Stickman Readers' Submissions October 8th, 2012

Lower Bar Standards

I was told many years ago that all countries get the police force that they deserve, as it reflects the way the country is run and a reflection as to that country's population.

I have seen police in the UK take terrible verbal abuse from drunken morons and despite the natural instinct to respond in kind, continue to politely advise them to make their way home.

I recently assisted at an outside music event in the US where young people were attending and ID was required to receive a wrist band to confirm you were of legal age to purchase alcohol. Because of the large crowd expected we were assisted
by the local police department. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the words "please" and "thank you, officer" used by the vast majority of all attending and the respectful attitudes. Maybe the incentive of a boozy night
with music was the main motive that forced some respect – but it sure beats the alternative.

My favourite police experience (all have been on the right side of the law) was the two Florida state troopers who after receiving a couple of minutes disrespectful and heated irrational complaining from a individual who was not involved
in the minor car related incident, was promptly handcuffed by the two officers. The problematic individual was then taken away to the station to continue the discussion in a more appropriate environment. The no nonsense approach always works
for me.

I make these comparisons because I believe the same applies in, for appearances sake let's call it, the entertainment industry.

The massive swing in service / attitude to farangs especially become more apparent with each passing year. My observations are from '96 through to February of this year.

The problem is as much the customer as the "service provider". Many a bald-headed, much tattooed, earring-wearing Singha wifebeater vest / football shirt-attired, older man (can't prefix with gentle, because they have done
nothing to deserve it ) has returned to all points UK and Ireland and told similar compatriots, with some exaggerations, of the sexual nirvana they have discovered in Thailand. Non stop booze-filled days punctuated with sexual Olympic games
with women of unquestionable beauty and sexiness. Cheap booze is the holy grail and seals the deal for waverers.

Those of us who have wandered past the beer bars of Soi 4 and Pattaya have seen the awful reality. Dressed in the clothes as described above, worn from waking up to shuffling back in the wee hours to the one and a half star abode which
has little difference to how the older girls at the bottom rung of the sex worker ladder live and have endured being sat with them earlier.

These unfortunate bar ladies, pinched, poked and groped, spoken to in coarse gutter language, (sadly they speak the same at home after a few pints!), it is no wonder denim shorts are the order of the day for the girls. Sexy maybe, also
they are a defence against drunken prodding.

But which man alive has not embellished the beauty of the woman they have sex with and much easier when they are thousands of miles away, unavailable for inspection and the awful truth this would bring. As is often said, "Beauty
is in the eye of the beer holder!"

I have no doubt that Thais of all classes who are unfortunate to encounter them would evolve a mild distaste to intense dislike, and beyond.

On landing in Thailand some farangs become delusional, believing that Thai women see them as hansum, sophisticated, Brad Pitt look-alikes, determined not to be the social under class they are at home. Petulant children in fat men's
bodies, they were described in an UK journal, a truth not appreciated by those who would recognise themselves, though the lack of being honest with yourself and too lazy to attempt any change is a much shared trait. Like all 15-year olds,
sex and booze are the prime motivators for the many years ahead and lock them in the sorry state they perpetuate.

The only quick fix for this factor in the declining standards or complete lack of them is the continued increase in prices. I have never flown in-directly to Thailand but I am told the Arab airlines doing a stop or two from the UK for
£400 are packed with the type described. Maybe the PM could get the price doubled? Only hotels 4 star and above can be used by Farang.

I am sure economical difficulties in most farang countries are assisting and it's evident to all who read Thai / Bangkok bar related of the large reduction in traffic, especially the bragging section titled "Trip Reports".
Who but a moron would put a photograph of his penis on the internet? Well, it's a moron with low-esteem, limited sexual contact with the opposite sex, desperate to prove he has had sex….with a woman. Again, another common trait. Though
in their defence, these blogs also provide a great deal of good up to date info on numerous topics.

It would be nice to insist that in-flight the airlines spend time educating them via tablets on manners and Thai etiquette, basic Thai language and possibly on acceptable dress code, before leaving a test could be had and only those passing
would be allowed to leave the plane! A fantasy no less, but who doesn't come to Thailand with at least one fantasy?

PS. I am British born, and love and appreciate many things about UK, but some of the people disgrace us everywhere.

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Yep, the profile of those who fool around in the bar areas has changed a lot, and it hasn't got better.

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