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Bangkok Sex Excerpt 1

This is a work of fiction and an excerpt (with sex scenes removed) from my eBook…

The heat and pollution on Sukhumvit tried to cut me down to size. I danced along powered by an unlikely lust and ignored the sweat steam. The night young and possibilities endless. Fools pointlessly filled stalls with sex toys and porno DVD's. Huge Negroid whores muttered obscenities as my glare fleetingly reduced them to nothingness. Ugly katoeys hinted at violence but moved too slowly on six inch high-heels to limit my concrete flow. Even a Thai moto driver allowed me an inch of grace as he hurled his bike into the wastelands of Soi 7.

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Nong loitered on the corner of the soi and even her death stare couldn't slow me down. Nong who looked rather like Jennifer Lopez and had spent her popular youth in a Thai brothel. Apart from the cancerous sores on her shoulder impossible for an innocent to divine her history. Nong had strongly developed self-destructive urges that left no need to warn off potential suitors though her allure was so strong she even snagged a German bar owner in Nana Plaza – for a while. Her whole family were mad but those bad genes were also tough genes.

Daam hunkered down in a doorway illuminated by ghostly neon that edged her cheekbones towards divinity. She glanced at me as if I could be anyone at all or no-one. Daam danced with yaa-baa every night and would do most anything to keep the roll going. Daam and Nong had the same luscious lips because they had the same father. Daam hadn't done the brothel gig because Nong's money had paid her way through school. Daam had just ended up with the wrong kind of local boyfriend and was the one sister who really hated farang – but their money talked and she walked the walk.

'You!' I pivoted on one foot and wasn't where I was supposed to be. 'You, you!' I came back to where I started and stamped on the farang's foot. He'd gone native and I wore steel toe-cap Cat boots that each weighed a kilo. Or More. They didn't merely scratch skin they scrunched bone. The vagrant hopping up and down enraged. Tatty clothes falling off his muddied body whilst he threatened belated violence. Except it was a fading chant as I was back up to speed and disappearing into the pulsing crowd. The babble of languages edged towards insanity backed by the rattle of trapped traffic and rumble of the overhead BTS train.

Sukhumvit and its lower sois infested with whores, grifters, drunks, illegal immigrants and the almost dead. The police would occasionally purge an area only to find a few hours later that it was once again brimming with the desperate and the deranged. As the night wore on every available crevice not occupied by whores or hopeless vendors of junk filled with tiny street bars that sold cheap alcohol where the ex-brothel hookers could try to convince the punters that there was more to life than beer.

The traffic lights at the Nana intersection bowed to my will but I wasn't foolish enough not to caress my Buddhist amulets as I beat the odds. Traffic flowing every which way even when the lights said walk. 'Farang Ba!' Shrieked by an elderly Thai on the corner of the soi. The illusion of my sudden appearance out of the smog of pollution just as a bus rumbled through the ether turning her mind. A high art to being where you shouldn't.

Even through the normal pungent night smells the odour of excrement hung over the wok filled with crackling cockroaches. In death they looked no better than in life. The bar girls' faces flicked into glee as they gobbled them right on down. Lean protein reflected in the curves barely concealed beneath tight clothing. They glared at me and given half a chance would've tried to shove one of the creatures down my throat. Show no fear. I hid my amulets under my tee-shirt not wanting to offend the gods by my transgression into the mortal sin personified by Nana Plaza which had recently been painted canary yellow and given a work-over to clean out the worst of the debris that had formerly cluttered its corners. With a banner proclaiming it a Safe Zone and surveillance cameras probing the newly lighted recesses of the three story edifice it seemed like the beginning of the end had started.

I dodged past a coven of motley katoeys who joined with clean cut Mormon bible thumpers (who had yet to succumb to the neon) to give me a look that said no point bothering with that bastard. The ruined transvestites contrasted with the clean cut Westerners suggesting a future that neither would revel in. Soi Nana a slither of bright neon hiding all kinds of damnation that resisted the endless modernisation of the city.

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A half dozen Thai vermin still loitered under the shadows of the stairway hopeful that their go-go girlfriends would strike it lucky despite the newly installed security guards – probably came from the same village in Isarn. The pimps had an occasional need to exhibit their superiority by beating the shit out of an unlucky farang. The dice still rolled in my favour. I bounced up the stairs into a large go-go. I always seemed to move at twice or even thrice the speed of the locals and figured it helped keep me ahead of the game. The Thais reckoned it was something to do with being born in the year of the monkey.

Educational videos flickered on three TV screens but the babes paid them no attention. Maa danced his scraggy way between the elevated dancing platforms. The drug dealing scum gave me a baleful stare even as he dodged dancers trying to tear off his white pork-pie hat. He was Nong's nephew but half farang. The meld had come out so beastly you couldn't fault his need for drugs. His American father had beaten Nong's elder sister to near death and the bad genes filled his head with white noise. The father escaped to Singapore to gain fame as a gospel preacher but some of his sins passed down to Maa. He sometimes tried to pass himself off as an Ugly Taiwanese and had the dress sense to go with it.

Porn wasn't related to Nong but her elder sister was Maa's mother's best friend – Porn one of the star go-go dancers. The DJ was Porn's twin brother but when she wanted rid of farang attention she'd pass him off as her local boyfriend. They weren't quite identical but they were both beautiful twenty year-olds who out of the neon could've made some models appear ugly. In Nana they were just more bodies for sale. But only when they wanted the deal to go down or the rent needed to be paid.

The waitress managed a smile that came from the heart even though it was overburdened by pulsing blood through arteries that were fighting her excessive flab. Ill-fitted to a risqué schoolgirl uniform. After delivering the Beer Chang she loitered hopeful of a Cola. The inability to learn from experience a defining Thai trait. Maa had the patina of disease and happily exchanged drugs for sex. Farang ending up with some vile sloppy seconds that had pension actuaries back in the West stacking up their bonuses. The waitress would probably do him for free.

Suddenly the TV screens showed white noise and the canine drug dealer had done a disappearing act. A short stout Thai cop in sergeant's regalia walked to a corner table. He had a daytime job directing traffic on Sukhumvit but only going through the motions. He had bank teller's hands as he counted a deep pile of baht and the easy money scrunched his face into greed. A bag man for higher authorities.

Porn came down from the go-go stage and entwined herself on my lap. Smooth skin over lean muscle and fearsome heat caressed my soul. She had drug-free eyes with a hint of Arabian princess. The waitress scowled and wobbled off to annoy a large German pensioner who immediately tried to check her gender by groping her groin. Porn held my face in her hands and tried to interrogate my ice blue eyes with her deep brown orbs but she already knew my history almost as well as I knew hers. Her twin brother Bo gave me a matching smile that reflected neon up in his DJ perch and cranked the music up to a level that threatened to turn the concrete beams to dust. I shouted a few Isarn words in Porn's ear that sped like poetry into the core of her being even as her eyes widened in disbelief at how much I knew about her and Bo.

Short-time hotel room heavy with years of spent sexual energy. Porn and Bo naked in a blink of an eye…

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