Stickman Readers' Submissions March 9th, 2013

Pattaya and Thailand, My Opinions and Observations

Hello all. I have been reading this site for a long time now, and I have read some very good pieces over time. This is my first submission based only on my thoughts, opinions and observations. A little about me first: I am currently on my 7th trip to Thailand, this one being quite a long trip, also to other parts of South East Asia. I have seen quite a few places in Thailand now, north and south. Many hours have also been spent in Sin City, as Stick would call it, and many a woman entertained as well. Good times for sure.

A brief bit about me – single, no ties, mid 30's, good shape, fairly handsome. I originate from Australia, and I am currently travelling in South-East Asia. I have learnt a lot about Asia so far, nowhere near what I will learn as I am continuing my travels. I believe Thailand to be a nice place to visit, but probably not on a permanent basis for me, having an inability to deal with lies and dishonesty on a level quite a bit larger than in the sad Western societies. In saying that, I have met a lot of wonderful, simple-living Thais who seem to appear very honourable in their daily lives.

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On Thailand, from what I have observed so far, there is a large portion of Thais locked heavily in the race for material gain and very hungry for it. I guess it comes down to living the way others expect of you which we all know will end in tears in the end. The one thing I really dislike about Thailand and South-East Asia is the fleecing as much money as possible from foreigners. The way I conduct business in Australia is that both the buyer and the seller are happy with the exchange of goods or services for a price. When I do a job I do it for a fair price, without bending over the purchaser and f@#$ing them, thus giving me repeat business. Some of those in Asia just go for the kill and offensively ask way too much for their item or service. Yes, I haggle hard now, but usually to get a price that is more reasonable, knowing the seller is still making a good amount of money from the deal. Sure, they have succeeded to steal some money from me, not all that much, but I look at it as they are just making me wiser and stronger. I am not saying it is impossible to overcharge me now, but in general I am on the ball 24/7 now, and in general they have little chance of taking advantage of me.

See, I am all about 100 % honesty at all times. I also believe that if a person is doing the right thing by themselves and others there is simply no reason to lie. Lying disrespects others and yourself; lying is a character weakness. I long for a world that lives by the truth, but it will never happen as long as good old greed and money is around.

I have read submissions saying that it's great that Thailand is developing, however I strongly disagree with that. I believe Western society as a whole is pathetic, and what has been pumped into the average person's mind over stretches of time is there to control them and stop them reaching their true spiritual potential. I am sure money is the big motivator behind it also.

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I think it is crazy that some aspire to be like us in the West. It's actually comical! I mean when you see a Laos village, it looks pretty peaceful to me, yet they have very little. These villagers live almost completely off natural resources, self-sufficiency. To want to leave that kind of serenity and get in debt with more responsibilities and people dictating and controlling your life has to be some form of insanity. It can be hard for me to fit into, say, life in the average Australian suburb, as a lot of people have one-track minds. I believe for every truly intelligent, knowledgeable person, there are way more fools that can't think for themselves.

Anyway each to their own in the end. I could write a book on the sick Western world. By the way I really enjoy the Caveman and Korski submissions and I really respect their telling it like it is. The way these guys think, I can relate to. On bargirls and the scene, well where do I start?

I have had some trips to Pattaya and know my way around that questionable city well. To be honest I had had some really good times there not to mention some of the best sex of my life! I treat the girls with respect, sometimes feed them, drinks etc, pay them, and remain on good terms. I used to be a little generous, tipping etc, but now I have learnt too much, and most of the time only give them the going rate.

The way I look at it is this, I treat them well, give them great sex, and as I am decent looking I figure at times they really should be paying me. The reason I say this is, I have seen the state and attitudes of the average Pattaya tourist / expat and for a girl to get me as their job for a night is an absolute pleasure for them.

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I once met a guy and his advice on Thailand in general was to leave the emotional side of your brain at the airport and I will tell you it works. That is not to say that I am not nice to girls and people in general, I just basically try to sidestep my wallet being lightened unnecessarily.

I do want to comment on some of the submissions I have read regarding bargirls and guys falling in love with them. Guys write in asking for bargirl advice when it is clearly obvious on what to do to solve the problem. The only real problem is being totally whipped by the pussy. Guys that let any girl walk all over them are as weak as piss and really need to do some soul searching. Actually it is probably better to have done a lot of soul searching before coming to South-East Asia and you will save yourself a lot of problems.

I meet all kinds of blokes on my travels, and I have met some wise souls, but what is going on when a 50-year old man still has no real insight into life and spiritual awareness? I would guess a small portion fall in love with the wrong bargirl. I think one reader summed it up a while ago, stating that if you want a girlfriend experience get a girlfriend.

Anyway that's enough from me for this rant. Cheers, Jim

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