Stickman Readers' Submissions June 19th, 2013

Is She Really A Isaan Farm Girl?

I'm 26, just left my job due to illness with a fair bit of ado, without hesitation I book a flight to Phuket. Touch down in Phuket the 19th of January 2013. The Granddad (a 10-year Thai expat veteran) is waiting for me at the airport. He takes me to his bungalow, shows me round, shows me my room and then we end up having a beer, sitting beside his pool. Fantastic, methinks.

It's been about 15 minutes since we sat down besides the pool when my now "wife" walks through the patio door, sits down beside the pool, gives me a smile and starts to engage in conversation with my Granddad's wife. I remember the exact words that came out of my Granddad's mouth after her entry, he said. "That's my ex's niece, she's not really a looker, wait for when we go to Patong". I agreed with the old man.

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After an hour or two a decision is made to go visit Patong Beach. We leave the bungalow and I experience an amazing journey full of beautiful scenery, through a country route from Thalang.

Guess who decided to tag along?

We arrive at Patong Beach and I am greeted by many kind Thai men and women. Granddad and his wife have a lot of friends here. We sit down and start to socialise, I enjoy getting to know these people, who are very kind. We drink beer and eat delicious food and I'm having a great time.

Out comes the Hong Thong, the beginning of the end.

All I can remember from that night down the beach, is splashing in the sea with my Granddad's ex's niece, "wife", and waking up next to her in bed.

From now on…she follows me every where I go, she cooks for me when I'm not even hungry, I have a never ending beer that's with me almost constantly. She does my washing, she cuts my toe nails, basically I am looked after, you would think I'm disabled!

The truth is she's pissing me off and I'm not really interested in her. I try to make this obvious. And constantly remind her I'm on holiday and I have come to see my Granddad and practice Muay Thai.

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The first week about 3 days in, I have decided I want go out in to Patong alone and experience Bangla Road and the bar girls. This causes a great deal of upset. I have her begging me not to go. I get my own way and go down to Patong and have the time of my life. Like we do. I end up waking up next to the most beautiful girl you have ever seen in a luxury hotel.

Every other 3 or 4 days I do the same for a month, but when I arrive home in the morning to my Granddad's, dinner is cooked, the washing is done and I go to sleep with her by my side etc I can not get rid of her. I have tried everything.

May I add she has never asked me for one baht and she's ringside with me when I fight Muay Thai for the first time in Bangla boxing stadium.

I experience Bangla Road one more time before a massive heartbreak occurs. I get back from the hotel I have been staying at with last night's bar girl. She's sitting on a bench outside my Granddad's bungalow. She asks me to come and sit with her, so I do. She looks me in the eye and I see so much pain I hadn't seen before, a tear falls from her eye and she says "You go lady bar again, I go away".

From then on I had realised what I had done. I ended up staying in Thailand for 3 extra months trying to make it up to her. Those 3 months we went through a lot. And know I'm back in my home country, we are in constant contact.

But I can't help but think, is it all a scam?

I am farang, I am home now working, saving up to go back to her in one year. Farang have big money. Most of us know about these girls and what she is thinking, what she needs and how she is going to get it.

I put this girl through hell and sometimes still do, but she never gives up on me. She threatens to kill herself if I want some time to myself. Always asking me, where I am, what I'm doing and have I eaten and showered.

What am I dealing with here? Is this a genuine women who just happens to be a Isaan farm girl.

I know you probably think I'm a bastard for the way I treated this woman, but I could not get rid of her and I still can not.

Would she be sleeping with other men now, whilst I'm working back home, would my wife be lying to me?

Please help.

Stickman's thoughts:

It sounds like you don't really want her, but you were happy to eat her food and use her pussy. You've now got yourself in to a difficult situation. Just tell her straight that it's over! Oh, and the fact that she is always asking you where you are and that she threatened to kill herself are instant red cards, surely?!

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