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A Very Hi-So Thai Girl

Just as a note I am changing a lot of facts in this story. I am doing this to protect my and her identity. It should not detract from the story in any way.

For some background: I am a 28-year old white American that has been living in Thailand for 4 years. I am attractive and really appeal to certain girls (others hate it) since I go to the gym so much. I am 5’10 and 210 pounds, but still have a 33 inch waist. I had no problems with girls back in Farangland, even though I wasn’t in good shape back then. I don’t speak Thai. I definitely have some physical traits that Thais find attractive.

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I used ThaiFriendly quite regularly and get a lot of messages from girls. A lot of the time they don’t have a picture and I never respond. In this case a girl messaged me without a picture and also lived in a different place from me, although she did say she was flying to Phuket, where I live. I ignored the message. Two weeks later the same girl messaged me and asked again. I responded this time for some reason, but just with my email asking for pictures. About 3 weeks later I get a few pictures from a really attractive Thai girl (by Thai and Western standards) in my email. I ask what her name is and where she’s from and she reminds me. I’ll call her Tik.

We get on Skype and talked about all sorts of things. Tik used to be some sort of promo girl that worked in Singapore. She also went to college in the west. This seemed like a very level headed woman to me. She told me that she now works as a “VIP hostess”. I didn’t think much about that job, but I’ll get into this more later. I told her that for the first time in a long time I am interested in getting a girlfriend (the truth). So far this lady seemed to fit the bill. I didn’t tell her but Tik just checked all the boxes. Said she didn’t party or drink much, didn’t do drugs, had a good job, traveled the world and came from a good family. She had long term business ambitions. Since I will be moving to Bangkok soon which where she lives the distance thing is not a problem. The only thing I didn’t like was that her original pictures were a bit misleading and she had clearly put on 5 – 10 kg. Oh well, whatever, the girl still seems awesome to me and I actually like the curvy ones. I just didn’t like that she was a little bit misleading.

One thing she warned me about is that a lot of guys don’t like her because she has a very “strong” personality. I just assumed that this meant that Thai guys didn’t like a girl that was a bit more assertive. For those of you that haven’t dated a “good” Thai girl, it is *crazy* how passive they are. I don’t actually like that and prefer that when someone wants something they just say it. So this actually sounded like a positive feature to me since she didn’t come off as a feminist or anything like that (not that any Thai woman does).

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Tik tells me she will be coming to Phuket soon (where I live) and has booked a really nice hotel in one of the tourist towns. When she arrives we meet up for dinner at a high end seafood place of my recommendation. The meal and conversation is going as good as you can hope, both of us obviously having a good time. I ordered one drink but she didn’t. Anyway we got the bill and I paid. She didn’t offer to pay and I didn’t ask – fine by me and thought it was too early to judge anything from it.

This is a touristy part of the island and many of the establishments on the street are full of hardcore hookers. I mentioned that we should grab a tuktuk and get drinks somewhere else, but this girl seemed to pick up on what I was trying to do and asked if I drank in any of the places nearby. I said that yeah I did (I pretty much never lie to girls) and said I knew of a decent bar nearby (the staff at the place is super nice and it isn’t really a hooker bar but does have freelancers sometimes). So we headed there.

When we got our drinks Tik said to me a few times that hers did not seem strong enough. I tasted it and it seemed about normal to me, but I said I couldn’t really tell (which is sort of true since I don’t drink girly drinks). I do know the place has a reputation for having awesome drinks though, which I agree with. Whatever, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. She called the staff over to complain about it a couple of different times and it seemed kind of ridiculous to me. The head bartender and I get along pretty well (I’ve been here many times) and he was trying to be super friendly about it. Eventually they settled on making her a double from then on, but even still she kept insisting there wasn’t enough alcohol in her drinks.

I’d say Tik started to fall apart pretty quickly with a few drinks in her. But also a few things came to light and I realized I wasn’t just dealing with a moderately rich girl. She suddenly seemed eager to boast about a lot of things. First off, her mom owns a lot of the real estate in central Bangkok and is extremely rich. Her dad doesn’t work, leaches off his wife’s money and actually has a much younger girlfriend. She then took out her phone and showed me a lot of pictures of her family…and then she started showing me pictures of them with none other than Thaksin Shinawatra. She claims they are good friends but also commented that she thought he was corrupt and evil. It was very strange to me. I’d also learn that this girl owns a few condos and has a nice car in Bangkok. I became confused why she works at all and asked her about that. Turns out she is the person that interacts with many really big name celebrities (people like Lady Gaga) when they come through Bangkok…and again produced pictures to back it up. I guess that is sort of a dream “job”? I also learned that she basically loved to party in Singapore with her coworkers, so that “job” made sense too.

