Stickman Readers' Submissions March 14th, 2013

I love the Land of Smiles

Thailand from the perspective of a first time visitor

Many guys who re-collect their stories in Thailand often talk about the girls and how sweet they are. This is often met with contempt as it is viewed as disrespectful to Thailand. It is perceived as disrespectful to travel 1000s of miles across the world to simply have sex with the local girls. But in my opinion this is a very simple of way of looking at things.

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It is correct that the females of Thailand are a major attraction both for the locals and tourists. But the real reason many travel to the Land of Smiles is because of the unique energy of the place that cannot be found anywhere else regardless of how successful one may be. I am referring to the smiling faces, the love and the tranquil atmosphere. Most importantly of feeling how everyone deserves to feel – appreciated.

Below is an account of a first visit to Thailand. It may be naïve but some things mentioned are fairly accurate and I’m sure many can relate to it.


I walk into a club. I see many beautiful girls. All are looking sexy and dressed to impress.

I have a variety of emotions going through my mind, body and spirit. These emotions range from an overwhelming passion to meet these girls to pure raw lust. If you are like me and you love the opposite sex you will know exactly what I am referring to.

Now I have a dilemma. On the one hand I really want to get to know these girls but on the other hand my ego is on the line. I know the guys who are the most successful with the ladies can put their ego to the side. It is tough. It is not when one girl says ‘no’ that causes me to be de-spirited but the manner in which it is said. It is not enough for her to say ‘no’. She has to trample all over me. But I am a man and I can take it. However it is not just one ‘no’ but the accumulation of ‘no’s’ that builds up sucking my life away. All of these thoughts build up before I can even speak to a single girl!

Before I can continue with my thoughts I am approached by a lady who is quite simply stunning. I think to myself ‘What? This is strange’. As I walk around the club I am approached by another girl. I am also given stares by girls suggesting they are very interested in meeting me. Each time this happens I feel more and more confident. The accumulation of interests reverses the process of my life being sucked away when the girls say ‘no’ in usual circumstances.

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I am now fully confident to enjoy the club as I please. I have no dilemma. I do not need a girl to satisfy my passion for them or at a more shallow level – to satisfy my ego. I can just have fun. I am no longer this loser standing in the corner of a club, trapped in his self destructing thoughts that come from a combination of his sensitivity and the environment. I am who I was meant to be – a Casanova figure. All my years of insecurities are washed away.

I approach a girl that catches my eye. The other girls look on wishing it was them I had approached. The girl reacts very nicely. For a second I pause and think: a beautiful girl being nice? Beautiful girls are supposed to be mean and arrogant. What is going on here?

This is Thailand, the land of smiles – enjoy.


This is how I felt after my first visit to Thailand. After returning to the Land of Smiles, I still feel the same way.

It is a feeling of more than just raw lust being satisfied but of being loved and respected. I am not only referring to bar girls but also ‘regular’ Thai girls which there are plenty.

It is this feeling that has brought me back, has brought many back in the past and will no doubt bring many others back for many years to come. It inspires others to want to live there despite its many flaws because it frees us from the blandness and feeling of irrelevance that overwhelms many in their western countries.

I know that many people who live in Thailand mention how those who love Thailand only do so because they have been there for a short period whilst on holiday. Living there will show you things about the kingdom that those who go on holiday will never see. Perhaps they are right. I have never lived in Thailand so I can only imagine. But I feel those who live in Thailand may perhaps forget how difficult things can be in the west as well.

When I try to tell my friends about this they think I’ve lost my mind. They just don’t understand – how could they? Their minds are consumed by the western matrix. But no matter what happens here in the west this feeling will always be mine. They can never take this away from me. The land of smiles helped me discover it – so I have to thank them. I will remember it forever and I will be back sooner than later.

Stick's thoughts:

"All my years of insecurities are washed away" – great quote – Thailand can really do that to a guy, and getting a guy's confidence back is a big deal.

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