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Thailand Trip Report 4 of 4

Day 1

I arrive at the Landmark by car. The car had wireless…more than I can say for the damn hotel in Pattaya. I get upgraded to a crazy ass suite because my club floor corner room is occupied. Nice!

He Clinic Bangkok

I get some food and start drinking. The girl from my first stop in Bangkok is around. Buy her a drink and bail.

I stop by Hilary 4 around 7 PM. Ugly old girls. Nothing of interest. Waiting for 8:30 and Nana gogos.

Once the gogos get going I begin systematically going through all the gogo bars in Nana starting with the ground floor. No rounds of shots this time. Just shots for this or that girl. Lots of super hot women. Some very fun and friendly but they are all pushing short time. It's early so that makes sense but I am not interested. I end up at Lone Star after beers and flirting in every non-ladyboy gogo there is. The two girls I pick at Lone Star are fun…that is the key. Women that are playful and want to party. Interestingly the other women in there looked as bored as a human could look. The place was pretty dead…again it's still relatively early. The two I picked had the most energy and biggest smiles.

CBD bangkok

We danced at Nana Liquid super early and then I just decided, screw it, let's just do them. The experience was great and afterwards I was exhausted. Paid them and said good night. I'm sure they had more in them as they trotted off to where ever. Body Count 23.

Day 2

Some words on the Landmark. I know I sound like I bitch too much about hotel details but I am more just reporting than pissed. Anyway my Landmark room is 6,200 baht a night. I got the upgraded room…which while bigger is on a lower floor. Everything is actually great here except…wireless. WTF?! They give you a username and password that expires every 12 hours. It only works on 1 device and that's it. If you log out or shut your machine down you have to call and get a new password. For the money I pay here just provide wireless in an easy way!

I LOVE the Dawin Hotel. After going through a bunch of hotels, the Dawin is by far the best. The staff was so nice and polite. When I brought women back it was always mellow and no big deal. The room was amazing when you factor in the huge balcony I got. Wireless just worked, no AC problems, no water control problems and a great location. All that for half the price of the Landmark where internet is a total hassle and all prices for everything are out of control.

wonderland clinic

For a monger, a boutique hotel is ideal. Bringing two Thai hookers into the Landmark lobby was crazy lol. Families around, huge open lobby.

I finally get going around 12:30 and do a little shopping. Then I head to the Eden Club. I had been there once before years ago. The concept is basically the same. Girls on the right of the yellow line do not do anal, girls on the left do anal. The ones on the anal side looked pretty damn rough. I pick two on the right side. One thin and skinny and one more voluptuous. At this point I am pretty damn tired of having sex. I let the girls go to work and pretty much just lay there. Great service from these girls and they get the job done very quickly which totally impresses me. Body count 25. Eden Club is on Soi 7/1 right next to Bangkok Beat. As I leave I get to thinking that I have not been to Bangkok Beat yet and would love to just chill and hear some live music tonight. Not sure yet.

Well either way around 6:30 it feels like it is time to go drinking. I have 2 nights to finish up 5 more girls. I head out into the Bangkok night. I go over to my favorite bar at the entrance to Nana and share a drink with one of the girls I keep talking with. I had already been with her friend and so this girl didn't want to go with me. She was fun to talk with though and she wanted for the three of us to go eat and hangout. That wasn't my plan but ok, let's see where they want to eat. The girl I had been with showed up and was not working so no need to barfine her…good, I guess. I barfine the other one and we go to a place off the beaten path for me called Family Barbeque. It's a hotpot place filled with mostly Thais..a few Farangs. It's great food and pretty cheap. Then we head over to Bangkok Beat and catch the first set of the first band. Girl B…the one I had not slept with all night was getting more and more flirty while Girl A..the one I had been with was getting more and more annoyed. I'm so stupid to keep repeating the same bar and women. We head to Climax to see the two opening bands. Lots of fun had by all. As we leave the two girls get in a fight. Girl B jumps in a cab and takes off and I am left with Girl A who is pissed.

I should have just left at this point but I didn't. Took her back to the hotel for lame sex. Once at night and once in the morning. I think I have finally learned my lesson? Maybe?

Day 3

My last full day in Bangkok. I totally wasted my time last night with drama. I'm still 5 away from my goal and I am starting to care less and less about that goal. 25 is fine. Screwing the same girl multiple times doesn't count otherwise I would be well over 50. Maybe I get to 26 or 27 today but I am tired of drinking and whoring. I haven't tried an escort service yet. Seems over priced and there is a large risk that there would not be a connection or the girl would just suck. Could try it I guess. It is a really amazing piece of psychology that I can be so motivated to come here and have sex but after a 16-day buffet I am over it. I suppose if you lived here the pace would be much slower. Maybe once a week or something? That would be a sustainable pace I guess. For sure once I am gone a month I will again be dreaming of coming back. For now however I think a little piece of my soul is flowing in the Bangkok sewers…I feel like I have been drained by vampires.

