Stickman Readers' Submissions February 7th, 2013

30 Days in Siam

I just returned a week ago from a wonderful 30 days in Thailand. I flew in late at night and the fun began even before I cleared the luggage carousel. First a little background on my plan in Bangkok and where it all went bad, or good, depending on your point of view.

A few months ago I was on a cruise ship sailing up the Alaska coastline. On board was a salon with a massage service. I was lucky to get a great deep tissue massage from a little Thai girl who works on the ship and sends money back to mom and dad on the rice farm. I did not know what a Thai massage was. I chatted the Thai girl up, but she was dedicated to her work and had no time to meet me. They run a rather tight ship and the staff are prohibited from fraternizing with passengers. I am sure there are exceptions to the rule.

He Clinic Bangkok

Talking with her motivated me to investigate Thailand and the women there. I had heard a few stories, but never dated a Thai lady. I have had several Asian girlfriends here in the States. The 2 Koreans were rather toxic in a relationship and the Filipina a gold digger. My Chinese girl was a sweetie, but boring as it gets. We never even had sex. So I needed to see what a Thai lady was like.

I began to contact a few on the internet and found the website I was using to be a bit of a problem. It seems you really can't meet the women directly or even get contact info without payment of big bucks. I also found the letters exchanged to be boilerplate and impersonal. I quickly tired of the expense and waste of time trying to meet a future partner using the agency approach. I also received fake letters designed just to burn up the credits I paid dearly for. About that time I discovered Stickman and began to read all the reader submissions.

I made an airline reservation to Bangkok, and began corresponding with several ladies on Not a bad site and I had an easy time meeting
several ladies. I was 56 at the time and I made the cutoff age of 40 for the ladies I wanted to meet. A 20+ year age difference just is not going to work long term IMHO. I narrowed the candidates to 3 and began writing and Skyping rather frequently.
After a month or two of that I was on the plane and heading to Thailand.

CBD bangkok

I had told all the ladies I would be coming to Bangkok but was not specific about the flight or time. They all knew the day. They all wanted to meet me at the airport but I said no, as I would be tired and likely look very bad. So, as I was leaving the Immigration area, walking to the luggage pick up area, one the sweet ladies I had been talking to was in my face and smiling. I just about had a heart attack and felt like I was being kidnapped! This was the lady I knew the least and was the third in line to meet. Seems she works at the airport, has for many years, and had time and the security clearance to camp any place she chose. She looked great and spoke very little English.

We walked to the currency exchange and I turned about 1K of dollars into THB and she went to her office and changed into something else. We headed off to the hotel in Lat Krabang that I had reserved. It was cheap but clean. I dropped off my bags, gave her a small stylish purse, and we headed down Lat Krabang Road to eat some spicy Thai food. 2 hours later we were camped in her room and tearing clothes off. Wow, I was a happy guy and she seemed to be having fun too. We really did hit it off and she is a bit of a comic and I am too. We were always the "joker". I liked her a lot already but reminded myself I had 2 more ladies to meet.

Having read all the readers' submissions on Stickman had me prepared for Bangkok. So many guys go to Bangkok and seem to get hooked up with the bar girls and I just did not want that to happen. This is not to say I did not head down to Soi Nana to see what was going on, but no way am I hooking up with a bar girl when there are so many lovely ladies all over Bangkok. <Thank God, at least one man is listening!Stick> I even had to try out Annie's soapy massage and had a good time, but the idea of a short time with a 20-year old prostitute was not a big turn on. Annie's and doing a bar girl are really 2 different things in my book, even though the happy ending may occur a little differently. I guess I subscribe to the Bill Clinton dictionary definition of sex.

After the first night in Lat Krabang, I headed to the Grand Majestic on Soi 2. Nice place and had an expensive Thai massage there. Thai girl 2 had been pestering me by email to meet ASAP so I scheduled Saturday afternoon to meet her in the hotel lobby. In the meantime I had girl 1 from Lat Krabang staying with me Friday night. I thought no problem, she will be out of there early in the morning. So, what does girl 2 do? She shows up in the lobby at 8 PM Friday night, ringing me on the phone. I have girl 1 in the sack and we are laughing it up. Phone rings and I made the stupid mistake of answering it. Girl 2 is in the lobby and says "Hi". I say Hello, Hello, Hello, as if nobody was there. I hang up the phone and a say "nobody there". Next comes the endless 2-hour barrage of phone calls, door knocks, and door bell rings. I never told girl 2 my room number so I guess the hotel did. Girl 1 is in the sack yucking it up saying mia noi, or some such thing that refers to a piece on the side. I am lying there with a stupid look on my face saying I have no idea what is going on or who is trying to break down the door. Several more calls about 2:00 AM I ignore and girl 1 and I doze off. I get up to pee and see a note shoved under the door. It was from girl 2 saying she was trying to "find" me. No shit. Neither of these girls said a peep to each other through the door. It was as if they knew what was going on, but neither wanted to ruin their chance with me.

wonderland clinic

Next morning girl 1 leaves and 2 shows up at arranged time as if nothing happened. WTF? I hustle girl 2 to MBK and buy her an expensive camera. Man, do I feel like a chump. We spend the rest of the day shopping, eating, and talking. Her English in fair. She works in the finance department of a multinational company. So far none of the girls seem to have a bar girl history, but girl 1 was awfully good in the sack for a "civilian". Both of these women are not the most beautiful I have dated, not by a long shot, but I long ago learned the better they look, the more crap you are gonna have to take from them.

I am not real good at taking crap from a pretty woman, so I have to either lose my balls or hook up with women who looks average and knows how to treat a man. I like the funny and goofy chicks anyway. Heck, average girls in Thailand are better than some of the upper end ones in the states. My ex, a narcissistic, Facebook-loving Filipina was such a pain in the ass.

To be continued in the next installment


Stickman's thoughts:

Very nice start and am looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Disgraceful on the part of the hotel to disclose your room number and allow the girl up there, especially as that is not a cheap place.

nana plaza