Stickman Readers' Submissions January 25th, 2013

Just Don’t Make Mongrels in Thailand!

Have you noticed how some guys stick so much with their Thai sexual partner that they end up transforming her into the stereotypical woman profile of their home countries? I’ve seen several Frenchmen with Thai women that had muted into an arrogant bitch, some Germans with an older Thai lady that got the total short hair, shorts, socks-in-the-sandals typical 60ish German hitchhiker looks. An American biker that had transformed his Thai girl into a typical trashy, spitting, leather-wearing biker’s whore… etc.

This has me wondering. They come to Thailand not for what it is really or the Thai girl experience, but precisely because they couldn’t find the normal woman and bonding they actually longed for in Farangland! Usually those are men with huge affective needs and they have become experts at denying those facts to themselves. They try hard to present it socially as I have a girlfriend and she is Thai, rather than the truth of I have a girlfriend only because she is Thai. To me, those are the real losers, much more so than any type of hardcore mongers and sexpats.

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But ruining one Thai girl is only a part of the problem. Then you have those who need to have children too. And of course, they want their children to have a-good-education-and-a-good-future, yada yada. So they do all what they can to raise them in the Western ways. Those children in turn will not have much of Thainess, which will soon start to degrade the whole environment we live in here. Those irresponsible people are impregnating the whole of Thailand with whatever it is that we ALL came here to escape from Farangdom. In other words, those people are sawing the branch on which they – and all of us – are sitting!

Certainly, many among you might want to answer me something along those lines: So, you would like Thailand to remain a backwards, uneducated and unequal country so that you and your ilk can keep having a cheap and easy life late into retirement, and keep feeling like a big fish in a small pound forever?

In a way, yes. Some people don’t get one thing : most of us are here because it is actually a Legoland. Because nothing is what it seems, the truth is flexible and nobody hardly ever takes anything seriously. I did not come here to have it the “serious” way, otherwise I would be renting a lodge in Austria or owning a MacMansion in Bubbafuck, Virginia probably.

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If you were looking for a normal life and trying to raise “successful” children, why didn’t you do this in your own country? Because you most probably could not or did not want to, for a host of different reasons. Or why didn’t you relocate to Canada, Japan or Norway instead, to find a life partner? Ha! You came here because getting a woman was easier and more fun (and do not try to kid us LOL), even if she’s “not a bargirl” and “has money”, etc and all of the usual disclaimers.

Now, you’re trying to “cheat your way” into having your old idea of a normal life in a place that is the opposite of normal by any Western standards. Why in the world come here and try to replicate some Western suburban lifestyle in the outskirts of Pattaya? This is really living below one’s standards.

Thailand is a centuries-old culture. Whatever are the problems here due to illiteracy, lack of organization, poor planning, etc. they are mitigated by the fact this is a homogeneous culture that still takes care of all of its members and gives a certain place in society to everyone. Add some mongrels – even well-educated ones – in the mix, and you destroy the subtle underlying balance and the very fabric of Thai society (unless you ship them back to the West to have their successful life you want them to, never to come back).

Whatever Thai society is about, I take it and accept it as a whole and I’m going with the flow. And so do most of the real mongers. I’m not trying to change anything or explain to anyone that “in Shitminster, England, we would do it this way”. For example I’m here because it is a culture that is more tolerant of prostitution, among other things. Well, if you introduce a sufficient number of Western-educated, moralizing luk kruengs, they will no doubt start to reproduce the same self-righteous, rigid Western mental habits and put an end to all that magic that makes Thailand the best holiday and expat destination in the world.

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By creating highly-educated, farangized mongrels, you are (maybe unconsciously) slowly introducing more of the coldness, arrogance, social distance, emotionalism, self-consciousness and mania for rules and regulations that we have in the West, and from which all of us have been trying to escape from, in one way or another. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here. We did not came for the weather alone, or for the food alone, or the sex alone, or the cheap prices alone, or for the temples. We came for the whole f@#$ing package.

If you only wanted exoticism, you could have found the “love of your life” in Mexico, Korea or maybe Africa. But no, you came to Thailand. Because you loved the warmth, the craziness, the careless, easygoing attitudes and lifestyle, yet combined with civilized manners, relative efficiency and exquisite politeness. So why destroy all this? Why bring your crappy emotional and cultural baggage with you in the LoS? Maybe you are not aware of what’s happening when popping out “luk kruengs”, which is why I’m bringing all this to your kind attention…

So, if you can’t let go of your Western straightjacket, just go live somewhere else, in some already f@#$ed-up place like Brazil, or whatever. If all you want is “a wife that loves you” and a bunch of children and do not care about what their race or culture will be anyways, then you will be able to find that anywhere. But respect the Thai ecosystem. It is a fragile one. Just look at neighbouring Laos, Cambodia or Myanmar. With almost the same breed of people and the same religious background, it’s simply not the same.

Stickman's thoughts:

I might not be the brightest bulb in the room, but then neither am I a moron so forgive me when I say I'm not sure I get the point here…

Different people come to Thailand for different reasons. Not everyone came here for the reasons you did.

Do you want to see Thailand develop and the people flourish? If you really care for the country and its people, surely you want them to embrace all that is good about the West – and there is plenty – while at the same time never losing sight of all that is great about their own culture and maintaining their own identity.

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