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Personality Traits of a Filipina Bar Girl

The TOP 21 List!!!

Have you found your new Filipina wife not so perfect anymore? Well maybe there is a perfectly good legitimate reason? Could it be she is really a psychologically incapacitated disgruntled ex bar girl sex worker with a chip on her shoulder??? If you notice more than just a few of the following traits applying to your personal situation, then most likely “you is buddy”, and are already “in big trouble mister”, and headed for a life of misery until that magical annulment materializes to finally free you of your grief (your asawa) permanently. Continue reading on to understand the madness behind their mental deficiencies from another’s experience which are listed in no particular order. Enjoy!

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1. She will be most concerned with her looks, makeup & wardrobe, eating for the day, and being entertained, as in doing things, or going places, etc. She could care less how the rent will be paid, where will money for groceries come from, or her children’s future. Every peso in your (her) pocket is available to be spent lavishly since you can always get “more” money at “the bank”.

2. Keeping in line with the above, her public image to others is extremely important to her ego, and saving face is paramount in the Philippines. Therefore you will notice a very plastic-like and fake outward impression she gives to outsiders that she is able to turn on like switching on a light. She can be angry, and have been giving you the “silent treatment” for days on end, and a friend or neighbor comes along and she is smiling away, and talking up a storm, in Tagalog of course.

3. Her days are comprised primarily of sleeping in each morning, eating, watching TV, texting friends, Facebook, making gossip with friends & neighbors, staying up late, and perhaps some babysitting in between. Her daytime work is shopping with your money, buying food, cooking her own meals to her own liking which you can normally have some, and doing the laundry often unnecessarily & excessively. Usually any cleaning will be accomplished only after an ant invasion has already commenced. Of course she also spends time making up her hair & face, and strategizing new outfits. She must always look good in order to impress her friends, and attract her “next mark” which will finance her day to day activities once her current catch (you) finally wakes up by coming to your senses, and leaves her for good.

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4. She can spot a pok-pok (female prostitute) from a kilometer away on a busy market day with her eyes closed. And, knows all about the goings on in the infamous “beer house” all too well. As they say “It takes one, to know one”, and learning from experience is the best teacher in life.

5. She will have multiple children from MULTIPLE boyfriends. If she is that hot a catch, then what happened? Usually the male species are notoriously promiscuous, but the female variety is normally called a slut if behaving in a similar manner. Something is probably up, and even a one-night stand could be dangerous. Black widows as they are called locally are notorious for being an extremely bad catch, even for the most desperate sexually deprived man. Run; don’t just walk away from this girl!

6. She has a past shroud in secrecy, and will never talk about past relationships, boyfriends, lovers, or husbands. Why? Just simply too much to remember, or perhaps they did not have a happy fairytale like ending, and ended in disaster. If she has children already before meeting you, there is a good chance she will have absolutely zero contact with her children’s father(s). Her ex(s) must hate her pretty badly so to give up not ever seeing his own children EVER AGAIN. You better run away fast buddy from this one or else!

7. She will come on to you very aggressively in the beginning out of nowhere, falling in love with you in less than a week, and wanting to have your baby. She has found not you, but a foreigner, a “gold mine”, a “cash cow”, “her ticket” to finance a spendthrift lifestyle; she just may have “hit the Lotto” just by meeting up with you!

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8. She will be from out of town when you meet her, either on vacation, or visiting a friend or family. This is not a personality issue, however always present so should be included on the list. Since many bar girls who are not sophisticated or responsible enough to freelance on their own to make their own way in life, she is dependent on her mamasan or papasan to care for her daily needs of food, clothing, transportation, and shelter. So when she saves enough money to go out hunting for her new foreigner “walking/talking ATM machine”, the above will normally apply.

9. She will have no formal education, no college degree or career. Her future’s fate is cast upon the wind since she possesses no employable job skills, and any computer skills are pretty much limited to Facebook. She has no desire to work at all, make money, and pay her own way in life. Why, when she can just sponge off other people, bathe, sleep, and eat at another’s home? When they tire of her, she can easily move on to another friend’s house since all her worldly possessions can easily fit into her backpack with the exception of her karaoke player.

10. She will be unemployed. Any regular non bar girl work will have had been in some type of menial manual labor job or sari-sari store. She will have no dreams or desires of building a business, or going back to school. The land of milk and honey will be captured in the bedroom when she seduces her next “foreigner” victim who potentially is “the one”. And, to “seal the deal” she’ll make a baby!

11. She will exhibit extreme overt jealousy should you dare look at, converse with, or interact with the opposite sex, unless they are old enough to be your mother, or so fat & ugly to which would scare your dog away howling in agony. Any other female is always considered a potential threat to her livelihood. In the bar girl business the more customers or “financial sponsors” you have, the more materialistic you can be, and more is never enough. Should you ever become interested in another girl, she could end up on the street once her unsuspecting “foreign fool” comes to his senses and sees the light at the end of the tunnel. The light will not be sunlight, but a freight train heading straight for you. Run away, faster, if you have not already!!!

12. She will have extreme difficulty dealing with new people who are outside of her immediate small social circle of family, friends, and neighbors, especially professionals. Her friends will be “like her” holding mostly menial jobs, or unemployed as well. Let’s face it, the only reason she would ever interact with new people in her past, would always involve a financial incentive or gain to enhance her prosperity via sexual gratification. Her social skills do not go too much further than looking cute, and hunting unsuspecting foreigners in the beer house or on the street, “the walking gold mine”, and attacking him in the bedroom. She has absolutely nothing in common with a professional person with a career, and therefore nothing to talk about with them.

