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Stickman Readers' Submissions October 12th, 2012

Thai Girl in Singapore

I met her at a fashionable rooftop bar on Marina Bay in Singapore, where there was a launch party for a new alcohol distributor with free flow champagne. She was sitting by herself in a very sexy dress and we immediately hit it off when I
told her I was single (I am a 31 year old Caucasian from New Zealand and decent looking). We got fairly drunk that first night, she kissed me goodbye, and we went our separate ways.

She is 24 and originally from Isaan. She had one kid when she was 17 and moved to Singapore at 22 to study English. After she completed her course, she got a job at a fashionable Thai restaurant working as a waitress. She told me her salary
at the restaurant was 1,200 Singapore dollars a month (30k Thai baht). Rent was 200 Singapore dollars a month in a house run by ‘Auntie’. Though she had a legitimate job at a legitimate restaurant, she was probably one of the lowest
earning Thai women in Singapore compared to her sisters over at Orchard Towers or Brix.

He Clinic Bangkok

I went by her restaurant the next night (yes, she was there, in uniform, and served me) and had a couple of glasses of wine and got her phone number. She agreed to meet me after work the next day. I took her out on the town for a few drinks,
then we went back to my place. For the next three weeks, she came over about four times a week after work. She never asked me for money, not even for a taxi, which I offered, as I knew how little money she made for an expensive city like Singapore
and her place was far away, which meant she had to pay at least 20 dollars or so for a taxi as she would leave in the middle of the night when the metro is shut and the taxis charge a night surcharge.

As I got to know her, more of her story came out. She had originally left Isaan after her teenage pregnancy and moved to Phuket, where she worked at a ‘restaurant’. She dated a Dutch guy, who she said liked to hang out at a
bar full of bargirls, where she would go meet him after her work finished. She claimed to be ignorant of if he ever went with any bargirls. She broke off that relationship because he asked her if she wanted to have a threesome with one of the
bargirls as a birthday present to him and she was disgusted by the concept. That’s when she decided to move to Singapore to improve her English.

A week ago, she told me she had decided to move back to Thailand permanently. Details of exactly why she is going back and what she will do are murky. She said she will probably go to Phuket again and work at a restaurant, but first she will
hang out in Bangkok with friends. Oh, and the place she will likely work in Phuket, she said that it was frequented by bargirls but that her role would be managerial. So she certainly knows that bargirl scene quite well.

On her last night with me in Singapore, she told me she wanted me to not use a condom and come inside of her since she wants to have babies with me (babies – more than one!). And then she was gone, telling me that she loved me and
that I should go find her in Thailand. Again, and I stress, never asking me for a dime.

I have been through her Facebook page and all looks legitimate. She has about 400 friends, mostly Thai, but some white, Chinese, some Indian, as one would expect from someone who studied in Singapore. She has about 500 pictures, mostly out
with her girlfriends, none with anyone that looks like a boyfriend. One of the albums is her and her daughter, so that is confirmed too.

I have read lots on this site but not heard a story exactly like this one, so am looking for some insight into what makes this girl tick. Does this story ring true? Do Thai girls from Isaan really move to Singapore to work at restaurants?
Do girls that know all about the bar scene work around the periphery of it, as in, at a restaurant, and yet not let it corrupt them?

Most of all, I am curious about this whole business of not using a condom. I have read on this site that a lot of guys bareback, but do girls go out of their way to try to get pregnant with guys they just met? Could this all be part of a
scam, where she will claim to be pregnant and ask for money?

I would definitely like to see her again, but not if it’s all a scam. Thoughts?


With these girls you just never now what is really going on in the background and behind the scenes. It might be that everything she told you is true, or it might be that some or even much of it is nonsense and / or there's other relevant stuff you don't know. That she had a child so young, that she would appear not to have pursued a tertiary education and that she was so willing to have child with a guys she barely knew all suggest to me that she is not suitable for a long-term relationship. Look at her s someone you had a nice time with in Singapore and leave it at that. Put her in the rear view mirror.