Stickman Readers' Submissions November 10th, 2012

Chronicles of a Farang with Good Thai Ladies and Bargirls, Take 4

I had dinner the night before I was to interrogate A with a couple of really nice working girls. They work in an accounting department in a big Chinese company that some of you will know for sure. We met on Soi 14 at Chinese/Thai owned restaurant. Of course Thais come in twos on the first date, so "S" came with her friend. We had a great time talking and eating and drinking. I think both liked me since I was very sociable with them and made them laugh, and I liked S a lot. She had bad teeth but other than that she was cute and slim and light skinned (BTW: Skin color means nothing to me unlike many Thais). She has a new Honda car and she travels from the airport to Rachada for work..

I was asked to go with S on a trip that weekend to Korat with a bunch of other Thai girls for a school reunion. She wanted my help in driving her own vehicle such a long distance by herself. I did not want to drive four hours each way and stay with a bunch of Thais who will speak…Thai or Isaan! I politely declined due to my work…I lied!

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I will try to see S again, she is 31 and for sure is financially stable and may not screw around like others…plus she has a car so she can drive me around…Cool.

Then I met Y. She is from a middle income family in Bangkok. If there is such a thing as middle income although I believe it is a growing section of the Thai society today. She is the only daughter in the family, she has a brother who actually has a good job. The mother had passed away a while back and I can see that she misses her mother a lot. Y had a few health issues to deal with so it was not easy to meet her, but finally she got better and we met. She was thin and tall and spoke great English and talked a lot, too much!

We spent half a day together and got along great. This meeting was at the end of my stay in BKK, so of course we only talked and became good friends but left it at the mercy of my next visit to LOD…Land of Deceit.

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We still message each other almost on daily basis while I am in my country and she has been fun to talk to. I suspect we will meet again when I am back in BKK in a few months and I want to have a taste of her, she does she. She made it politely clear in her SMS's.

I really did not like to look into A's phone, but I knew she had other "plans" and I did not think it was fair of her to play around with me and think of me as a stupid farang Buffalo…You see, if a Thai can fool a farang for the smallest thing, Thais (to boost their low egos and to mask their insecurities and minimum knowledge of the world outside Thailand) will right away call him: Buffalo which means a stupid farang! So, I refuse to be one, and may be I was one a few short times in the past but I did not want A nor any other girl to think they can fool me.

So, I faced A with some of the facts about her plans and I kept other facts hidden to see if she would come clean… I chose a night when I knew she was staying with me for a few days. She took a few days off of her work to be with me and asked for no money in return…

We had just finished a great sexual encounter after which I slowly started asking her questions about these other guys who were calling her or messaging her Iphone. I told her I saw their names pop up on her phone, and it was true, they did but I also had seen plenty of proof on her phone. She went quiet and looked at me with sad but guilty eyes and then, of course, started crying very gently. She told me what so far I believe to be a partial truth, time will tell.

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She said she liked me so much, as a matter of fact loved me so much but she wants to help her daughter and mom and dad…DAUGHTER???? WOW, she never told me she had one… her sisters are not helping (I can see why, they are losers even with picking up Farangs) and she does not make enough money thru work (she did take over two weeks off of her work to stay with me). She showed me her phone, her MSN account, her Facebook and her Skype. She showed me all her passwords.

After a few hours of gentle talk and SOME admission to guilt. She asked ME to send messages to her potential and past guys and tell them she now has a BF. I was to write to them as if it was her using HER phone and mail accounts, I did so with great pleasure and in a few days, the messages and SMS's stopped. But she asked to keep two Asian men who come by twice to three times a year and "took care of her very well"…read come to BKK for a few days of sex with her and pay tens of thousands of baht…I saw the SMS's of a guy who described where and how they were going to spend 4 days in BKK next month (after I leave) and travel to a nearby Asian country and will pay quiet a bit…

I was not surprised at all, since I had known this for a while now but I wanted to see if A will tell it as it was. Pretty much everything she told me matched what I had known already…I can't go into some details of how I knew she was telling the truth because it would reveal things I can't share in a public forum like this…I assure you I am not fooling my self but she WAS telling the truth since I knew it already and I had photographic evidence too…

Now it "was up to me" to decide what to do…

Mind you, if I was a Thai man, she would have gotten some severe beating, Phone smashed and destroyed to bits and her stuff thrown out the window. So, she did get a better deal with a Farang!

