. The owners are arrested and prosecuted under the human traffic laws.

Can we quite happily say then, once a bargirl has been arrested and kept in a filthy stinking cell, most likely abused and her family made aware of her line of work, would she likely return to working bar? No, I did not think so. Maybe that’s why there are so few bargirls working in the bars of Angeles city and not that I went out late (9 PM) and missed all the action as claimed by Pattaya Gary.

Now on to Pattaya Gary’s claim of 9s and 10s working in Angeles bars. Well, all I can say, is beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and a lot also depends on the age of the punter. I'm mid 40s, have a full time girlfriend (non bargirl) in Pattaya where I live who is, let's just say, very attractive indeed so when I hit the bars I want to see as good or better than what I already got otherwise I'd just stay home with my girl. Now Pattaya Gary says he is in the much later years in life so might be happier with the type of girl he can attract. <Don't be facetious. One thing I can confirm about Pattaya Gary is that he only bothers with the most attractive women and he is very particularStick>

Lets face it and I'm not trying to be horrible, but most of the 9s-10s in the world of bargirls have many options to only go with younger, more attractive guys and in my experience that is exactly what they do. Go to any gogo bar on Walking Street, Pattaya or Fields Avenue Angeles and see the amount of young guys in there. Old boys don’t stand a chance of any of the so called 9s or 10s. If indeed they do exist, so Pattaya Gary’s offer of showing me where the better looking girls that he gets is not needed. I have no problems finding my own, 99% non working girls thanks.

Now back to Angeles City, what our rose coloured specs Angeles loving guys never tell us is probably the most important thing to have changed in Angeles City, the new human traffic laws brought in just a few months ago (April 2013).

Here it is:

All bargirls of Angeles City are deemed by the authorities / new laws to have been trafficked. Yes, you read that right, any girl that works in an Angeles bar is deemed to come under the human traffic laws. That means any Angeles bar girl regardless of her age is deemed to have been human trafficked and forced to work in a bar against her will.

The human traffic laws clearly state any person caught with a human trafficked girl will be sentenced to a term not under 20 years in prison, it is a non bailable offence, so even if one is charged under this law even if he is 100% innocent expect to be held in a jail cell for the next 3-5 years till your case comes before a judge, now not trying to scare anyone, just to make people aware that the law is there should the authorities wish to use it, wonder why the Pattaya Gary’s of this world never tell of these facts, thanks.

P.S, if anyone is in dispute of the new human trafficking laws of the Philippines then I will quite happily dig out the relevant law and what it states and post to stick for him to publish in a future post.

pattaya gary and others are confused,the mayor of angeles/angeles police, are not resposible for the raids of the bars in angeles,it is the us lead human traffic teams based in manila and the manila special police unit (dicg) who is doing the raiding,thats why detainees are bussed to their special detention centre in manila and not the angeles police station,the mayor of angeles has no control over the raids but has been ordered to hold bar owner meetings and tell them prostitution ends today,or your bars will be raided and closed by manila,hence all the raids of the bars that have work arounds.

the days of old,when the old mayor of angeles was corrupt and took payments off angeles bar owners in not used now as its a new mayor who goes along with no prostitution and 100% no corruption by his officers even down to sacking the old police chief in angeles a mr louis tan.

Stickman's thoughts:

Unfortunately you lost me when you started making false comments about Pattaya Gary's taste in women and your comments about the hottest girls going with young guys make me wonder… The hottest girls generally go with the guys who pay the most – and that's not usually the younger guys!

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As far as your interpretations of the laws in the Philippines, I don't know what's true and what's not but if what you say is true then why have authorities not just closed the whole place down?! There are probably a few nuggets of truth in there, but like your original submission it seems to me that you've got a hold of a few facts and then applied them wrongly and made comments based on your understanding of the law which have proven to be factually wrong.

I contacted a well-known Angeles City personality with web presence who confirms that things aren't as they used to be, but that there are ways around the issue. The situation is very contradictory which causes people to hear one thing but see different things with their own eyes. People I know in Thailand who travel regularly to Angeles have said that you CAN barfine girls in Angeles City, even if you're not supposed to be able to – which is what the prominent blogger also said. The situation is contradictory and posts on the issue have not articulated that point at all.

We're going around in circles on this issue so no more on Angeles will be published UNLESS it is from an Angeles City bar owner. This site is supposed to be Thailand-centric and it's time to go back to that.

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