Stickman Readers' Submissions October 6th, 2012

Pattaya Extreme Diet: Walk, Swim, Booze And Dancing


Having just returned from my last 2-month trip to Pattaya I would like to share a different reason for visiting the sin city. My first visit to LOS was 10 years ago to Phuket and it wasn’t at all memorable and generally found the Thais to be too proud and preferred to monger and spend a big chunk of my next 9 years in PI where I find the people to be much more pleasant and girls way more beautiful.

Anyway in 2009 by accident I ended up in Pattaya and Bangkok for a month visit from Manila which by then was starting to annoy me and wear me down a bit. I was then at the peak of my weight at 125 kg having gone through a series of bad relationships and reacting to them by overeating as a means of instant self-gratification. I was with one of my Filipina exs so had a good time and started to enjoy Thailand and love its food. Anyway, we spent hours on daily walks with a memorable 9 hour non-stop walk in BKK at the end of the trip and was very surprised to learn that I managed to lose around 10 kg that month.

Anyway, it didn’t work out with that ex and I spent the next year finding another Filipina girlfriend and then a few months getting her a passport which is an uphill battle in PI, especially for a younger girl. So my next trip to LOS was only last summer for 2 months. In the meantime in the 2 years between visits I exercised very hard but managed to lose only 10 kg and was down to 105 kg. I realised that it must be something in the air in the sin city that helped me lose in 4 weeks as much as in next 2 years of hard work. This time was motivated and walked a lot and danced for 4 hours daily in a certain disco in Walking Street and over the 2 months in summer and another month in January this year went down another 10 kg to 95kg.

A few years ago my doctor was predicting that I would soon become diabetic since I am close to 50 and my yearly blood results were not really good. I was just amazed at my progress and when I explained to her that it's almost all thanks to my visits to Thailand she didn’t really know if I was serious or joking.

This year we had another memorable 4-month vacation with my Filipina girlfriend with a month in Malaysia and another in Bali followed by 2 months in Pattaya. Despite controlling my food intake and very long, often 2 – 4-hour daily walks I didn’t lose a gram in Malaysia or Indonesia. Extreme dieting started in sin city.

Since I’m 6’2” at 95kg I wasn’t really obese anymore, maybe just a bit overweight and it was by then much harder to lose any weight. During the first 2 or 3 weeks in August in Pattaya I wasn’t 100% committed to the diet so lost just 2 – 3 kg despite walking and dancing a lot. Since I was very serious as per my goal to lower my BMI under 25 meaning not being overweight anymore which in my case was 86kg increased my workload and switched to a higher gear to my new invention- extreme diet.

It was easier that I rented a really nice cheap new condo in South Pattaya near Tukom which had a full 25 metre pool. So just to show you how extreme the diet was I will go over my usual day this September in Pattaya. I usually woke up between 1-2 pm and after having had a small breakfast or just taking a full pineapple that my girlfriend opened for me the night before I would go at 2 – 3 PM on my daily around 3-hour 10 – 14 km walk around Pattaya and Jomtien. I would try to walk a different route every day and in the process have explored almost all streets including side streets in both cities within a radius of 10 km from my condo.

On a side note, since I hardly work in my home country and am on a budget these walks were productive as well since I now know where all the cheapest markets or stores are. I would always take 2 bottles of completely iced water or shake and spend my time enjoying them, the music and the views. My favorite route is up the mountain which is 15 minutes from my condo than downhill to Jomtien beach, all along the beach to almost end of Jomtien than to Sukhumvit Road, walk back along it to Big C and then back through side streets. Anyway at 5 – 6 PM I was back and went daily to the pool for 80 – 120 laps meaning 2 – 3 km swim and then have some light lunch after a bit of rest for 2-3 hours and at 10:45 PM would leave for my regular disco on Walking Street where I would dance / jump crazily for 4 hours daily. For example, during the last 21 days of my trip I didn’t take a single day's break from dancing. In order to make my legs function at high speeds and to be in a better mood I always drunk like 750 – 850ml of my frozen screwdriver mix with over half a bottle of vodka in it on the way to disco and thanks to that my daily entertainment budget was just 200B for 2 drinks happy hour before midnight. It’s hard to enjoy a daily dosage of disco even with some cute Russian girls but it was good for my diet. Usually I went out with my girlfriend but many nights alone as well since it is hard to for anyone to keep up with my schedule and determination. At the end I actually enjoyed going out alone more than in gorgeous company of my girlfriend since I didn’t have any unnecessary distractions. Did not believe that my legs would survive such harsh treatment but thanks to very hard massages every 3 days they have allowed me to reach my goal of going under 85kg and lowering the BMI under 25. So my diet has paid off and I have lost over 10 kg again over August and September. Overall I have lost more than 40kg, more than 32% of my body mass in the last 3 years and over 30 kg of that in just 6 months in Pattaya. As the song goes, “Love is in the air”. It must be changed to diet is in the air in sin city.

I am back in my country just trying to maintain my business which is hard to do when you are away for 6 months every year over the last 10 years but I am enjoying it, giving my legs a break at least till next month where I go for another 2 months diet trip to LOS. Just to show a different perspective, I have spent over 6 months in Pattaya in last 3 years and have not touched a single Thai girl in that time whom I generally dislike. It was not hard since I always had a young Filipino girlfriend with me but for next month trip decided to go alone and will try to stick to vacationing Russian girls and avoid local girls if possible.

Will keep you posted if it’s possible!

Stickman's thoughts:

He Clinic Bangkok

Good on you for managing to shed that excess weight and hopefully avoid the sentence that is diabetes. The number of people I know who have become diabetic in recent times is unreal and I am absolutely flabbergasted the way some don't fight it and allow it to deteriorate to the point that it causes major issues to their health and frankly, ruins their life. Two people I know have had a leg amputated and I heard from home recently that a family friend is facing that too.

If one genuinely wants to lose weight and is prepared to make the effort – and that's the hard part because I truly believe many are not prepared to do the hard yards – it is not that difficult! Dr. Stick's recommendation is an instant switch to a full vegan diet and an hour's exercise a day. ANY exercise -it should be something you like because the odds are better that you will stick with it – but it needs to be something that gets and keeps the heart rate up. Surely that beats a life where you're on medication, have reduced energy and have body parts removed…

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