There was a recent submission " My First Month Living in Bangkok By Napster" that almost mirrors my experiences with A and other Farangs I know who live in BKK…MY belief is that this is a normal Thai woman behavior. TIT!!!! This is Thailand, this culture is based on cheating, lying, saving face and avoiding conflicts while the need to make a living in a country that promotes "money for sex" is too high. These girls, well most of them, have a high pressure placed upon their pretty little heads, to help mama and papa and the left over Thai baby… The pretty girls are destined to sell their bodies to Thai and Farang men. The ugly ones are destined to hard work everywhere else. Look around you in BKK, and tell me if you see it any other way and why.

Also please remember, these girls I am talking about are in their early to mid twenties, they want to have fun and enjoy life. So they are going to cheat and sample the field like most men. The Thirty plus girls are a bit better, will lie less and be a better choice for a true GF.

So, from a western point of view and as Stick had commented before, why do I and Napster stick around? Well, OK…Let's think about it for a minute. I am in SE Asia and I am to apply Western relationship standards to non western Thai social standards? and loose a pretty girl in the process?

No no no…I am having the best GFE in my life for next to nothing financially and I will change my western programming to the SE Asian standards to benefit me. Some of the readers may not agree with my acceptance of my girl having sex with other guys for money (the same guys who will bar fine go go girls)…Well, I had no problems with bar girls who I paid for, why should I have a problem now while not paying for it?… A and her likes are not bar girls but they are a mix of free lancers and working girls…Even some Hi So girls are known to have a few gigs… Again TIT…Their behavior is accepted in their society, who am I to complain, I like it.

Look guys, if you have been to Thailand for any length of time you will know that lying is prevalent like the air Thais breath. This put them in the pathological liars category, it is impossible for them to "tell it as it is". I have seen A and her sister lie to each other about the most stupidest thing and next minute they are telling each other the most intimate real details about their relationship and how her sister has a Thai BF AND was working on a Farang…all in front of me!!!!! I think they just do not know they are doing it, or it is accepted by the Thai social standards, or BOTH!

So I told A that I am not happy with what is going on, but that I wanted her to always tell me what her plans were with these other two men. In return, I will keep her as my girl, as long as she will not sleep with anyone else while I was in Thailand, and we are to go out and have fun during my stay in BKK and when I return in a few months we will reconnect and see what happens. What is the point of loosing her now because she did not confirm to my western social standards? I get so much fun out of it, great sex, best GFE and all I have to do is put up with some inaccuracies and some lies..OK, I will take it.

I felt this was better than a real GF, I am not tied down to her, although I would not tell her that, I do as I please and she MAY be telling me the truth about her other men…time will tell but I assure you, the lies have dropped to almost nothing (considering how much Thais lie). She now feels comfortable with me and tells me anything and everything about her life, her pains, her agonies, her feeling of desperation, her sisters, her family problems and her two Asian gigs. When ever she goes away from me for more then a two hours, she sends me pictures of where she is at, I never asked her to do that, but I think she was trying to deceive me more or trying to show that she was actually straightening up!

So now I felt I have become the BF behind the scenes, this is the BF that many farangs unknowingly face when they hook up with a bar girl or a regular girl…The difference is that I never take a dime of their money, I get great GFE, My girl is with me on my terms and according to my schedules not hers…I do not think that I am loosing here…

A spent over 6 weeks with me during my stay which was most of my stay, I enjoyed her and she enjoyed me. I am now back at my Feminazis controlled western world, I have to deal with them fat assed, big lousy attitude bitches and when I look back at A, she is an angel compared to them…

A on daily basis send me messages of love and pictures of her pretty face and body…She wants to keep me in her collection of men, I do not mind as She is one of my favorites too and I keep her on my list of favs…

Normally, I have about 30-40 different bar girls in a two months stay in BKK. This time I had A and 5 bar girls. I can tell you for sure that my taste for bar girls has diminished quite a bit. Last time I went to Rainbow 4 in Nana, I had two very nice looking girls come off the stage and try their best to get me to buy them a drink while they talked to me for the duration of the 5 songs break…They failed, they could sense I had a lady and it gave them a challenge to see if they could get a drink from this not so stupid Buffalo! LOL…

ONE big question stays in my mind and I am working on finding out the answer for my self: Can a Thai woman REALLY love one farang man while she can have sex with other men? At this point I think the answer is a big yes (Napster's sub may add credit to my thinking), but I will be looking for answers as I go back to the LOD in a few months…You are sure to hear from me soon…Cheers!

LOD: Land of Deceit…

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