Stickman Readers' Submissions October 9th, 2012

Can A Thai Woman Be Really Happy In Farang World?

I ask myself that question a lot and for me the answer is no.

Of course, life is not black or white. There are more then 50 shades of grey in life. And luckily it’s like that. So for sure there are many of them that are happy about their choice. Some of them met the right guy and they can feel
at home anywhere on this planet. Some come from such lousy life conditions and many of them try to send money home and are thankful to Buddha for what they got. Even if that means they’ll feel lonely in a world with cold people. Some chose
the bar life somewhere in Thailand and these woman in farang world did not. Or they stopped that life thanks to a farang.

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Many of them are good woman with the Thai tradition in their heart and they make it the best they can.

Many of them are bitches. Bitches exist anywhere in the world. Just like assholes. So many mixed couples will live in a lot of misery just because they were never made to enjoy life with someone anyway. Just like so many other couples all
over the world.

Many of them are unhappy, I think. Not necessarily because of all of the above, but because this country is so different to any farang country I have visited before. In the tropics, people tend to live closer to each other. They live in a
community that has different layers. Family, friends, work etc. They are all connected and this is a bond I admire.

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Many of them don’t have an easy life. They work (or are at work) for double the number of hours of anybody in Europe. Not because they want to but because they don’t have a choice. They live from month to month somehow but still
try to get the most out of it. And there the network comes in handy. Always somewhere to go, something to do or whatever. Maybe this isn’t the truth for upcountry people. But when I’m out there, I can still see the community too.
Maybe not much happening, but still so connected.

This connection also brings them problems.

Many connections cost money. Money brings power and money stinks. Power brings the country in the crisis they have been in over the last years. A major break in the connectivity system in 2 specific colors.

After my first holiday in Thailand, I started to look differently at the Thais in my country. The ones working in the restaurants, the ones on the subway, and so on. They all had something in common. They had lost their smiles. They looked
unhappy and just focused on why they were there for in the first place. From that moment on, that question has been in my head.

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The only connection that is left basically is the online connection. Nothing more fake than an online connection. I love the internet, but a computer is a shit replacement for human contact. It’s like going to a concert with no sound.
Life is hard in Thailand but they keep their smiles. It’s not about the smile actually, it’s the fire they have burning inside. I love watching the Thais living their life here. Sometimes I feel so much at home, that I’m not
even seeing it anymore. Then it pops up again that I’m driving on a street in Thailand and I see all the Thais again around me. Just had a moment like that before writing this message.

I would personally choose to live here with my Thai wife and try to find me a good job in this country. If a farang really uses his brain a little, it’s really possible to get a decent life here. We get so overpaid compared to them.
And we can enjoy the fire that is inside of them. Because if you take that girl home that you really want, at home she changes. Will you still be happy? Because that’s not the girl you liked so much here.

Same thing goes for her. I’m not a believer of holiday-based relationships that end in a move to Farangland. But it surely happens much more than I imagine. I’m estimating that the farang that lives here and that has a Thai
girlfriend has a better chance to have a stronger relationship. Now when a man takes her home, he will also change. In the tropics we enjoy the Thai life and go with the flow. We don’t live the same life as back home. Even if we stay the
same person, we live a different life to some degree. Maybe we go out more or we eat differently or we see other people. Back home, you surely drop back on your old friends and old little town life where everything is dead after 8 PM and everybody
lives in his closed home and mind. Will your girlfriend or wife still like this guy? You will have to be strong together to get through this…..together.

Money is so important for Thai people. We have thousands of internet pages about getting the new Galaxy or the new Iphone. Most of them work to eat and hopefully also have a good drunk night every week. So many Thai ladies keep seeing it
as an opportunity. Money does strange things with these ladies minds. But I’m sure it would do something to my brain too if I had to live their lives.

Quite a few ladies I have questioned about this and they all see money as the solution to all problems. Some of them don’t care about what I say and others agree with me but they say it’s like a pain to bear for the goal they
have. Some of them tell me that they feel that too or that it makes them scared.

Once again, this is my opinion about it.


My best friend back in New Zealand is married to a decent Thai woman who loves life there and has really thrived in that environment. She said she would NEVER want to live in Thailand again as life in the West is so much better. I bet there are plenty more who feel the same. It would be interesting to know what commonalities there were amongst Thai women who do prefer life in the West.

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