Stickman Readers' Submissions November 12th, 2012

If You Have Not Figured It Out Yet Stickman Totally Rocks

If you have not figured it out yet, Stickman totally rocks. There is no other place on the web as clear and honest about Thailand. As a long time reader and having just experienced Thailand first-hand I want to make a contribution of my own.

I am another guy who thought he was so fricken smart he could beat the odds in finding a special Thai woman. I have an Ivy League degree and an IQ tested to be clearly in the genius level. I am used to outsmarting most other guys. Why should
it be any different finding that special Thai lady?

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Wrong, wrong, wrong, I am dumber than shit just like the rest of western men that fall under the spell of a beautiful Thai woman. This is how I got shafted.

I was not going to let these Thai beauties mesmerize me with their sexy looks and sweet promises. I was going to do a detailed search using many dating sites to find a woman who was worth having. She would have to speak excellent English,
be an intelligent educated woman, have the gentle non-judgemental attitude of a compassionate Buddhist, be financially independent so there is no scam for money to worry about, finds me interesting and we connect on many levels, and is interested
in a long term relationship.

That eliminates just about every girl I found but then, finally, I seemed to hit the jackpot. Slowly over time the more I got to know Nina the more interested I was in her. She was better than even my selection criteria called for. She was
a treasure found. I was the luckiest guy in the world. I truly believed that out of the 7 billion people on the planet she may be the most perfect woman for me. I was in la la land.

I had done my due diligence. After reading Stickman I knew what I was up against but thought I could beat the odds by being very picky and avoiding all of the normal mistakes that the average Joe falls into.

After much searching, the lady I found on a dating site, Nina, was as follows:

– Spoke excellent English after living in Boston 10 years married to a Harvard law professor.
– University educated in Chiang Mai.
– Non judgemental, tolerant, gentle, Buddhist.
– Financially independent.
– Found me interesting.
– Invited me to visit her secret garden near Chiang Mai.

We communicated for over a year on the internet and got to know each other well. I had a few things to tie up in the states but when they were completed I was headed for Thailand.

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After coming to Chiang Mai and meeting her I was amazed. She was everything I expected and more. She was more attractive than I expected and dynamite in bed. She found me fun, we laughed a lot, and life was good. We spent every minute together
that we could. She made life easy because of her excellent English and Thai language skills.

I got a Thai driver's license, negotiated the Immigration office, ate out, shopped at the local stores and markets, all with ease due to her help. We went to movies together and bought DVDs that we watch at home while eating delicious
food that she had prepared. Driving around Chiang Mai on a motorbike with her was absolutely exhilarating.

Life was a dream. I was in heaven. I was brilliant and had beaten all of the odds. Once again I had proven what an incredible guy I was by accomplishing what all the other guys failed at. I had found the perfect Thai woman.

Reality came crashing down quickly. Eventually I learn that she was still married as her divorce never went thru. She called him her ex but that was not completely correct. She had an English boyfriend who seldom pops up now, so no big deal.
However, she has a German boyfriend who she still loves. Who else is lurking around her I do not know but suspect that my knowledge is still not complete.

Finally, after much discussion, confessions, and too much sharing about her ex and boyfriends, she commits to our relationship. It is going to be her and I for the rest of time.

The very next day she gets a call from her German boyfriend. They talk on the phone for a half hour right in front of me while she laughs and teases him the whole time.

When I confront her about this she says I should not be jealous! He is just a friend who she happens to love and has had sex with. I am lucky because I am actually with her. Yes he may come to visit her in January but I should not be jealous
of that either and please no jealousy if they have sex. She loves him, too. I let her know that this is not my idea of a commitment and she lets me know that this is how it is and she has no intention of changing. She has to keep her options open.

OK, I get, so I hit the road back to my apartment and buy my plane ticket back to the states. I feel like an idiot. Exactly what do you have to do to find an honest loving Thai woman? Beats me! I thought I was smarter than the rest but now
feel dumber than a rock.

So are all Thai women lying sluts? I vote yes.


This is all very disappointing and it sounds like this lady wasn't honest with you from the start. It's that classic situation that so many guys find here where she expects you to be absolutely exclusive to her and not so much as let your eyes to wander in the direction of another female while behind your back she continues to keep her options (and legs) open.

The good ones are out there, but finding someone who has everything you were looking for is, admittedly, quite a challenge.

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