Stickman Readers' Submissions October 8th, 2012

Love and Marriage

Where can a man express his real opinions these days? Practically nowhere. Not even within his family. Actually, especially not in front of his wife or daughter. Forget any media. Forget any social situation. This is why I hope that Stick will publish
this submission. I want to say what I really think.

I am 57 years old. Saying this sounds not real to me because the years go by so fast and I really don’t feel like a 57-year-old. I live in Farangland and I have never been married. I discovered Asia only a year ago. And I learned a
lot from the website of Stickman. I really don’t care much about the entire prostitution bit. I don’t understand all these men fixated on having sex with prostitutes. It does not make sense.

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I am happy that I discovered Asia for another reason. I made up my mind. I will go to Asia in about 3 – 4 years to get a wife. I will basically buy her from her family. I will get a young one in her 20’s. I will try to get a virgin.
I will bring her to Farangland. I will marry her. I will have children with her and I will treat her right. I will send money to her poor family every month not because I give a damn whether or not they starve but because I will keep my part of
the deal.

She does not need to speak English. She does not need to be educated. I prefer that she does not have either. She does not need to be smart. I had hundreds of farang women who were intelligent, educated, liberated, promiscuous, aggressive,
and with sexual hang-ups. They discussed with me politics, philosophy, and whatever bullshit they have in their mind. Now I want a woman who will cook for me good food three times a day and open her legs when I feel like enjoying life. I don’t
want her to talk very much. If I want to talk, I can talk to my friends. I just want her to be able to get pregnant and give me healthy children.

Now, dear reader, you may think: Where the hell did this man come from?

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Let me tell you something. Don’t believe it for one second. I am talking about all the women’s liberation propaganda that screwed up everything that we enjoy in life as men. Oh, by the way, women’s lib screwed up everything
for women too. But farang women are so far gone that they don’t realize how much they screwed up themselves along with screwing us up and all the children in the west.

Since when fat, ugly, promiscuous, aggressive, undomesticated women is the recipe for a happy and healthy society? When was the last time you stopped to think so freely, so basically and so rationally?

Do men really prefer to marry a promiscuous woman rather than a virgin? Since when?

Do men really prefer to marry a fat woman who binges on food in restaurants (while the man pays of course) rather than a beautiful, slim woman who cooks at home every day? Since when did a woman cooking every day become something that is
only a caveman’s idea? Don’t believe it for a second.

wonderland clinic

Do men prefer to marry a woman who takes yoga and philosophy classes while the house looks like hell rather than a woman who keeps the house clean and make the house a home? What kind of masochistic with low self-esteem man would have such
preference? There is no such man.

I know. Many men who read what I wrote so far are kind of puzzled. Deep inside they know that this is exactly what they think. Maybe they did not know until now because of all the women’s lib propaganda, political correctness, and
the need to be accepted in a society which has been changed by a few (ugly, lazy) women from New York. It is still amazing how they did it. The rest of women follow like a herd. Well, most people can’t think for themselves. It is a pity
that the worst women are the ones that are being followed. I grew up in New York. I know these women. I saw how those women changed the world and screwed it up. I know this better than most men because I knew these women.

Anyway, every man wants a nice woman. Every man wants a beautiful woman. Every man wants a feminine woman. Every man wants a domesticated woman. Show me a man who wants the opposite.

But most men forgot that this is what they want. If you are under 50 years old then you never had a chance (in Farangland) to conceptualize what a real woman is. You were taught that women eat in restaurants food that men chefs cook. You
were taught that it is ok for a woman to be aggressive. In fact, you don’t notice their aggressiveness because this is all you have seen all your life. You were taught that you should expect to get married with a woman who sucked any dick
that suited her fancy. You were taught that it is ok for these woman to wear white on the night when you marry her.

But it gets worse. You were taught that the average married woman in the west will most likely cheat on you after marriage. Cheat like in a game (in other languages it is called a betrayal). She will suck the dick of other men. If she has
two affairs during your marriage, it is statistically accepted as normal.

A woman strays when she has the opportunity. This is a fact. If she is a professional. If she is not dependent on her husband. Then there is more chance that she will do whatever she wants. It is a known fact that now in Europe half of children
in families are not from who they think is their biological father. <Citation needed because without on such spurious comments discredit the rest of your writingStick> It is a known fact that half of marriages
in the west end up in divorce. None of this can be said about Muslim countries (and I am as far from being a Muslim as anybody can be. This is just an observation).

Dear reader. Let me explain to you something (since most readers here are men). Almost any woman can get almost any man to have sex with her. When a man wants to have sex (which is all the time), he is willing to do it with a woman who is
much below the kind of woman that he would choose for marriage. Right? So, when you marry a woman, who is not a virgin, she had sex with men who would not marry her. Now you understand why she is not happy with you. It is depressing to settle
for something less than what you have experienced. So, of course she is entitled. Why should she cook for somebody who is less than what she has known? You see the problem with women’s lib? Now if she goes to work everyday and meets people
everyday, what are the chances that she will have sex with a man? This is nothing knew for her. Why do you think all religions made all those laws to keep women in line? Of course, men made up all religions. These men understood, as much as any
man going to Pattaya, how far a woman can go if she is not kept in line. When you meet any woman, what do you know about her sexual history? Do you think that she will ever tell you everything (now or after you marry her)?

I remember when I was young, going out with all those women who started women's lib. I did not understand something. For some reason, for every woman, I was always her second sexual partner. I wish I had one baht for every woman who
told me that (oops) she had sex only with one boy before me. I am not joking. I was naive and I could not understand why I missed hitting the jackpot every time.

Women's liberation is bullshit. It is just an excuse for women to be promiscuous and lazy. Give me a good woman and I will treat her like a queen.

You may say that my thoughts are flawed. Well, first there is reality. Second, I understand. You may say that she loves you and you love her. This is why you got married. But this makes me laugh. I’ll tell you why.

I remember the scene on “Fiddler on the Roof” when Tuvia asks his wife if she loves him. She looked puzzled. She never thought about it. She has never known another man in her life. She married him when she was a virgin and
stayed faithful to him all her life as a matter of fact. She cooked for him and washed his cloths all her life. Conversely, men “fall in love” now and get married with a woman who previously had sex with men (women will never tell
you how many). These women do not do anything for them (cooking, cleaning, etc.). These women are aggressive and likely to have affairs. And 50% end up in divorce. How many of the other 50% are happy? I personally don’t know any happily
married couple. So much for love.

Romantic love is a fantasy. After I get a wife from Asia, I don’t need her to tell me that she loves me. I want her to cook for me and to give me good sex. I will make sure that she is totally depended on me. How many more years do
I have left? 20, 25, 30? Such a wife will be perfect for me. I have had all the philosophical discussions with farang women in my life time. Now I want a wife?


Some fair points made for sure but in my opinion there's too much projection, generalisation, misperception and untruths to say nothing of what I personally felt is a creepy undertone.

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