13. She will be very moody, exhibiting irrational, child like behavior when not getting her way, or when facing some dilemma when something goes wrong or comes up unexpectedly. This will include “mind reading” as if YOU should know automatically when she wants something like when she’s hungry, and so on. She will anger very easily, and this can last for days and weeks at a time, and often includes the “silent treatment”. These temper tantrums will arise practically on a daily basis. However, as soon as the refrigerator is barren, and her supply of rice has been depleted, she will normally begin to start acting nice again simply because she wants something, namely food. So her tantrums will last as long as the food supply in the house, so stocking up on food in the house will work against you! Also it attracts parasite friends and family signaling that you are RICH in food to be eaten!

14. She will never teach you any Tagalog or local dialect since this is her only power over you. She can do something you cannot, and by isolating you away from any non approved friends or acquaintances, and keeping you to herself, she will maintain this gift of preconceived power. This is also handy when she is upset at you for not going along with all her wants, needs, and desires in a timely fashion, she can talk behind your back too, and do it right in front of your face! An especially handy tactic to be used on you in front of other people to keep you guessing at what is actually being said about you! After all, her audience most likely does not speak any English, so whatever she says is pretty much the way things are, regardless of the truth.

15. She will act extremely unappreciable, and disrespectful when you spend money for her behalf including her entertainment, or perhaps material gifts that she desires. Whether you build her a new house, or buy her a new cell phone, a fight about something trivial and petty will be soon forthcoming. And, the bigger the expenditure, the bigger her attitude and problem will become. This is her way of saying “thank you”, as in she deserves all this stuff just for being with you, and it is expected you pay for all her wants, wishes, and desires on a daily basis. Your expenditure means nothing, and is expected like food on the table daily or the air she breathes. She owes you absolutely nothing in return since you actually did it for yourself she believes, so you can BE WITH HER. Actually YOU still owe HER, because she is with YOU, and not with somebody else, she is God’s gift from the heavens above, so you “naive foreigner” better start acting like it! (???)

16. She will be very destructive, and wasteful, especially when angry. This is another control tactic, she will make you pay for something over & over again or pay an excessive amount for something unnecessarily like the electricity for example. This proves she has power and control over you, and your money. After all she has no concept where money comes from, or how it is made, and thinks perhaps money grows on trees. Money does grow on trees in her province where as a kid she would climb coconut trees and sell the coconuts she’d find. You’re a foreigner, and always have an abundant supply of money in her eyes waiting for you at “the bank”, and by wasting it will make you upset. That is her revenge since you made her upset, angry, or disagreed on something!

17. She will not have a driver’s license, and not know how to drive either a small scooter or car, and prefers to be chauffeured around instead like a little princess. Also, she will NOT possess a bank account; tax ID card for employment, postal ID, and the like. Those things are for responsible people, and her mission is to find her “cash cow” of “foreign ethnicity”, and “he” can bother with those things when necessary, she cannot be bothered with such nonsense.

18. Although she has never possessed any of the above ID, it is very possible that at one point in time she “did have” or “does have”, “a passport” to travel abroad. Well how and where can you travel without any financial means of support? Answer: You are planning to “go to”, or already “have been” to either Japan or Korea to work as an “entertainer”. We all know what the entertainment actually is, and the only proven skill she possesses is spreading her legs in the bedroom. This one fact alone pretty much sums things up without any uncertainty telling you that she IS a BAR GIRL after all, without a doubt!!! CASE CLOSED!!!

19. She will speak to your children in the local dialect & Tagalog even though she is perfectly fluent in English. So as they grow up they cannot understand you, and you cannot understand or talk to your own children since you speak only English. This is another power play to control you via “controlling” your children. Yes terribly cruel to the children since it can and will limit their future in the world of life, however the bar girl mindset is ONLY concerned with herself for the moment, only.

20. She is inherently very messy and sloppy in the house including being wasteful making dirty laundry unnecessarily. This is so that she can “put on a show” demonstrating her cleaning the house, doing laundry, and therefore justifying “in her mind” she is contributing to the household on an equal level with her “busy work”.

21. She will have absolutely no desire to assist or help you in any financial dealings or business ventures, AND she will do everything in her power to disrupt or cause a problem with your venture. Just mention the topic, and the silent treatment will begin! So, as in the previously mentioned above she has no desire to make money for herself, the bar girl mindset is that all foreigners are rich since they come from “the land of milk & honey”. Your quest to obtain money is nothing but an annoyance to her since she believes you are lying about your financial situation. Your desire for more income is just “a show” to her as in attempting to teach her some school-like lesson about life. If she ever does make any money for herself, it is considered “her money” to spend lavishly on unnecessary things like more handbags, shoes, or paying her sister to do the laundry for her at an inflated price since she didn’t feel like doing it herself, and needs to feel like a big-shot throwing around money for an ego boost. After all, she can always get more from you, and picking your pockets for loose change has now been elevated to an art form which even the children are now proficient at. Her money is NOT for such trivial day to day needs such as food, gasoline, milk, or diapers for the children, rent, etc., it’s “her” money to spend freely as she pleases solely on herself. After all, the children are “your children”, and your responsibility.

The list goes on, and on, and on!!! These are just some of my favorites, and I assume by now you get the picture. If it’s not too late already, RUN as fast as you can away, DON’T LOOK BACK, faster now!!! If you are reading about yourself, you better save up for the cost of your annulment, and start shopping for a good lawyer! Best of luck!!!


At the first sign of any nonsense with a bargirlfriend, why would you stick around?

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