Stickman Readers' Submissions January 30th, 2013

12th Trip – 1st GFE

It was my 12th trip to Thailand in 10 years. I had been returning to my beloved Land Of Smiles time after time. I had seen many a man fall for a bargirl. But not me! I was somehow immune! There was no way on Earth I could fall for a bargirl. I reassured myself that I know how it all works, I see it all for what it is and as a realist and cynic I would never allow myself to fall for a bargirl! I’m just not made that way!

Of course, I had certain self-imposed rules which prevented any possibility of me being entangled in a bargirl's web! NEVER take her down to the islands! NEVER spend more than six nights with one girl! It’s all about the place I told myself! Never about one individual bargirl! How I sneered at those who could be stupid enough to fall in love with a bargirl, how smug I felt, how superior! For I would never allow myself to fall for that bullshit! I am an evolved being!

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Of course – as you read this I’m sure you already know where this is going!

The first meeting, while memorable, was never indicative of a pending long term, long distance relationship! My friend and I had just arrived in Bangkok. Having tried various places and despite having been to Bangkok many, many times we were still like rabbits caught in headlights as the assault on the senses that is Bangkok hit us head on like a freight train and we badly needed to be within our comfort zone. Therefore we duly headed straight to our favourite bar in Soi Cowboy. Of course, a year had passed since our last visit and many of the people we knew in the bar didn’t seem to be round any more. But after a while a few familiar faces materialized and – of course – absolutely RINSED us for drinks! The next thing I know, I’m being beckoned to a chair next to the stage! I take my seat and suddenly a dancer on the stage has got me by the ears and is rubbing her lady parts on my head! And that was how I first met Pong!

The rest of that night is a blur. Well, apart from her collapsing in a heap on the walk to the hotel whilst I try (very much in vain I might add) to look dignified with a paralytic drunk bargirl on my arm!

As she had been too drunk the night before I got a very good morning seeing to which I must admit was very nice! But the questions were starting – “We go up to pool?” and “You barfine me tonight?” My only thought was “Oh no, this one’s a clinger!”

To get rid of her, my friend and I cooked up a cock & bull story about going to see a fictional friend called “John” on Soi 15 but I promised Pong that I would come to the bar and see her later. I had already given her the barfine but it was only the second night so no great loss if I didn’t go back to the bar that night. But again, we were in Nana Plaza trying out some bars but as I said before, it was only our second night and outside the comfort zone you never really relax and let loose so we, inevitably, found ourselves heading for the safe haven, the sanctuary of our favourite bar on Soi Cowboy! And there she was, already changed, waiting for me! There was big smile on her face and we started talking and laughing and joking. Her smile would melt the hardest of hearts and her laugh was infectious! “Oh sod it”, I thought “I’ve paid the bar fine already so I might as well spend a second night with her. It’s not like I’ll be taking her down to the islands or anything!”

Our third night came along and I was ill. I had a fever but nurse Pong did an excellent job of getting me back to full fitness! She ran down to the pharmacy and to 7 Eleven for me! How she looked after me. The next day I woke and she was already awake lying beside me. She was laughing, saying how cute I looked when I was sleeping! But all I could do was look at her! She was smiling as always. Her eyes were sparkling. Her long silky hair was majestically falling over shoulders. Her golden silky skin was glowing. This would my last day with her so the morning was tinged with sadness. She had been a breath of fresh air. She was the funniest, most confident and free spirited woman I had ever met. Parting from her would be very difficult!

Then my friend threw me a timely lifeline! He was taking his friend from the bar down to the islands – Samui to be exact – and offered to lend me the money to fly Pong down! This just had to be done! So I hastily negotiated and made an arrangement with Pong and it was on! From the jaws of despair to utter delight in minutes! But…my own rules were being broken! I WAS taking her down to the islands! I WAS about to spend more than six nights with one girl! But I’ll be ok, won’t I?!

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The islands were just like a dream but better because it was actually real! Days by the pool or the beach, our nights spent at our favourite bar by the beach as the waves crashed on to the beach in symphony. In the bed room it was just UNBELIEVABLE (which is a submission in itself – one for another day perhaps!) and there was an overwhelming feeling of just utter happiness and contentment that had come over me! There were little moments that still bring a smile to face now when I think of them. Just little moments. Like when she’d point out her favourite flower to me. Like when she danced around the pool without a care in the world when there was a tropical thunderstorm coming down. Even when she asked me to pull her finger and let rip with a fart! I just remember all the laughter and all the joy! If I’ve ever been happier I’m struggling to remember when!

On the penultimate night in Samui she was feeling asleep watching moowie and I remember almost filling up with tears! This time had been so perfect! But it was almost over! But I overcame the despair by thinking that I’m still with her now and must make the most of it!

We flew back to Bangkok and had 2 more nights booked there. If I had got a connecting flight to London right then I would still be in pieces now, I think! But back in Bangkok the money was running low and Pong knew this. She promptly disappeared and had been saying she would work in the bar as I just didn’t have enough money. My friend kindly helped me out again as well some other friend back home. So I now had enough money. Or so thought! One trip to the bar she worked in and they soon made short work of that!

So the last night was a bit of an anti-climax. No money left. We were in the room watching Thai telly. I had planned to give her a big final night – but the bar bill plus the phone I bought her and oh, the perfume had meant that the big last night was not possible. But then again, maybe it was the reality check I needed. Because I’d left my credit card at home I had no access to money. Had I brought it with me how much extra would I have spent? Bt 50,000 or Bt 100,000? I’d probably have been floating off on cloud 9 both deeply in love and deeply in debt in equal measure!

That’s not to say I’m bitter in any way! I’m not! I had an absolutely amazing time! I paid my money and it was worth every penny – in fact it was probably worth more than I could realistically afford! Having the Girl Friend Experience was absolutely amazing and I would look to do that every time I go to Thailand now! It was pure joy and an utterly incredible experience!

Of course, you get back home and there is the obligatory parade of miserable faces. People will make comments and they will try to get you down. Up to them. All I know is that it’s all about the GFE! We’re still in touch and when she calls me it genuinely brightens up my day! I have my fingers crossed that Pong will about next time so I can continue the GFE with her! But if not – hey – BKK is my oyster! I’m sure I can have an equally good GFE with someone else – even though it doesn’t fell like it right now!

To Summarise:

The real girl friend experience is incredible. Indulge it. Live it. Love it. Savour those special moments. But it’s also very dangerous! You are playing with fire and could get burned! I never thought I could fall for a bargirl but I see how easily it can happen now! I will go back next year knowing full well that if I fall too deep I could end up a gibbering wreck! But is worth the gamble? – HELL YEAH!


It sounds like you both had a good time and enjoyed each other's company immensely so good on you! It would probably be very hard to repeat the experience, with the same girl, I mean…

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