Stickman Readers' Submissions December 20th, 2012

Another Thai Bargirl Story (A Happy One!)

Having recently been through a painful separation in my late 40s after many frustrating years in a marriage with no intimacy, I decided I needed an overseas trip to help me get over things. Decided on Koh Phangan after hearing many times over the years what a cool place it is.

After 3 exhausting flights and a ferry ride I arrived at the wharf at Thong Sala. So tired, I just jumped in with the first tout offering cheap bungalow.

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Where the hell is he taking me, I wondered, but ended up in a small village about 6 km north of Thong Sala. The bungalow was perfectly ok for budget accommodation and the village a nice place, I believe much nicer than BanTai where I wanted to stay.

Exhausted from a lack of sleep I decided it was a good thing to be somewhere quiet away from the temptations of the red light area!

By evening it was time for a walk to the village for 1 quiet drink then home to bed.

Walking back towards my bungalow I heard the words, "Hello you come for dlink?" Looked around and surprise, surprise, a girly bar right opposite my guesthouse!

One of the girls really caught my eye; she had a really cheeky mischievous grin and had a sexy tight dress. Overall a look that I really love! The first Thai prostitute I had ever met! I had to at least buy this girl a drink so I could talk to her!

I felt good with this girl straight away and we both made each other laugh. She started squeezing my muscles (I am fit and in good shape) and smiled at me and said ahh stlong!!

The then kissed me on the lips very nicely and I responded enthusiastically. She then started giving me the tongue! At that point I knew I had reached the point of no return. I paid the bar fine and we walked arm and arm back to my bungalow. Got spotted by 2 nice looking European chicks at same bungalows and they gave us dirty looks: bummer!

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Sex was totally awesome! This girl did everything I liked with a huge amount of enthusiasm! Man, I like this chick, I thought, I can’t let her go tonight so back to the bar, paid another bar fine had more drinks then back for another round even better than the first. Spotted again by another Euro girl! I was a little nervous about sleeping with her and getting ripped off but she was ok and she just went to sleep and started snoring!

The next night I needed sleep badly so just had 1 drink with her and went home early, promising to return.

Went back after that 3 more times for short time using her room at the bar.

Every night with this girl was a great time and we spent the whole evening dancing, singing and laughing; she had a kind of crazy sense of humour which really did it for me.

I didn’t hang around with her during the day but kind of wished I had spent a day riding round on the back of her scooter. She did want me to take her home to NZ.

I know falling in love with a bar girl is a no no and will cause you nothing but trouble but man I was close to it! This girl was awesome!

In the end common sense prevailed and I said my goodbyes and moved to another part of the island.

Checked out other girly bars but didn’t find anything else which came close! Did end up going with another girl for short time but she was pretty lacklustre, not horrible but giggly and stupid and not really in to it.

The point of my story is that I have come home completely cured of the marriage break up blues. I hardly think about my ex wife now but instead just have nice thoughts about my beautiful Thai girl. If I meet the new man I’ll probably shake his hand and thank him for setting me free!

This experience has helped me far more than counselling and antidepressants ever would have!

So thanks for an awesome time my hot little Thai girl!

And to all the judgemental people out there, I treated her very well, she treated me extremely well, I helped her feed her children so I can’t really see anything wrong with that.

And PS I did use a rubber to!



Stickman's thoughts:

For sure, that's a great way to get over parting ways with your long-term partner.

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