The show must go on. I head over to Lucky Luke's at the front of Nana and order pizza. Spent a lazy day drinking with my new friends. The girl I had slept with left for home thankfully. The people in Lucky Luke's are super nice and I decide to really rock them out. I get a massage…a normal one but other than that I spend the day drinking with the Lucky Luke's crew. This bar has the perfect vantage point to see people coming and going as well as seeing deep inside the plaza. As the sun sets you can feel the pulse of the plaza begin to quicken. Trucks delivering ice and beverages and taking away laundry are replaced with the ladies scurrying in to get their makeup done. Around 4:40 I ring the bell. Around 6 I ring it again. I have the entire bar trashed now. Super fun. The girl from the other night…the one with a boyfriend that will not sleep with me is fun as hell. We decide that we will go to dinner and then maybe go to some gogos for fun.

We head down to the Seven Seas restaurant on Soi 4. I order lobster and get something the size of a prawn. Terrible service as well.

We try out Hillary 2 and hear some great music.

Then we hit some gogos. We go to Playschool, Spanky's and then Lollipop. I barfine one of the servers for short time while my friend waits in the bar. To my surprise the mamasan negotiates the price of the short time at 2000 baht. What the f@#$? She says they have had problems with people not paying so now you pay first. What the hell ever. We go upstairs to a short time room. There is a line. We are second and quickly there are three Japanese customers with their girls behind me. We wait maybe 10 minutes and a couple comes downstairs. A team of three guys cleans the room, changing sheet like 1 minute.

The sex ends up being totally awesome! I picked a girl that was a server and not the best looking girl in the place but she just seemed eager. My hunch was right and we had an awesome time. Back in Lollipop my friend is ready to go. We go back to Lucky Luke's and I tell her I will go solo now. Too hard to get a Thai girl when you already have a hot Thai girl with you. By the way, the entire plaza was overrun by Japanese. I mean they are in every bar and some girls totally prefer them in general. I did not see the J Factor at all in Soi Cowboy.

After my friend departs I barfine a girl from Straps. Walk up the left stairs, turn left..then the last door on the right. She is young. No English. Danced great though. We get back to the room and she is super hot however..she says, "You boom boom now. short time only.. 2k baht." Romantic. Ok. I have to mention sex in the following way. The girl would not use her mouth and would barely use her hands. She would only do missionary position. LOL. No her on top, no doggie. Nothing! I get up without finishing, give her 2K and tell her to get out. Worst sexual experience to date in Thailand.

I head back to the plaza and grab a girl from Mandarin? 2K. Decent. 2 AM and I pass out with the body count at 28.

Day 4

I have the option of going to Annie's Soapy Massage or hanging out with my friend at Lucky Luke's. Really love the people there. In the end rather than getting my last 2 women I chose to spend time with some people I will miss and finish this report before I get on the plane. The memories that will stay with me of this trip are just those of certain people. People that for a moment in time you can party and be friends with. In the future ringing the bell and rounds like crazy isn't what I want to do but by doing it I could see how each bar reacted to that. It helps unmask a little of the character of a place. I feel like you make some solid beach heads in the key cities and support them year after year. You don't buy the world for this but it gives a friendly place to go and if you are going to dump money down the toilet you might as well support the places that really support you.

I read Stickman's 2012 final weekly and it was cool to be reading that and be in the middle of what he was talking about at that moment. Normally I am a world away trying to digest everything. The things written about a transaction were certainly more prevalent in Bangkok than Pattaya. In Bangkok however it was shocking. People feel like Nana is on the upswing and I certainly agree. I do feel like the girls in Soi Cowboy were on average nicer. I got a really nice find there and she was smoking hot, wanted to go long time or even for days if I wanted. Super friendly fun. That was harder to see at Nana. I think it has been mentioned previously that as soon as one of the two major bar areas goes up..that attitudes and prices go up there. Then people run to the other bar area where folks have spent a few months or more before being humbled by a lack of customers. However the Japanese influx, rising prices, customer surpluses and girl shortages all make Nana feel unfriendly at times.

It's almost time to head for the airport. I take a moment to look at the Bangkok skyline. No amount of weird stuff or negative things can dampen how awesome this city and this country are in so many ways. I can't wait to return.

I hit the send button.

Happy New Year!!!

-American Ling

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It sounds like you enjoyed yourself.

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