Stickman Readers' Submissions April 9th, 2013

Just Some Thoughts And Experiences

Dear Readers,

As the title reads, here are some thoughts. To all the readers out there, Caveman himself submitted a piece titled "The Value Of Love".
If you possess the intellectual capacity to grasp something in depth which is against the grain to what is drummed into the population especially in western societies, then read it, as it may change your life. I on the other hand already knew
this, but it was refreshing to hear someone else actually speak of it too. There is a new disease plaguing the world, and it seems to be more contagious and devastating than some of the worst diseases ever known to mankind. The disease is known
only as "The Mobile Phone". In one way the mobile phone is a revolutionary idea, but if abused and in the hands of someone with a mediocre mind, it can be a brain destroying, soul destroying, anti-social nightmare!

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Business use excluded, people use them for social purposes, keeping in touch etc. When the obsessed are constantly on them in a range of different social situations, they are actually neglecting the socializing in the moment in time they are actually in. I find this extremely comical! Why is there a need for humans to be so wanted in amongst so many groups of people that in the end probably don't give a fxxx about them anyway? Judging by my observations, the main offenders, yes, you guessed it, are women. In the West the problem is astronomical. Here in Thailand it is possibly even worse. The main age bracket for these obsessed little individuals is maybe 15 – 25. Well, for being the worst anyway. Superficiality is rampant in this age group, and debate this if you wish, but you would be kidding yourself.

If you are currently studying medicine and want to make it filthy rich in the future, then I suggest you specialize in neurology, and learn to remove and treat brain tumors with your eyes closed. You may just end up with more money than the Queen of England.

In the West young women can be frequently seen stopped at traffics light frantically texting like it's their last moment on earth, or texting when driving causing them to drive even more dangerously than they already do. I walk around Pattaya and girls are constantly messing with these things. They truly are obsessed. Walk in to a bar on any given night and just watch the bargirls at play with these radioactive little monsters. A good portion of them seem to totally neglect the customers in favour of messaging on Facebook and looking at other mind-numbing garbage. Of course some of them are probably drumming up a job for the night but I doubt that is the case with all of them though. If I am in a bar and a girl is married to her phone, I move on to the next girl. Always. I just don't tolerate it at all. It could be possible that there are that many fools sending girls money from abroad that that can afford to play phones all night. I have had hookers sleep with them under their pillows. Of course I say nothing as I don't want to upset her and possibly render her to lessen the sexual performance to spite me for reprimanding her. Enough on this one, as I think I have made my point.

A random thought: I have an idea to open up a school to teach the Russians of Pattaya how to smile and use basic manners. There is no copyright on this one so feel free to steal my idea.

A brief story highlighting some appalling behaviour from a foreigner, yet again. I am sat at a bar in a quieter part of Thailand. There are a few foreigners present, bargirls etc. All of a sudden a bargirl starts yelling at a Danish guy sat at the bar and at first I am not sure why. As it turns out the guy is drunk, and he decided to take a piss on the floor while sitting at the bar. The bargirls are furious. His reply is, fxxx you I can do what I want here. He was out of control, and out of his mind. To fuel the fire he refuses to pay his 200 baht bill. He is being so disrespectful to the girls. He would have got bottled but one girl stopped the blow just before the point of impact. He takes it too far and a foreigner snaps a pool cue in half, ready if needed. <Damn, me and my camera have been waiting for years for that to happen!Stick> The foreigner is sober and means business, the Danish guy can barely stand upright. The Danish guy continues to taunt the bargirls, and abuse them, and to the girls' credit they should have killed him but restrained themselves. The Danish guy is now challenging the foreigner to a fight, which he had no chance of winning. The Danish guy would have been taking on the whole bar, including me.

The commotion went on for a while, and in the end the Danish man's friend convinces him he is way out of line and for his own safety he had better pay the bill. In the end the bill is paid, the guy leaves, still telling the bargirls to fxxx off too. I heard the Danish guy immediately left for the border in the morning. I deem him lucky to be alive to be honest as I have never seen such a poor behavioural display, especially as he was in Thailand abusing the Thais. I dare say if he was in Pattaya he would have had the shit beaten out of him for sure. No offence to the Danes as I am sure this guy was one of Denmark's extremely low quality exports.

That's all from me for now. A bit of philosophy for those in need of a wake up in life. "The arid torpor of inaction will be our demise".

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PS If you are nursing a beer in a bar in Pattaya at 8 AM you may not grasp this.

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