Stickman Readers' Submissions January 29th, 2013

Who Is Preying Upon Whom To The Greater Extent?

Farangs being scammed by predatory Thai females is not an uncommon occurrence. The farangs in such situations could be their own worst enemies for allowing themselves to get into those predicaments. Perhaps they do so most frequently because of a mixture of factors, such as a desperate neediness for something that has become unavailable to them in Farangland (perhaps a need for love or for ego / manliness satisfaction). Combine that need with the stupid belief that sex equals
such manliness or love, and that it can be bought; plus an initial naive belief in other people's sincerity, and you have a candidate to be scammed.

How did Thailand evolve into such a situation: where the Thai female, preying upon farangs, has become one of the most cunning scam artists in the world? This con game is like a two party dance. Stalkers, on both sides of the dance, find their easiest prey in the needy and naive. Could it be that farangs themselves have contributed to this situation where some Thai females regard farangs as not deserving of respect, but rather as candidates to be scammed?

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Professional sex mongers preying upon professional sex providers (or upon someone interested only in a carefree sexual encounter) do not present a problem to either party, because neither side believes the half truths that the other side tells. There is no naive expectation of real sincerity. But when one party or the other preys upon their most easy prey, the unsuspecting naive person (especially one in need of something), then that is when the naive person is very possibly going to get hurt. It is a naive belief in other people's sincerity that sets the naive person up to be hurt. As stated, the hurt party could be a naive Thai female just as easily as a naive farang.

Many Thai females have a huge need for security. Discussion of the root causes for this would have to address the economy, corruption, society and cultural attitudes. So let’s skip
that for now. The point for now is that the Thai female need for security is probably the primary reason that farangs have a female candy store in Thailand. So, should we not surely expect that this need will show itself at some point in the dance
(but to an acceptable degree of course)? If this is a revelation or a surprise to anybody, then I have to ask you why the hell you feel you deserve a free lunch in Thailand. Even a kid in a candy store, with just a bit of discipline, does not
expect to get away with taking a bite out of every piece of candy in the store, & then cheekily put every piece back on the shelf without paying for any of it. But, I agree, that does not mean that we farangs should be preyed upon, especially
to the degree that some have been.

Some of those needy Thai females I reference above have a similar stupid belief that sex might obtain love, and a similar initial naive belief in other people's sincerity. Such Thai females are the easiest prey for farangs who have no scruples about misleading their prey. Such misleading actions are frequently intentional, but not always so. They may occur simply because the farang,
through self interest, ego satisfaction or other immaturity, fails to recognize the impact & the consequences of his potentially misleading advances upon a naive Thai female. In any event, a hurt Thai female is just as pitiful as a hurt farang.
This ultimately leads, in turn, to a Thai feeling that the farang deserves to be preyed upon.

The preying has been directed in both directions, & the resulting damage & horror stories felt on both sides, for a long time; and, to such a degree that neither side feels much guilt or remorse for their part of the blame in the dance. We have a situation in Thailand now where too frequently people rationalize & justify preying upon each other, because both sides have evidence that "proves" the other side does not deserve respect or equal status.

Ask yourself, do you speak to your farang mates in a respectful manner about the Thai females that you interact with? Do you feel a need or desire to describe your sexual escapades to your mates? Are your farang conversations an endless reference to sexual attributes, complaints about the Thai female's shortfalls (for one reason or another), sources and methods to achieve a sexual encounter, and bragging about past conquests? Such is the type of stuff we talked about in high school locker rooms. Once we had professional careers, we had different values and far better peers to look up to, respect & emulate. Who are the peers that deserve our respect and emulation now? Should we regress to such locker room values again?

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Who is preying upon whom to the greater extent? If we examine how this sorry situation has evolved here, I think we have to admit that there is enough blame to go around. OK, enough of what may sound like stupid moralizing. It's too late to change anything; and besides I am one of you, a sinner myself.

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