Stickman Readers' Submissions September 13th, 2012

Thai Female Merchandise

The service of a doctor or a physiotherapist is highly esteemed by anyone in such need. The service of a prostitute likewise.

“My daughter is studying to become a medical doctor” – These words may be heard from a proud mother who is expecting to gain face from addressing her audience telling them what has become of her daughter. The thing
is; when the medical student later faces her everyday duties, they are no longer of the same glory as shines from her mother's face. She does the dirtiest of examinations of her filthiest patients in the most stinking areas associated
with the human being. Nothing shines. Her integrity is suffering. She stretches the limits from where she is going to earn her living, to the far end. The Thai prostitute likewise. The expectancies from one’s choice of profession is
one thing, the reality is another. When to call someone a prostitute is not easy to say.

The Thai Virgin has a future looking forward to, where everyone, family and friends alike, will gain face as she approaches The Thai Male for the first time. She sets the conditions of the encounter. He is expected to bring along his
economic value for the sin sot. The Thai Female will always derive such benefits from association with the male, if not, no such association will take place – supposedly a behavioral inheritance from the animal family, now
deeply rooted in a Buddhist society.

The female whom expats come to associate with, have long gone through the above stages of meeting their first male. Some of these females have received the sin sot already, and have been associated with a Thai male for a period
of time. Normally this has taken just a few months, until her heart was broken into pieces by the male’s appetite for more meat to eat. As is heard from the broken hearted; “Him butterfly”.

Some of the other females whom the expats meet, have not even managed to receive the sin sot in time for their first encounter. The result is a pregnant “virgin” left behind, probably due to the male’s lack
of means for the sin sot. The male tries to retrace without loosing too much face. She describes it; “Him ran away”.

My guess is that close to 100% of the females that expats meet share the above faiths. <Absolutely ridiculous generalisationStick>

Where the Thai male left his counterpart, she had to look for new options. She no longer sees the possibility of selling the entire sew for a sin sot. She is now looking for ways to sell it chop by chop. That is usually the moment the
expat is invited to associate.

“They are all prostitutes” – This conclusion may frequently wander around the Stickman community, most often as the expat regrets his doings, or heard simply as part of a discussion of different opinions of the female.
There are males here who still do not recognize the fact: This is the cultural backbone of Thai Buddhist Society, whether the females are doctors, physiotherapists, virgins or their likes. Few things will happen in Thailand without any benefits
changing hands among associates. This has been my saddest discovery during my travels to Thailand as well as my most precious.

Thanks to Stickman, Stephen Leather and his Private Dancer, and a few thousand submissions, we should all have been sufficiently prepared upon arrival.

Along my own trail, the greatest thing that happened to me was that I broke up with a girl 25 years less my age, who I met, dancing in a Cowboy bar. She was hung up around the poles by her proud mother, at her age of 14, selling out in
pieces, chop by chop. I was hoping to buy the remains of the then 24 year old sew, and restore the former glory. But the project failed. There was nothing really worth buying. Only the prettiest of facades remained. I was happy to run away,
no tears, no sleepless nights. I was just too curious to find out how things worked out the way it was so thoroughly described by others. I can really recommend the experience as a once in a lifetime happening; get involved in a Thai hooker:
Fxxx and learn! But remember; no repeat order!

My rule is; buy one or two, or possibly as many chops as you can eat at the time, not the whole pig, and stop discussing the fact that they all are a bunch of prostitutes.

Enjoy your meal!

Point taken? Probably not. Sorry to say there will be submissions pouring in during the weeks, months and years to come, giving evidence of poor farang judgment and meaningless complaints and tiresome discussions on what kind of girls
have been found hanging around in bars and internet selling out the female merchandise that once was offered to the local male for a lump sum of a sin sot, now broken into pieces and spread around in bars.

's thoughts:

I think I can see the point you're trying to make – and it may be valid within the bar industry although it's very crudely made. The hole in your argument is that these days far more foreigners getting involved with Thai women meet women OUTSIDE the bar environment. They meet women who never dreamed of working "at night".

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