Stickman Readers' Submissions June 11th, 2013

In One Ear, Out The Other

Well, where do I start?

He Clinic Bangkok

Just a bit about myself. I am a 42 year old male from the U.K. I came to Thailand in 2005 while travelling & fell in love with with the place as it was nothing like any other country I had visited. I've been coming here ever since and I love the food, the ladies & the freedom. I've had a few Thai girlfriends good & bad & this hasn't put me off finding one to eventually settle down with in Thailand one day, so I'm not here to bash Thai ladies…

My main reason for writing this submission is that I find that most of the things that are being written on here are just going over the same old stories over & over again.

I can't believe the many guys that buy a car, a house or land in their girlfriend's or wife's name & then write on here that they have been done over by a Thai lady when the relationships has gone tits up. What do they expect? Relationships or marriage don't last forever, whether their Thai or any other nationality. So why put it their name? Why change your way of thinking when you move to another country where you know nothing about the culture?

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Guys asking for advice on marrying a bargirl (prostitute)? If you're asking questions like this then you won't have the brains to to understand the advice that would be given to you, not once, twice or ever! Saying that, there are a lot of happy westerners that are happily married to Thai ladies but I wonder how many of these ladies have covered up their past?

Guys leaving there brains at the airport? They never had any in the first place!

I'm fed up of ex-pats moaning about about Thailand, comparing it to their homeland. Like everyone's advice, if you don't like it then go back home.

I believe that if you are a good person in your own country & have high morals & are willing to change & adapt to other cultures then you should adapt well in Thailand. If you're stuck in your ways & expect everything to be the same in Thailand as your homeland then your going to be very frustrated.

wonderland clinic

Lending money to a Thai & not getting it back, being conned out of money by a Thai, being ripped off by a Thai etc can happen anywhere. If you look stupid & you are stupid then expect the inevitable.

Thais think that all westerners are rich? I'm not surprised given they come here for a 2 weeks holiday & spend money like water. This will attract ladies that are after money.

Never give away too much to your new Thai girlfriend. She may ask how much you earn an hour back home & whether you have a house. Tell her you're on a low wage & you rent a room from a friend. If she's still interested in you then you know she's not with you for your money.

I've been reading Stickman submissions for about 8 years now & I must admit I'm obsessed by it. I check everyday & the majority of the submissions are very enjoyable. I agree with most of Stickman's advice & also a lot of the readers submissions relating to bargirls etc. I should know as I was involved with one on & off for about 4 years. I fell in love with her not knowing her past but never sent her a penny & I eventually caught her out. I sort of knew but never had any proof. I would never send any money to any lady unless I asked her to give up her day job, or in most cases night job. If you meet a good lady she will be proud to work for a living & not sit on her arse all day.

Stickman has said that if a Thai lady drops her knickers on the first night then they are not really the sort of lady you would be wanting a serious relationship with. Well, I'm sorry to say, I met a 35-year old Thai lady 2 years ago & although she still mentions our early sexual encounter with regrets, I personally don't have a problem with it & she has turned out to be a very loving person. Saying that, my last serious western partner of 6 years that I lived with happily also dropped her yo yo knickers not long after meeting her & she also made great a partner. The relationship failed due to me. I'm not sure if stickman is referring to young ladies being old fashioned & no sex before marriage or whether it's a sexist thing? Guys can shag as many girls as they like & there a stud & girls shag as many guys as they like & there a slag?

The way I look at it if I'm horny & she is, then why not? Women are no different from men for their sexual urges, although men don't like to think they are sweet & innocent partner would be like this. Like Stickman says, when they get an itch it needs scratching!

Well, anyway, everything that I have written in my short submission will probably go in one ear & out the other along with all the other ones for eternity, because no matter what advice you give to people, at the end of the day they will do it their way.

God Bless You All

Stickman's thoughts:

I agree that no matter what you say, some people just have to touch the flame.

On the subject of Thai women dropping their knickers on the first night, they would almost never do this with a Thai guy. The reason many do it is because they want to accelerate the relationship so it goes from just met one night to boyfriend / girlfriend the next morning. The one proviso I have is if the guy is genuinely good looking – and with Western guys in Thailand that's a pretty small percentage. Yes, some girls just want to have a bit of fun and I understand and acknowledge that. Personally, I would not want an easy girl for a long-term relationship, but that is just me and some would call me a prude. Finally on this subject, ask ANY Thai guy what he thinks about a Thai girl dropping her knickers on the first night and see what he says…

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