Stickman Readers' Submissions December 14th, 2012

Of Course We Are Better Than They

Hi All,

Following the submissions of CM recently and many a riposte I thought I would wade into the melee.

mens clinic bangkok

CM is currently having a whale of a time in the sticks of northern Thailand. As I recollect, his previous location was in a desert-ic location in the US surrounded by (according to his photo records) voluminous females, junk food outlets and strip malls (in both senses of the word).

Now is in a lush tropical "paradise" surrounded by low BMI females with hard bodies and non fattening food.

Who can knock the feeling of such a positive change, especially as he is still in his prime years and with a pension to boot! What a lucky fellow! Additionally he is able to get with the local program and go with the flow, thus ensuring a pretty rapid and painless insertion into the local scene and thus more enjoyment and less stress, which for a westerner is commendable.

This site is supposed to be Thai centric and for the interest and enjoyment of those who want or dream to come to MT for R+R and to get away from the rush and hustle/ stress and possible/ probable lack of fun of western life. And yet about 1/2 of the subs are about bitching about their present temp or permanent MT abode and the indigenous residents.

Guys, get with the program!

There is no point on this site of sticking up for your northern hemisphere origins, or why would you be here reading the subs? That is unless you are just here to troll and slag off the locals and the main gist of this site. If you don’t like Thailand or the Thais or the food or the cops etc, just bug out back to where you came from, look at the fatties eat McD's and be happy!

But is the west so good?

wonderland clinic

Cops in the west

Guess what? In Europe and North America, they have citation quotas to fulfill, more citations = promotion and more money. The Thais just do it more directly; moreover 500 baht is less than 150 bucks! Have you watched those reality police programs in UK or Alaska and see the tiny stuff that people get hauled in for? The jails are full to bursting. It’s amazing! And the Thai will eat for the 500 baht, the cop will just give it to fat government, what is more just?

Big brother in the west

Guess what? Everything we see, write and say by electronic means is now filtered and stored. We are constantly filmed almost everywhere we go for "security".

Have a nice day now…

Do you know that they are now able to read your thought patterns? Not Orwell or ac Clarke; reality! Are the Thais watching your mail? Listening to your calls? Funny, no one is trying to attack the Thais…


Have you ever seen the BBC near Remembrance Day?

Talk about sickening pro army propaganda! Poor lady whose hubby was blown up on the last days of his last tour, so sad, but :

who set him there? Was it a success? Did we recoup our money? Did we actually make anything better? If the Thais fought a war they would inundate the enemy with Walking Street girls, and even the toughest would cave in! Just look at the secret service in Colombia… score 20 to 0! You can’t resist the puss (even 4 star generals), unless you are batting for the other side, got it, let all the secret service is gay, problem solved!


In most of Europe, most of our income 50% will go in income tax, 80% of the value of heating oil, fuel will go in excise tax, 24% of what you pay in the shop will be going to fat government and yes it’s going to go up because they can’t get enough so spend, spend, spend! Thai tax base rate is?


Most western banks mortgage lenders are / were wards of the state in the year following 2008. It wasn't the rich shareholders that saved them, but ordinary Joe taxpayer.

In Belgium dexia has had to be recapitalized 4 times in 4 years.

Any Thai bank down the toilet in 2008?


Even the Europeans which are by and large broke and who should be all war-ed out after 10 million + dead in 2 euro wars still are gagging to flatten the next little country that tries to resist. It’s so much fun pushing the button from 30k feet, just like PS3 but with a bigger bang, and you get to kill real people.

Any Thais marching on Rangoon? I think not!

When in Rome, do as Romans do (2000 year old saying).

Why do we from the west want to continually change others? Either by words or force, are we really so smart and clever? If we were, and all was fine, love and peace at home why would we ever leave our shores?

Stickman's thoughts:

Now that's a reality check.


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