Stickman Readers' Submissions November 20th, 2012

Bar Girl History / Story – It’s Not Just About Sex

I know it’s hard to pick the lies from the deception sometimes but I think most of this is real.

I had arrived in Pattaya from Bangkok airport early in the morning so after a rest to recover from an overnight flight, a swim in the pool, a big go-go crawl was planned for the night of day 1.

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I stopped by a beer bar on Soi 8 that had a good band. One of the girls particularly appealed but as I had plans (albeit pretty flexible) I was happy watching the band and sipping a Singha. Unintentionally (OK I am a man so my eyes are drawn
to shiny things) I was inadvertently following her around the bar when she came within my view… I must say here I like a bar without aggressive girls. This bar must have rules that need the punter to make the advance. Attention bar owners, this
is a great rule! The girl’s friend noticed my wandering eyes and pointed it out to her which drew giggles from them and a smile from me.

Five minutes later she was at my table to “check on my beer”….wow! Knock out smile and beautiful eyes. Yes, she would like a drink. Yes, she has time to talk to me.

Started chatting to Noi (not really Noi, but it will do for this story). Noi is 29 (I told her I didn’t believe she was that old so she trotted out her ID card to show me), speaks excellent English, and we had some good conversation.
I explained my plans for the night and asked her if she would go to dinner with me the next night. Yes, of course. 7 PM then.

Noi was surprised but happy to see me at 7 the next night. She told me that Farangs make lots of promises (outrageous), even to the extent that she had already had a light snack thinking that would be all she would get before a break at about
10 – (she works from 5 PM to 4 AM). We decided to have a few beers before dinner and chatted along famously and shared histories through the evening.

Noi has a 13-year old son who was the result of a teenage rape by an older Thai man. The son lives with Noi’s mum and she works. Noi has been in Pattaya for 4 years and before that was in a salon which followed being a nanny which
followed being a cleaner. Next year she is sending the son to the monks because he is good but not too smart (her words) and she may be able to get a job she is more comfortable with as she won’t have to support him so much. Three years
ago she had a Farang boyfriend for 6 months who gave her some silicone – not too much – which she is quite pleased with. She seems to genuinely believe that Thai women need silicone. I disagreed, and she suggested I could have a look later and
that she would be right.

Dinner was great (what is it about not letting Thai girls order – we ended up with enough food for 4 – and I’d like to think we both had a good time. When we got the bill (only 800 baht), I thanked her for her company and she
said with a sad expression – “You want to go to hotel now”.

Foolishly I said that I had invited her to dinner and she is welcome to stay with me but I don’t expect it.

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She thought for a while and said “If you really want to we can, but I’d prefer to be your friend, you’re a good man and nice family and I don’t want to make any trouble for you.”

Fair enough I thought, it was a knock back presented in the nicest way and we parted company on happy terms. She was going back to her bar to score a few drinks and then go home early.

After a few more beers and bars for me I was passing her bar again. There she was, happy to see me, had another beer, asked me if I really wanted her to go to the hotel – I told her I respected her earlier feelings and that’s
OK. The smile I got was priceless. It made the bar shine. Not once did she ask for money – free dinner and drinks, of course, so she nearly fell over when I slipped her a good tip and bid her good night. She left for home at the same time
– about midnight – normally works until 4. I must say, this was a very pleasant night and I wouldn’t trade it. I certainly know who I will have dinner with next time I’m in Pattaya.

Maybe she has a boyfriend, maybe she has a sponsor, the reality is that you never truly know.

So a tough time as a teenager and young adult, 4 years in Pattaya and either a genuinely nice person or remarkable actor. I believe the former, and I’m happy to have met her.



It's nice to see someone actually treating these ladies like they are a real human being.

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