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Stickman Readers' Submissions November 21st, 2012

Please Help Me Stop This Woman From Killing You

You will find this post quite disturbing but it a) is completely true b) yet rather implausible and c) and now I think really important that something is done to nail this once and for all. You, as the reader, might be able to help in this.
First things first: I am HIV positive. Not a great thing to have happen but I’m now well medically, come from a country where the medication is free and should with luck live a normal life span. Second thing: my wife is also HIV positive.
In some ways possibly a worse thing to happen since she tells me regularly that I infected her but you need to read the story that follows to understand why I opened the story in this manner and why I shared this detail.

Five days ago, I found a stray SIM card – it fell out of her shirt on the bed – and as one would, I plugged it into a phone to see what it might contain. Amazingly, within a couple of minutes, the phone rang and an Australian
number came up. I answered it and the chap on the other end asked to speak to – not her real name but one we’ll use for the story – Piyaban. I asked why he was calling given that this was my wife’s SIM card and the
guy seemed quite shocked – for me, it was more a case of resignation. I’ll explain why.

He Clinic Bangkok

I’d married this lady a year ago here in Thailand. It had been a rather tumultuous process to that point: we’d met over the internet on ThaiLoveLinks two years ago. She was a nurse and knew the UK – one of the website
pictures was taken in London – and when we met I fell head over heels for her. Sadly, I found out shortly after meeting her that I was HIV+. It was a chance thing – about a month after I met her I developed a sore which turned out
to be herpes when I did a blood test. Being a thorough soul, I had the full set of tests run and it was a shock when the doctor also said I was also positive for HIV, so as you might expect my life was complicated for a while but as I said, I’m
one of the lucky ones and she said she’d stick by me, which sealed the deal on my side.

Finding out three months later that she had a Kiwi fiancé already was almost as big a shock. Finding she had married a guy in the UK in 2007 – hence the London picture – was a bigger one but things seemed to sort themselves
out after we spent a year together and what the heck, I wasn’t going to get a better option now that I was HIV+. I’d spent untold hours trying to unravel her past – she’d been on a range of dating sites for at least
seven years from pictures and bios I found and I tracked down a range of previous contacts but no real horror stories had emerged and she was now a loving, considerate and intelligent partner.

Thus I’ve spent the last two years commuting periodically back to the UK for work but have been in Thailand for the majority of the time, latterly on a spouse visa although as yet no major commitments made here in Thailand, just renting
for a while to make sure all was OK and being reasonably careful with the money. We’ve made some friends in the expat community here and they compliment me on having found a ‘good Thai girl’.

Anyway, back to my rather shocked new found Australian friend. He’d met her via the internet some nine months ago on ThaiLoveLines (I didn’t even know this variant had existed) and had finally got to meet her in August for a
week. She’d described herself as a doctor and had spent the week with him, driving him around in our car, which he could identify clearly. He was smitten by her – see the pattern? – and they’d made the ‘beast
with two backs’ as you might expect. He’d managed to convince her to ride bareback a few times – I expect Stickman will insert an opinion here – and was thus rather shocked to hear from me that she was carrying the
gift that keeps on giving.

I got back in contact with the Kiwi guy that she’d been engaged to when I first met her. He laughed and sent me a string of emails that she’s been sending him after marrying me, trying to get back together with him. The Kiwi
still doesn’t believe, fully, the HIV+ angle – he thinks it is my story to play finders keepers – but getting the emails helped as they were from an ‘alias’ and we all know the Thais play all sorts of games with
their names. The ‘alias’ was the same as the name the guy on the SIM card used and I know it isn’t a set-up because the e-mails from the Kiwi had dates and information in them only my wife – or is it our wife? –
would have known.

Best bit is, when this blew up we had a huge row and the Thai police got involved. She screamed blue murder in the police station and said it couldn’t be her that the Aussie guy knew as this wasn’t her name – silly thing
though had used the same name in the emails to the Kiwi… maybe I’ll take back that intelligent comment about her. Anyway that took the wind out of her sails and is why I am now free to write up this post.

NB: I’ll skip the details but the Thai police have been impeccably helpful and the young guy at Pattaya Soi 10 has been polite, courteous and fully understood my story through an interpreter. I’ve had a couple of such incidents
here in Thailand with this lady and the police have been uniformly – pardon the pun – excellent and really supportive. Sorry to spoil the tone that is common on here saying this but it needs to be said and a contact via Stickman
will appear below, so you can ask me the name of the policeman directly if you wish and are in a similar spot of bother here in Pattaya.

I’ll cut to the chase. This lovely lady is still ‘out there’, posing on the internet as a medical professional – a doctor mostly now but sometimes as a nurse – and seeking to meet people. I’ve no
idea how many other people she’s hooked up with virtually or in person these last 12 months since we married but the unexplained absences from the phone and the extra mileage on the car when I’ve been back in the UK seem to suggest
it is a few.

And maybe one of them is you.

So within the bounds of what Stickman will allow – he is careful about defamation and all that here in the Kingdom of Smiles – I would really like to hear from you if you, too, have encountered this lady. She’s 36 –
although the age range moves a little – and hails from near Buriram. As I said, she is a nurse but likes to pass herself off as a doctor to potential contacts. You may have been told she’s really busy – well she is, she’s
cooking my tea as I write this and has no idea that I am posting this – so getting hold of her for you is probably not that easy and you’ll have only met her in a narrow set of dates – i.e. usually when I am back in the UK.

I’ll never know who infected who now – the doctors in the UK have looked at both my and her test results and say that there is an anomaly somewhere but the point I make to close is this: she is still ‘out there’
for some reason and is perfectly happy, I know now as does the Australian guy, to take risks with your health as much as I suspect she did with mine. I believe I know the reasons why she worked like this – long story, sick mother –
but that old lady is two years dead now and there is no excuse for this one to infect you like she may have done to a number of others.

Please write back if you think you have had contact with this lady. I will answer all queries openly and honestly and maybe save you some of the pain that we have experienced.


This woman sounds like pure evil and I find it remarkable that you can stay with her. I am not prepared to say publicly what I would like to say although I am of the strong belief that many readers would agree with those words…