Stickman Readers' Submissions August 31st, 2013

In Response To Clyde

Stick has often said, and it has been the subject of some submissions, that people who criticise the women of Thailand within these pages sometimes need to take a good hard look at themselves. With Clyde’s submission ‘Michael Jackson vs. The Jungle Bunny’, the fact that Stick said nothing about it spoke volumes <Stick only comments these days if he thinks he can add something or clarify somethingStick>. Even the title of his submission is highly offensive. Because no matter who he has been with, whether ‘good girls’ or hookers, Clyde ends up hurling abuse at them. Maybe, then, if he cannot maintain a relationship the fault is with him.

Certainly, he demonstrates a very poor understanding of Thai society, as well as an outstanding ability to repeatedly choose the wrong partner. With him showing such arrogance and lack of sensitivity, I’d guess that the women he verbally abuses are relieved to see the back of him after being too polite themselves to tell him to get lost.

I was particularly incensed with his dismissal of the hookers he so despises but nevertheless chooses to spend time with, counting their (lack of) pubic hairs. He writes that their opinion is invalid and refers to their mere existence as filthy. What he is saying is that he sees them as sub-human, not worth his time (other than the time he has already spent with them, of course). He says that even if he was poor he wouldn’t sell himself. Really? If he has never been poor, not knowing when and if the next meal would be coming, how can he know that?

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He says the cute girl in 7-11 has honour because she is doing an ‘honest job’, and that is what eventually persuaded me to put fingers to keyboard. Does Clyde know how much these girls get paid? Does Clyde know that in excess of 90 percent of the girls with shaven pubes have not one mouth to feed, but two or more? Does Clyde have any inkling that in Thai society it is common, very common indeed, for a guy to make a girl pregnant and then disappear, leaving her to take care of and pay for the entire upbringing and education of that child?

Add to that the obligation which always appears to be upon the shoulders of the daughter to take care of her ageing parents and other relatives while all too often the son is treated as a prince, as he always has throughout his life because women still too often have little standing in Thai society, and it is obvious that working in 7-11 doesn’t bring in enough. That kind of work is limited to those who haven’t been left with a kid to take care of with no social security backup.

These girls, who lead such a filthy existence and whose opinions count for nothing, feel they have little choice but to make money the best way they can. Largely uneducated but often very far from stupid, they have to suffer the embarrassment and humiliation of having sex with arrogant, self-opinionated strangers like Clyde so that their baby can eat. Can Clyde imagine what it feels like for these girls to suffer through that, until they eventually learn how to turn their mind off during the act and try to convince themselves that it’s just a job. Some might even get to enjoy the party lifestyle, although very, very few ever learn to enjoy the sex. That, in their eyes, is often a necessary evil. Tell a girl that sex isn’t on the agenda that evening and you just want to drink and have fun, and watch her eyes light up. Ever try that, Clyde, before you take them to your bed to check their pubes?

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When you have failed to understand where they are coming from, because it is all about you, you then tell them what a bad shag they are (more fool you, then, for shagging them), and complain about the flat ass and the poor education and the plastic surgery, and the disco pants and hair dye and contact lenses, all of which you had no problem with when you began the relationship. And then we finally get to what it is really all about.

The reason for your bitterness and loathing for others, those that you have voluntarily chosen to your spend time with and shag (before or after counting their pubes and examining their stretch marks), is revealed at the end. You say that they should be ashamed at having to screw someone like you. I, for one, am quite certain that they are. And the more astute ones will realise that someone who goes through relationship after relationship with people that he ultimately despises is someone who, actually, despises himself.

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