Stickman Readers' Submissions October 4th, 2012

What is it about Thailand?

I’ve said this in previous submission and I will say it again. It should be mandatory by every government to have every man read the website of Stickman and the book “Private Dancer” before traveling to Thailand. Is anybody listening?
Ok. I understand. We live in democratic societies. We can not have such a law. It is part of democratic process to let citizens make their own mistakes as long as it is legal. And so we don’t have any laws in Farangland to prevent Farang
men from becoming a sucker when dealing with a certain breed of Thai women.

Of course, we can’t blame anybody for our stupidity. It is not the job of our governments to make sure that we don’t follow our little head. It is not the job of the prostitutes to protect us from themselves. And having gone
through an episode with one of these women, I would not be too harsh on the men who fall for their scams. But I would be harsh on a man who sees the clear signs of the usual scam but still hopes against all hope. If you are reading the submissions
on Stick’s website (and obviously you are) and if you read “Private Dancer” and if you see any behavior in your “girlfriend” that sounds to you familiar from what you read then you have no excuse to continue
digging your grave (which could literally happen to you).

He Clinic Bangkok

This submission is a letter to Mr. Anonymous who wrote the submission “Help Needed Understanding a Thai Girlfriend”.
What kind of help does this man need? He met a Thai woman who went with him from the airport to a hotel the first time they met. She had enough money to pay 10,000 baht for a dinner. The average net salary of an honest Thai woman is 7,500 baht
a month. If she is an educated professional then her average salary would be 9,500 baht a month. Then this woman asked him to buy for her jewelry for tens of thousands of baht and then she asked him to give her family millions of baht. Mr. Anonymous
knows that she is doing the same thing with other men. He also knows that she really does not have an honest job.

The title of the submission of Mr. Anonymous indicates that he is in deep shit. He needs help to understand his Thai girlfriend. His title does not even ask: “Is my girlfriend a prostitute?” He simply needs help to understand
her better. Everything that he sees with his eyes and hears with his ears may simply be a misunderstanding. Perhaps somebody can explain to him that everything is really ok. He is a lucky guy who met the love of his life and this woman will make
him happy.

Does this sound harsh? Maybe to the casual reader of this submission. But everybody who is in the same situation as Mr. Anonymous will feel pain while reading the previous two paragraphs. I know. I’ve been there.

CBD bangkok

So I will try to respond with compassion but directly. It is easy for me to see things clearly about this situation because I got myself out of a similar situation.

Similar situation? Make no mistake. It is always the same scenario. Just read “Private Dancer”. You see, these women are not particularly smart. If they were then they would not be prostitutes. Smart prostitutes exist only in
the movies. They simply use the accumulated knowledge of all the prostitutes of Thailand. They don’t invent the wheel. And so they use the same lines, the same psychology, and the same theatrics. Once you read this website and "Private
Dancer", there is no way that you will not come to your senses unless you are a total moron. They know exactly which buttons to press. They know it would not work with everybody. This is why they choose their victims carefully. They brought
the whole thing down to science.

When I came back to Farangland from Thailand I met a good friend of mine for dinner. I was eager to tell him about the wonderful young woman that I met in Thailand, how romantic it was, and how I fell in love so fast. He stopped me right
away and asked me why I was telling him all these details. I was disappointed to realize that he did not want to hear. He told me right away: “This is a scam”. Six months later when I realized that I was getting involved with a prostitute
who wanted to scam me, I asked this friend: “What is it about Thailand? I’ve traveled around the world. I met regular women and I indulged with women of the night in Amsterdam, Australia, and even China. But nothing like this happened
to me before”. His response was: “Every country has its specialty. The French have good food. The British have the Beatles. In Thailand they have prostitutes who make foreign men fall in love with them so that they can scam them”.

Some people might say: “That is prejudice”. My response is this. First, go tell this to all the unsuspecting men who were scammed by Thai women. Second, I used to think so myself. I remember how I tried to understand the woman
that I met in Thailand even after I saw a lot of red lights. I did not want to be prejudiced. Dear reader, these women can eat for breakfast people who think like this (I am not talking about a blow job although you can get this too for a price).

wonderland clinic

I sent an email message to Mr. Anonymous. He asked for advice. Following is a copy of the message that I sent him. It might as well be addressed to all of the Mr. Anonymous who are or will find themselves in a similar situation.

Hi there,

I read your article. Let me say that I am a middle aged man and for six months I was exactly in the same situation where you are now. I met her on a bus in Bangkok (not through the internet). She was more pro than yours. It would be a waste
of time to go into details but as I said my situation was similar to yours.

I fully understand you. These women are very good at what they do. You are right when you think that she chose you. But she did not choose you for the reasons that you would like to believe. I know that if you were looking at your situation
from outside (i.e. if this was happening to somebody else), it would be obvious to you 100% what kind of woman Fon is. But this is exactly what these women specialize in. They know psychology of men. They are experienced and they become experts.
They choose victims like you and me. They create a fantasy in our mind that blinds us from what is totally obvious.

This woman knows that you have big doubts. But she also knows that she hooked you (after all this is her profession. She is a hooker).

I must tell you that my hooker was smarter than yours. But I also must tell you that I did not fall for it. I was very close to falling but I did not. I wasted 6 months from my life communicating with her. But she did not get one baht from

I want you to know that I know exactly how you feel. You feel that you are chasing something that seems so close and yet so far. I know that everyday your mind shifts from thoughts of love and happiness to painful realization that this is
one big lie. It is hard for you to give up the fantasy. And, by the way, she knows exactly what you are going through. She is a master of your mind.

Listen to what Stick told you. Listen to what I am telling you. Get away from this woman. It is painful but you need to cut your loses. Get one thing into your head. She is a prostitute. She does not love you. She does not give a damn about
you. She would sell your life for $10. You will never get anything good out of her. Once you realize this then you will start feeling better. You are not losing something good that you have. You are getting rid of the scam of the earth. I started
feeling better about two weeks after this realization. And believe me, I was madly in love with her like I have never been in my life before. But who was I in love with? A fantasy and in reality with a monster.

Good luck my friend.

nana plaza