Stickman Readers' Submissions October 20th, 2012

Chronicles of a Farang with Good Thai Ladies and Bargirls, Take 2

So, I take A to Koh Samet Island for three days. It was low season, so I got beach front rooms for 2100 baht, then after two days I even found another room for 1000 baht, great! You see, I was having so much fun that I decided to stay another day and she was overjoyed just the same

She turned her phone off, I kept mine on and I did get a couple of SMS messages from other girls. I think she may have seen them but I thought it was good for her to know there were girls who were still after me, it would keep her on her toes!

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We had a great time, fantastic views, sex, food, sleeping, drinks…I forgot all my problems back home and in Thailand…I can sense and see that she is really falling for me but I kept my guard up and my emotions at bay. We enjoyed som tum salads, seafood and Long Islands, swimming and watching other tourists. As a side note, there were many Russians on the island but surprisingly they were polite and not too drunk nor too loud.

We got back to BKK late due to massive rains. She was getting her period, so she was tired, but she managed to send a couple of SMSs to some "waiting guys" telling them she is sick and her sister is taking care of her but she will be back to work in a few days…how amazing. I used to think that women can't cheat like men, well that may be true for farang women, not Thai women. They defy DNA, logic and reason proven by a late study that shows that 68% of Thai men (more or less, from memory) and 49% of Thai women…CHEAT! No freaking kidding. I do not need a study, I could have saved them tons of money and told them the same. Although their numbers are wrong…I think it is more like 90% of men and 90% of women CHEAT…!

So, of course I got into her Iphone and found out the lies…She had about four men she was keeping on "lay away" till I go back to the US. I did not have a problem with that. My only concern was that I worried about STDs while we are together if she had sex with others. I am 100% clean and I wanted to keep it that way…I had showed her my blood test results and she was very happy to see them. I later found out and confirmed that these farangs were to meet her when and IF they came to LOD. So at this point I believed she had not had extra sexual activities while she had shared my bed.

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Now she spent more time with me, almost every day, but she continued to keep her "lay aways" on stand by. I felt cheated yet I understood her survival techniques. I can't blame her. I blame the Thai economic situation and the poverty <Be careful where you apportion blame as the Thai economy is doing very well and there are jobs for anyone who wishes to workStick>. I intend to write a submission about this later on.

So now I decided to detach myself from her even more. I am to de-program my western mind and especially my heart to enjoy the sex while knowing there are other guys waiting in line. I want to learn how the Thai man feels and thinks about Thai women. He is a master at keeping his heart closed while sleeping with many women. This is my goal now…

On October 8th, in the evening, I sent her a message telling her not to come to see me. She asked me why? I SMSd back: I not say…I am playing their Thai bully game. I knew she knew that I knew about the other guys. I wanted to punish her to the max. You see, I never claimed she was the only one as a matter of fact I DID tell her I was still chatting with other girls but I would not meet them nor sleep with them because I had her. She on the other hand told me I was the only one so she lied to me. This is my western culture judging.

I had a few calls and messages from her that day begging me to come back. I told her I want to sleep on it and think about what to do about this situation the next day, and I meant it. I was thinking of forgetting about her and going on to the next lady that I had in mind. On October 9th, in the evening, she called me and I answered. She begged me to come and talk to me. I thought, what the hell, she is where I wanted her to be. I can't lose at this point. I am not attached to her and I can easily replace her with a newer, albeit used model. LOL!

She came back and cried her eyes out, a simple non effective behavior with me, and begged me, and I mean begged me to give her another chance and she would never talk to another farang nor another Thai about any sexual stuff. I told her this is her last chance and I meant it. I was very stern and serious but did not show much anger at all. At this point, every time she used her Iphone she made sure I saw what was going on, maybe a trick, but I knew her password all the time and I would check the phone when I could. <Talk about possessive and controllingStick>

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Mind you, I have also found out that, believe it or not, many of these "good girls" have problems getting the "hook" to catch a farang. There are hundreds and thousands of foreign men who lie to these girls and never keep a single promise nor show up at their promised arrival dates in Thailand. So do you blame these girls for having "back up" guys waiting in line? No!

I continue to see A. She has been surely a great experience and a test of my heart and willpower. She is showing more and more signs of ignoring the "other guys" for days at a time. Needless to say, I have also been lining up two more beauties that I intend to try out in my next few weeks left for me to stay in LOD…Self protection is in full throttle.

Just to make sure I explained her "other men" properly, She could not have slept nor seen any of them (There were not in LOD yet) but she had sent them many SMS to meet at the end of the month..after I would have gone back home!

Ironically, I felt somehow better about taking out bargirls, in some sense but not the whole experience mind you, than these Good Thai girls. You see, with a bar girl it is purely sexual for ME, I never get attached. Sure, I like them and keep them in my mind but never got attached nor bothered the least bit if I saw one of them with another "customer". BUT, with these regular Thai girls, it is a bit confusing to my western educated / programmed mind. I expected them to be more honest only to find out they are actually more dishonest than bar girls because they want you to think they are not cheating you and that they are "innocent and pure". Bar girls can not hide the fact that they are working hence it is not an issue..for me at least.

I need to think like the Thai man thinks when it comes to Thai women. It is a daunting task but I am up for it and will learn quickly as I go along.

Stay tuned for the next installment…

's thoughts:

I would suggest you try and get it straight in your mind what you're looking for. If you're looking for playthings, then go to the bars. If you actually want a relationship, go for a lady outside the bar and treat her with dignity and respect. If she treats you the same then you have the foundations to build a relationship on.

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