Stickman Readers' Submissions December 31st, 2012

My Thai Girl Story

A bit of background before I begin. I am early 40s, have a good job, divorced 10 years and up until 2 years ago I had never thought about a visit to Thailand, or going with a Thai lady. Then 2 years ago I met a Thai lady through my work here in the UK. She had been in England 10 years, married to an Irish guy and then divorced. At first she was sweet, loving and kind and naturally I grew to love the things she told me about Thailand. After maybe one year she went out a lot with her Thai girl friends into the city I lived in and partied, staying out all night with no contact…so we broke up.

It planted a seed for me to one day visit the country I was curious about.

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So in the summer of this year I booked a 3-week trip. I wanted to travel and see as much of it as I could. I had a few Thai female friends a spoke to on Facebook, a couple were honest and were bar girls and asked me to barfine them, saying they would travel with me. I thought no, that’s not what I wanted. I want to travel and experience single life.

The day before I travel one of the girls who is 27 and has a 2-year old son from a former farang boyfriend says she wants to meet me. We had some chemistry and she assured me she never worked bar and lives with her parents in North Thailand. She did tell me that she has a place in Pattaya that she stays a few months a year with her son.

So the day I land we meet later in the day and spend one week together, in Bangkok and then Phuket. I felt touched that she showed me so much, from temples and places to eat and drink.

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After one week she told me she had a family emergency and had to fly back north. I gave her 10, 000 baht and paid for the flight. She said she would come back soon, but then something strange happened. Rather than fly to her city in the north she told me she would fly to Bangkok, then taxi to Phuket to pick some paperwork up for her son, then fly same day back north.

For one week I waited, visited various places and had ok time but was lucky if I got 3 SMS messages from her a day. I had a suspicion that she had gone back to Pattaya to meet some guy from what I read on her Facebook wall, but I had no proof.

Anyway, the last 3 days of my holiday we reunited and had an ok time. I met her son and her stepfather but she did not take me home to her parents’ home. She told me she had split from her ex boyfriend 3 months earlier and did not want people to gossip.

I fly home and for the last 6 months we have chatted and SMSed every day. She says she is my girlfriend but I know deep down I am been played. I have over a period of 6 months sent her 70, 000 baht. She says she has to pay 20,000 a month for her car. Don't ask me what model but I have been in it and it is nice. But I think if you do not have lots of money why would you commit to that amount per month? She tells me her only Income is from her parents who have a small business. She also she spent 3 months in Pattaya with her son so I keep thinking why all that time in Pattaya, and then I try to think surely she is not working as her son is there! I see them on Skype every couple of days, and she has Facebook and maybe 600 guys on it. She refuses to accept me as her boyfriend and when I ask why she says she does not want the world to know her business. Also she wants to come to the UK for one month in March 2013 and insists she needs 100,000 baht in her bank before they will give her tourist visa. She also she spends a lot of time travelling in Thailand, Hua Hin, Pattaya, Samui etc. sometimes for one week or two. I think I know the answers but would love some advice. I guess I want it all to be true but have big doubts. When I do not give her money she gets angry and her language is shocking. Her English is very good. She insists she has made mistakes in the past and is not perfect. But I worry I am a sponsor, one of maybe 4 or 5 and not really her boyfriend who she says she loves.

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I never went to Pattaya and she kept me well away and also insists when I go back next year we can go anywhere but there. I had an amazing time and it was not my intention to meet a Thai girl. It is an amazing country with people who are friendly and I would love to come back more.

Anyway that's my story. I would appreciate any feedback. I can take criticism. I am not looking for replies like you idiot, another poor farang. I want some good honest feedback please guys…

Stickman's thoughts:

This woman is showing all the classic symptoms of a bargirl plying her trade online (and she is probably working in the bar too). It is very, very obvious what she is up to and unfortunately you appear to have been a remarkably willing victim. There are so many red flags with this lady that I really don't know where to start, so let's not bother and just go straight to the advice. RUN!!! Absolutely no good can come from any further contact with this woman! Really, don't even think about trying to reason with her or ask her to explain what she is up to. Doing so will just create more frustration, maybe anger. In situations like this there is only one thing to do and just in case you missed it the first time, RUN!!!

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