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Pattaya Girl Advice

I'm looking for some advice. I'll try to include as much info as I can, but basically first impressions I'm wondering if a bar girl I met in Pattaya can be genuine or just another scammer. I am a white British 30-year old male, athletic-build and get told I look younger (thank fook).

On my 10-day trip to Thailand I spent 4 days in Pattaya, 3 in Phuket, a further 2 in Pattaya and my last night in Bangkok. My first night was in soi 6…enough said.

The 2nd night in Pattaya I met a good looking girl 23-year old. We had the usual fun and ended up back in my room after I paid her bar fine. In the morning she left and I gave her 1,200 baht for her company as it was a good night. She also knew of my soi 6 the previous night to which I got the sarcastic response urrggh you butterfly soi 6.

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The next night I went to her bar and casually walked past where she spied me straight away and asked if I wanted to come in for a while. I went in and we chatted while I drank a few bottles. After a couple of hours laughing and flirting I bar fined her then went for a few drinks with my friends while she waited at her bar. I came back after an hour then asked her where she wanted to go for a drink. She said anywhere I want to go and ended up taking me a few places I said I'd like to visit. While we were out I offered her numerous drinks but she only took a few, and on several occasions she bought me drinks and herself them. Later that night we went back to my hotel. The following morning I paid her which she thanked me and we had some breakfast before we parted for the day. She asked if I wanted to meet later that night and I said probably. She said when you go Phuket don't forget me.

I never met her that night and then carried on with my trip to Phuket where I had a girl back for one night.

When I returned to Pattaya I went to the usual girl's bar early but she wasn't there as she didn't start until later so I left my number. Later that night she called me but I'd called it an early night.

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The next morning she called me again and asked if Id like to meet that night which I did. I said should I bar fine you now early in case anyone else wants to and, she said it's up to you but I'll wait for you anyway.

I barfined her and we left for a few drinks in various bars of hers and my choices. Again she paid for a lot of drinks and didn't want me to pay. We had a few drinks with some of her local friends then on the way home she wanted some food. I went to pay but she said no and she paid (Sounds great eh, where's the catch?)

She asked why I hadn't met her before I went Phuket and I made up an excuse which she was ok with. She asked if I had boom boom in Phuket to which I stupidly said yes and with her having a few drinks never said anything but it must have played on her mind and later on she had a little go at me but we sorted it out. (Day 3 and already in a domestic). Over the night I asked her a few things about where she was from (Surin) and has she any kids or brothers and sisters etc. She said no kids, and she was an only child, and only had a mother. She only visits when she can and not monthly or quarterly etc.

She never really asked a lot about my background only, where I lived in England and when I was back in Thailand. She said she didn't want me to leave and said why don't I find a job in Thailand and come back to stay with her.

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I thought if anything she'd have been wanting an excuse to visit the UK.

After that night I again paid her to which she'd never asked for any cash. She said don't go Bangkok stay in Pattaya another night. But I left anyway.

Since I left her & got back to the UK she has rang me twice a day minimum and text a few times and we Skyped once in the space of a week so far. She says she misses me and says keep in touch don't forget her.

So being a person who doesn't like to trust a woman for quite a while or ever has where do I go from here. Can you see anything so far that I can't or can you suggest anything I should start asking her or keeping an eye on?

She bought her own drinks and sometimes mine, plus food, never asked about my money or house situation. Suggested I live in Thailand with her, over her living here. Calls me daily.

I also said I'd be paying for no buffalos or family members with new incurable diseases.
Seems fairly genuine so far but I'm always looking for the catch.


She was a bit of holiday fun and I'd suggest that you don't look at her as anything more than that. If you are prepared to say to your family, friends and colleagues that you spent a few nights with a prostitute in a foreign country and are considering a longer relationship with her, then by all means, go ahead and see where it goes. Most guys baulk at that idea, however…

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