Stickman Readers' Submissions September 13th, 2013

An Expatriate In The Making

As has been reported by previous contributors to Stickman, who among us, while enjoying Southeast Asia, has encountered a western female, who, indoctrinated and trained in western values and replete with an upturned nose, either pointedly ignores them, or as is apparent from their body language, reacts to the presence of their western male counterpart with palpable disdain? Having to put up with their incredibly crappy attitudes towards me at home, I am particularly offended when I encounter such snot-nosed princesses while they are on their Asian holiday. Who among us has had to fight the urge to slap these girls silly?

But really, who can blame them? Sadly, these shallow creatures are merely a reflection of the values held by the society in which they have been raised. After returning to the US from the latest of my many trips over the last 20 years to Southeast Asia, I have been pondering in earnest how it has come to pass that white males, being the founders, architects and developers of western civilization, now find themselves socially demonized, rejected and isolated within the present societies of their own western countries. So much so, that single (and often married) middle-aged western men must now choose among accepting a sex-deprived life, to risk running afoul of western laws by engaging in expensive and illicit prostitution at home, or to seek gratification for their normal, healthy and compelling sexual needs in another country where he is more understood, accepted and respected than in his own country.

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The western white male has lost his voice. Unlike women, minorities, illegal immigrants, and the LGBT community in western society, western white males, in general, have been cowed and shamed into inaction from promoting themselves, and they thus have no special interest groups to speak on their behalf. There are no militant men's groups clamoring for more opportunities for its members, there are few, if any, academic scholarships to be had for white males, they have increasingly dwindling equal employment opportunities, and when they retire, their place is often taken by someone (although comparatively less qualified) that is either female and/or non-white. This white male bashing has become sanctioned and institutionalized in western society and yes–even in its laws, to the point where now, inexperienced female and non-white candidates for public office are swept into office largely riding on a wave of western anti-white male social guilt. White males are laughingly represented as clueless, befuddled and undesirable in the western media and in its films, and their sexuality is treated with disgust. Moreover, it has generally become quite trendy and fashionable to disparage members of this group, and view as righteous their deserved excommunication from western society as their "comeuppance" for past societal injustices they are viewed as having historically imposed on others.

This is exclusively a western phenomenon, and in no other modern society will you find similar circumstances confronting our male brethren. Not in the Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern or African cultures will you find that its men have been emasculated and shamed into silence. These cultures not only celebrate their men, but they respect their elder members. Not so in the unashamedly youth-oriented and anti-male west. Small wonder that western women treat us, if not with disdain, then with a painful indifference. Largely shunned and ostracized by western women, the middle-aged western white male finds himself grateful for merely being acknowledged by western women–particularly the young, who are in truth, rather immature, impressionable idealistic kids. These girls have been imbued with an undeserved lofty self-image of superiority and desirability resulting from their coddling and constant positive reinforcement despite the shallow and self-unexamined lives they live–their existence largely being based on fashion, gossip and partying.

Not that Asian women are by any means perfect. To be sure, they can be equally as shallow as their western counterparts. It’s just that I am far more willing to put up with these aspects of Asian women because I feel valued by them. In the same sense that attitudes of western women towards me are reflective of my low status in western society, I feel valued and appreciated by Asian women as a reflection of the status that my maleness and my nearly six decades of life confers upon me in Asian culture. As I highly value people, being so appreciated is the most important thing in my life now, and I have neither the time nor the energy to overcome the formidable obstacles that lay in my path in order to continually seek to prove my individual worthiness in the West.

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Stickman says:

This is not a Western thing. An American thing, perhaps – I say this because you state that you're American and most guys who really rant about Western women in this site seem to be American – but I just don't think it's uite like this – or at least not nearly this bad – in all Western countries.

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