Stickman Readers' Submissions March 6th, 2013

So How Jai Dee Do You Want To Be?

If you, like so many of us, want to go select the object of your affection at a gogo, beer bar or anywhere else you can easily meet attractive women without having to learn Thai and be young enough to actually be desirable to them, this is for you to consider.

I've been around this scene a good many years now and watched the simplicity with which the girls calculate their decisions. This is no surprise to anyone I am sure, but it just boils down to money. The girls use that idea to lighten their mental load, but since we are the payers, we have to come to hard choices and balance ourselves.

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Personally, I find it interesting to study those around me and have learned how to estimate what they are paying from their ego-driven lies. Lying in general becomes so tiresome and dull that it is best left to uneducated hillbillies from the great northeast as it is one of their few ways of not being bored. I have learned to just look away and say, "Yeah, yeah", to much of their tall tales.

My thinking today is to just point out how some guys handle themselves and their funds.

Starting with myself, I live on a couple of million baht per year. This allows me one medium slender sub 25-year old per day. If I raise my sights, then I am going for gogo girls, and I personally prefer the bars which cater to Japanese as there are three very well run such venues I know in Pattaya. The Super Babies and Super Girls bars on Soi Diamond are run by nice people who have been here a long time. The first time one barfines there, it is necessary to pay the whole ticket upfront. After that they trust you and you only need to pay the 600 baht barfine before leaving. Yes, they want 2,000 for themselves. But, in those two bars the ladies are really a cut above and soft spoken with decent manners. Comparing them to Isaan thugs in other bars show that difference. I do think the Japanese men prefer them to not be full of that fake, "We are just having so much fun here dancing in the air-conditioning with old men ogling us" bull that goes on in many joints. The Japanese, like most Asians, do not require eye contact feedback as the often anxiety-driven Westerner so the process is quicker.

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I take one, pay the asking price and see if some rapport develops after which I try and work something better for myself over time. Since these ladies are often with the less well than the more well endowed westerner, the fit is almost as good as a "good girl". This his ow I generally build a rotating stable. I try and keep myself in unusually good shape for a 66-year old man, as these hot girls like you to be reasonably fit, clean, and not stinky. Not gushing over ladies like my love-starved countrymen helps get a bit of respect. Personally, I would prefer respect over love at this stage of my life. Bacarra is my other favorite and a well managed bar I patronize.

I have a friend we shall call Antoine, who hails from Canada and makes big money half of the year beyond any kind of earnings I have ever had. As a Canadian, he is always nice as it seems to be illegal to not be coming from Canada. My friend is fit, 71 and just offers them enough to have what he wants from them. He sponsors several. He pays the most of anyone I know of and it is because he can and has no intention of being the richest guy in the cemetery. He lets then all know he is a butterfly and they do not mind because he gives them what they want most – big money. Several ladies have told me he is the best payer they have ever had and a great lay too. Good for him.

The next payer I want to call Horace. Now this man could buy most of the bars in town, but no one would ever know that he would be capable of it. He keeps a very low profile and dresses like a bum. He likes Beach Road girls that will help him throw orgies which he sponsors with great glee. He will get loaded with these girls and play cards all night. He has been here 10 years like me, and can barely tolerate the occasional visit to our socially isolated homeland. But, he just flies away when he craziness mounts.

Another old boy around seventy and here as long as me I will call Rudolph, sort of thinking of Valentino. He keeps himself a moving target as he knows he will fall in love with one of the numerous nines or tens he romantically barfines with dinners and nice photos he prepares for them tastefully done.

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He sees them on a regular basis, then slips off to Angeles for 2 months, only to run to Chiang Mai for another 2 months before flying off to Toronto for the summer. Rudy will have them over to whatever hotel he stays at and enjoy a photo session by the pool and a nice meal. He is a good and kind man who knows love can sure suck and he protects himself well from his inclinations. A smart guy.

I do know many guys here, some rich and some closer to my financial end. We all find a way for it to work without financial ruin or broken hearts. Without exception though, we are all "Pay as I go" kinds of men giving up no windfalls. If you are prepared to operate that way I can assure you, life will be less painful, and much more fun. Here in our city of variety, just smell the coffee and know we are not items of love for them, but financial help they can have fun with and they really do at times.

I can't replace this place.

And then for the joy on everyman, soi 6 exists.

Stickman's thoughts:

Contrasting your lifestyle with that of Shady, the writer of today's other submission who talks of all the fun he has in Bangkok, there seems to be one big difference (other than the fact that you're in Pattaya and he is in Bangkok). You and your friends are getting on in and years and he and his friends are much younger. I wonder then how much of the lifestyle you each live is due to geography, age, or perhaps other factors.

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