Stickman Readers' Submissions April 1st, 2013

We Can Share The Burden

Some time back, I sent Korski a photo of my rather sexy regular and his comment was. "Oh man, you got to, share that." As usual he was completely accurate.

And you know, I really don't mind as I get nourishment from her unique from the others, yet I do not have to feed her growing financial appetite. Especially nice is the freedom offered me in exchange for my not getting neurotic as I see her customers consistently boiling up to a froth.

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Presently, she has a German paying 3,700 per day before whatever food, drink, and or bar entertainment she might join him for during the evenings, and I suppose his hotel bill in the place she showed me from my condo this afternoon, way down below, must make his vacation pretty pricy. She says that has him so tapped they just walk around a lot looking at things he doesn't buy. During that time I can do as I please and even have some other ladies deliver the pizza. The guy lets her go around noon and she goes home then comes over here, cleans my place and we have nice afternoons. In keeping with my pay as I go philosophy, I give her a thousand when she leaves at 7:30 to go to her bar and then his hotel.

Had anyone told me when I was a handsome, young break-even salesman that my life would be like this now, I would never have believed it from any source.

Now, I feel that all the things we do, taking the risks, winning and losing, all lead up to this moment in time and if we never give up on our dreams and being true to ourselves, we have freedom and joy. And that if we follow our passions as long as no one else is hurt, we win. Furthermore, in the inevitable disputes or misunderstandings we have with those close to us, if we find the high road we have the best road.

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It could be that being completely fed up with drugs and drinking in 1985 and quitting them was the best thing I could have ever done. And the hardest. But the quality of life improvement and joy of living compel me to consider drinking or drugging in these bars here as something utterly unappealing. But that is where I am now.

I just want guys to know that a great life is possible here with these fun loving, tolerant people. On ten times my money, I could not live this well in my homeland and I would have to own a car!

These ten years have sure been a roller coaster and the best of my life. There have sure been some dramatic times, but all of it felt more alive than stiffly going through a life back home of isolation and anxiety. Not sure I can say what has happened back home or predict where it is going since I have seen so many gloomy predictions never come to fore in my life, that maybe America will be fun and profitable again. I don't have time to wait for old bald guys to be in style as that style is so far out it may be hundreds of years before old men have fun there again.

Tomorrow I fly off to the Philippines for a week. It always looks so clean and nice in Pattaya when I come back! Going to take a vacation from this great vacation I am living and check in to my place over there in Balibago. It is always fun there for me as well. Going to meet with a smart guy I know who writes in to this site and we will have again one of those multi-hour coffee fueled conversation and lots of laughs.

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And while I am gone, if my super hot regular finds a rich horse to ride away on, I will be happy for her and know I can get over any withdrawal in this city as you cannot be in a better place to get company. Just watch out for the banana peels.

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Stickman's thoughts:

You manage to keep it all in perspective very well!

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