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The Argument FOR Using an Escort Service in Bangkok

  • Written by Anonymous
  • June 14th, 2013
  • 5 min read

Bangkok escort

When you’re in Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand you certainly have options when it comes to companionship. You can find a girlfriend on dating sites, in a mall, at a bar, or even in a 7-11. If you’re looking for more short time companionship there is no shortage of bars and gogos full of willing ladies to choose from. But I think it’s time that more guys add “internet escort services” to the rotation of options and I’d like to explain why. I’m not trying to be disingenuous here, and the truth is that I do work for an escort service in Bangkok you may or may not of heard called, “BangkokEscort”. You can check us out here.
But the case I’m making isn’t just for my service, it’s for top quality Thailand escort services in general. I understand that a decade or two ago a service like this might have been seen as being an over the top luxury, especially
given all that Bangkok has to offer. While the service is certainly still a luxury today, the nice thing is that you’re actually getting some good value for your money due to the way prices have shot up for everything else over the years.
A little over a hundred Euro for two hours of heaven right in your room is a great deal, even in Thailand!

I think it boils down to five main points:

1) Gogos are getting expensive. Bar fines, St/Lt rates, and even drink prices are on the rise. When all is said and done going to a gogo and leaving with a gal is NOT CHEAPER than using an escort service!

2) Bars are still fairly cheap but the talent pool at a bar cannot compete with that of a top escort agency.

3) It’s quite convenient to stay in your room and have someone meet you there. Sometimes going out and bar hopping is half the fun, but there are occasions when you’d rather skip the “hunt” phase. The privacy can be a plus depending on your situation.

4) Sometimes it’s nice not to have to do any negotiating with a girl and to skip the BS “getting to know you” chit chat.

5) Since the top talent in gogos only work nights there is no way to match the daytime experience a top escort service can provide, since they operate day and night.

I know how enjoyable a full night out in Bangkok can be. I am not saying that you should stop going out to bars and gogos if you enjoy that kind of thing. I’m simply saying that on certain nights when you don’t feel like dealing with the city or getting wasted, consider the escort option. If you’re vacationing in Bangkok there’s going to be a night or two when the “in-call” option is going to hit the spot. We have a lot of repeat customers and we have a lot of happy customers. And with the way things are changing in Bangkok I think the service is becoming more and more appealing to a larger range of gentlemen.

Anything else I should tell you?

Speaking for just our company, we offer airport pickup in addition to many other extra services. So we can have a car waiting for you at the airport with a bottle of champagne and the girl of your choice! Some people find the extra’s to be excessive, but I don’t see it that way. Why is it that when people are in Thailand they feel pressure to avoid luxuries and/or pampering? It isn’t a crime to want to enjoy yourself! If you just spent 12 hours traveling to get to Bangkok on a flight that cost you a thousand Euros or more, is a couple of hundred more Euros really going to break the bank? Do you think you’d have a better flight over if you knew the girl of your choice was waiting for you at the airport and ready to take you to your hotel for the night? Something like this would cost you 10x the price or more back home. I see this with hotel rooms too; guys who can easily afford to spend 3,000 baht a night on a room choose to spend 1,200 on a crappy room instead. Meanwhile the room for 3,000 baht would cost triple or more in most other major cities, so I just don’t get it. You see the biggest value for your money when you actually spend in Bangkok. There is no rule that says you have to spend like a 19 year old backpacker when you’re here!

My intentions here were not to just shamelessly plug my brand, and if I was simply doing this Stickman wouldn’t have even allowed it (actually he did make me submit an edit, lol!). However it was my intention to discuss the philosophy behind a man’s holiday in Bangkok. If you come to BKK for 3 weeks on a hard budget that includes no luxury, wouldn’t you be better off cutting the vacation time in half and actually living it up while you’re here? Again, you get more value for your money by doing it this way.

's thoughts:

Full disclosure: the writer of this submission advertises on this site and when he submitted this article, I required a rewrite before I would publish it. Much of what you say, however, is in line with an article I wrote last month about escort services in Bangkok. Clearly that is a part of the industry which is seeing growth and becoming more popular and I believe it will only continue.