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As we left she paid the bill (which was more than dinner) and left maybe a 30% tip. Just so I don’t have to repeat it anymore, she basically insisted on paying every bill from that point on in the trip, but never tipped that well again. I actually got the feeling she left such a big tip sort of as a “f@#$ you” to the staff, just showing off money after complaining about her drinks. The main bartender certainly didn’t seem happy about the tip when he saw it. It dawned on me there that Tik didn’t just have a “strong” personality.

Tik was quite liquored up at this point and was visibly drunk. She wanted to go to a bar she’d heard about that attracts regular Thai girls and Farangs on vacation. Alright, I am up for the adventure. So we head there and we continue drinking. I did not really get too drunk over the course of the night but she works her way into blackout territory quite fast. I remember at one point Tik gets a new drink and takes me over to a dance floor, but is just blatantly spilling the drink everywhere. I took control of the situation and took her drink from her, then walked her off the dance floor. It was really ridiculous. This is when I became quite sure that her claim of being a responsible girl from out chats was just not true. She was likely an alcoholic.

At this point we head back to her hotel room where we do the deed. Oh I remember in the chat she was complaining about the hotel being not nice at all, but I remember it was pretty dang nice in my mind. I really expected it to be a total crap hole. I guess it isn’t up to her insanely high expectations.

I’d date Tik another few nights. I knew at this point I was not in it for a relationship at all, but the experience was unique and interesting to me. That’s the only reason I continued to see her since I could easily get a hotter girl.

Some other interesting things to mention about Tik:

She knew a lot of the big business owners in Phuket and they were all close family friends. She also knew a lot of the bar/gogo owners that I frequent, which was kind of strange to me.

She liked to switch hotels often, constantly going to more expensive ones.

She flew in and out of Phuket several times over the course of a few weeks. Sometimes she would just fly down for one night.

She had a farang (ex?)boyfriend that was a 42 year old cocaine addict. He’d actually put her in the hospital before because her liked to hit her. She never told her family what happened.

She always went on about things like, “nobody has fashion here like in Bangkok”.

She always thought everyone was really cheap. And no, I never pointed out that she never really earned all of the things she had.

She had a lot of her other “hi-so” friends fly down for one night and invited me to come out. I was too tired and didn’t really have notice so I didn’t go…but she showed me pictures and man, they were all so hot.

One night she said she almost got into a fight with a farang girl. I was not there to confirm. She started going off about how this girl was in “her” country and how she could get the girl kicked out and black listed if she wanted to.

She married some farang guy and divorced him the next day. She didn’t give a clear explanation for this but showed me photos from an extremely elaborate wedding. She told me even her own mom chastised her quite hard for this. The farang guy seemed like a total gentleman in the pictures (though I could be wrong as they were just pictures).

One night Tik called me at 1:00 in the morning to come to her hotel. I was awake and in the mood so I headed over. She never showed up after I waited for 20 minutes. I called and texted a few times, then gave up and went back home. It was already getting close to that point and I was already past the point of spending time with Tik besides when we’d have sex. That’s when I decided I wouldn’t see her again unless she had a really good reason. At 5:30 in the morning she called again for me to come over and I said no, I was sleeping. She was obviously extremely drunk and/or high. I hung up on her after she wouldn’t end the conversation. I put my phone on silent and went back to sleep.

In the morning I woke up and read a lot of text messages. First it started by saying that I am a man whore and that she only used me for sex. One quote was, “You were just my sex toy.” It also came to light that she knew I was seeing a couple of gogo dancers (that I don’t pay) on a regular basis and that she would try to pay them to find out where I live (she never came to my place). I still can’t quite figure out how she knew that. She also threatened to hire people to track me down and to kill me because of the way *I* mistreated *her* (lol). I was concerned for my safety for a brief period before I decided that it almost certainly wouldn’t escalate that far. It mostly seemed like some ridiculous saving face bull crap where she just didn’t want to be the person to have acted inappropriately. Anyway I blocked her on Skype and on my phone and I’ve not heard anything for a couple of months now. Unless I get denied entry next time I come into the country – which I doubt – then I figure this whole episode will be behind me.

I have been with many girls from all walks of Thai society. This extremely hi-so was by far the craziest, most destructive and most threatening of any of them. I think I’ll run for the hills if I ever cross paths with another girl like her!

Stickman's thoughts:

While it's easy to get excited when you meet a really hot lady who has decent English, can pay her own way and can potentially offer you the chance to see a part of society you otherwise mightn't experience, you're probably better off without the stresses that a girl like this particular lady brings in to your life. Still, she was obviously different from a lot of the girls Western guys typically meet and it sounds like there were some fun times. And hey, we're here for the adventure, right?!

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