Stickman Readers' Submissions July 18th, 2013

Angeles Today

I read today that the mongering scene is finished in Angeles city and found it surprising but consistent with monger gossip tendencies. The stories are usually second or third hand and often relayed from other guys in the bars as if it were fact. A couple of years back after Hilary made that visit I heard guys saying the US was putting in condom testing devices to make sure the girls were using condoms. I honestly did not make this up…

Were NO BARFINES the case, why was I able to barfine a girl on the night of the 9th on Fields? And also on that same street the night before!

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Evidently, I got there before the hoards of screaming terrified bargirls whom someone had mentioned "barfine?" to causing them to flee in terror. As I spent several hours on Fields both evenings I guess I am lucky to have not been trampled.

Come on, man! How did $250 million grow from the $6 million I read about over two years ago? I appreciate your passion over not wanting to see the friendly Philippines girls not being able to serve us, but think that game will go on and on. But, it may be that much by now, who knows?

That "American-led NGO" is known as the International Justice Movement and did not wade ashore in a sort of MacArthur like mission but is said to be about underage girls. They and the police seem to have a keen interest there and I am sure money plays a role. Money, both groups hope to see, such is our world…

Hilary has never been a favourite of mine, but as a guy who has been to the Philippines very often, I know she has a point regarding girls under 18 years of age. And that is who the higher up interested parties are concerned about. But, if she only gets them out of the bars, how does she stop the rest?

I know several writers at Stickman and do not know Matthew. I really don't want to start a spat but know his facts to be inaccurate from my personal experience and wonder if he is a Pattaya bar owner. Since so many men I know over in Angeles and in the same condo building as me have come from Thailand after watching the deterioration and inflation going on here in Pattaya and Sukhumvit, not to forget Patong, but it is easy to do that as it has been so pricy for so long.

If Thailand were looking for external money there would be busts again here in Pattaya as there were a few years back in the DEA drug hunt. Out last night in Pattaya where girls can dance naked, unlike the Philippines, I heard barfines of 1500 baht quoted and requests for 3,000 on top of that. That much will get you three – four lesbians in Angeles and none with tattoos. Glad I had a regular with me and my friend negotiated well for him self. When she said 3000, he said, "I am wondering whether the 2,000 will be worth it after this ridiculous barfine?!" She was a star and he has been on an oil platform, but all she got was 2,000 and no drinks for her friends or the mamasan which she was happy to get. Na lo suah hiew 9! In the low season the tiger is hungry!

The girls in the Philippine provinces are going to have to try and wait for 18 to get to Angeles and with the American military coming back in rotating groups of 500 (New York Times on the 11th), the town will keep doing what it always does, just without so many 15-, 16-, and 17-year olds…or will they just freelance out of SM Mall?

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The Philippines does show signs of improving in many ways and the clear air after converting the Jeepneys has made it more liveable. The friendly people who actually do like us is another plus.

If you are careful enough to keep your eyes open and do patronise places in good graces with the police, I can foresee no problems. I have had none since I started going in 2004 and do find it nice to be able to converse with ladies on occasion.

Watch out for stampeding terrified hookers though…!

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