Stickman Readers' Submissions October 3rd, 2012

My Own Private Dancer

I’m halfway my thirties and have been living in Thailand for a year now, up in Chiang Mai. I have had a good share of fun in this country. Both with street workers and with normal city girls too. Up to now I have never really had problems with
the charms of the ladies to make me do stupid things money-wise. I have read numerous websites and books and I have some life experience too to guide me. I have made my mistakes of course but in the end I can say I’m doing good. I’m
not rich, so I haven’t travelled the world enough to make a solid statement. But I must say that Thai girls are really impressive in many ways. Good and bad of course. But with a year of experience with them, I can say that it’s
a much better place for man then any place I have been before.

I don’t want to compromise the girl's identity and so I will not give out the details about where we met. Chances are that some readers here would recognize her and I don’t want to get her into problems. I have rarely met
a person in this world that enjoys life so much as she does and we became good friends right away. After the first month we hung out together, her farang boyfriend kicked her out and she moved to Phuket to find a new sponsor. After 2 months she
was back in Chiang Mai and she started courses in massage, beauty salon and so on. We met on several occasions and always talked freely and openly. But she was always very clear about not getting into specials with me as she respected her boyfriend
and I had no problems at all with that. I’m more happy having a good friend then having a good fxxx.

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Life went on for both of us and we didn’t meet much over the last months. I had a girlfriend for a few months and she was busy with her many courses. Two months ago I was in Bangkok for a few days and she had noticed it on my Facebook
and she said she was there too for a month. So we met in town and talked for many hours and played pool all night long. Just like in the old days. You don’t experience that feeling with many people, that you can pick up your friendship
again where you left it, in a heartbeat. She told me more and more about her real life and about the reasons of her stay in Bangkok. Doing a Tour-de-France on her complete body with plastic surgery. The price of this goes in the hundreds of thousands
of baht just to give you an idea. Being in her early twenties, that makes it surprising. Especially if you know she had killer looks already from before and could already hook up any guy she wanted. But she wanted more, because she had a Big Plan.
She wants to be financially secure by the time she hits 30 and she feels time is rushing. So she is seeing it as an investment in her work capital.

She told me many stories about her life over the past years and about the amounts of money guys would pay to spend a night with her or to have her as a girlfriend. Just about after midnight, I was calling it a night and I left her there at
the pool-bar with her lady friend that works there. I was walking on the streets of the city and wanted a last beer in one of the clubs before heading back to my hotel. After 3 minutes, my phone rang and she asked me what I was up to. I told her
my plans and she asked if she could join me. If I wanted to take a girl home from the club, that was fine for her, she just wanted to have one more beer too. And if I didn’t take a girl home, she would be happy to spend the night with me
as she didn’t want to be alone that night… So we went out together, started dancing and talking more and getting pretty drunk. We went back to my hotel and spent the night and next day together. After that time together, she was meeting
a new sponsor and a day later I came back up north. End of story. Just friends with an extra in the City of Angels. No money paid. No strings attached.

Last week she came back to Chiang Mai to get all her things packed as she decided to move to Phuket. All for her Big Plan. So we met up again for 3 days and 3 nights of fun and preparing her move out. We spend many hours again talking about
life. She knows I don’t judge anything about her life and she is not expecting anything from me, so she could talk about all her experiences to me freely. But just as much, on many occasions, I left her speechless with lessons about life
that I would present to her. About making decisions with her brain and not with her heart. About love. About just anything she did for reaching her Big Plan.

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I’m the complete opposite of the stereotypical guys she is looking for to achieve her goals. My Big Plan has nothing to do with money. That was something very hard for her to understand. All the guys she meets are older and made big
money at my age and then went to Thailand. And yet, with moments she was completely lost in our connection and her feelings for me and you could really see she was fighting with herself. A fight between the heart and the brain. But her brain is
truly the strongest and you could see her get herself back together quickly and get her focus on the Big Plan.

When we went somewhere together, it was like the world stopped for a second. Almost like the deejay stopped spinning the record and everybody looked at her when she stepped in. After that second, life went on and we just started talking and
dancing. Many girls killing her with their eyes, many guys coming up to me asking me where I found that girl and wanting to know how much she’d cost me. It happened so many times and every time it surprised me. For sure she is a stunning
beauty and I’ll probably never lay my hands again on a body like hers. But for me it was the personality that was so hot. So much more then the looks. I have always seen beauty as the cherry on the cake. Don’t get me wrong, I love
to eat the cherry too, but if that’s all I get, then I end up still being hungry. Personality is far more important to me. And to me the cake looked so delicious that it were always other people that reminded me of how sweet the cherry
really looked.

So we had three magical days together and she has left now to complete her mission. To be free within 5 years so that she can take care of her child by herself, support her family in Isaan, have her own shop in Phuket and don’t need
any money from farang ever again. Only then she will think about finding a man to be happy with. A plan that so many of these girls are having. A mission that so little of them will finally achieve.

I wouldn’t say I really loved her but I would be lying if I'd say she is not on my mind now all the time. It was clear from the start that this was a mission impossible and we both enjoyed it while it lasted. We probably enjoyed
it even more knowing this was just based on a mutual attraction and not on expectations or ego. Soon she will be a private dancer again in Phuket every night and I’ll be here living my simple life in Chiang Mai. We both know that we are
both the biggest danger to the Big Plan we want to achieve in life. But we enjoyed every minute of the danger, being smart enough to know that we were simply enjoying a good time together. We had what we had and nobody can take this away from

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While it's nice to have your fun, be glad that you're free of this woman. She's going to trample her way towards her goals and pity any guy he gets caught up in her web.

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