Stickman Readers' Submissions September 13th, 2012

Rich Old Western Men and the Poor Young Asian Girls They Love

There have been many excellent submissions lately on Western men, Western women, and Asian women. Why do Western men prefer Asian women? Is it because they are more submissive, more “womanly”, more feminine but less feminized?
Is it because Western men have been subjugated by Western women, lost their manhood due to Western women’s overt and aggressive feminism, or is it because Western men simply don’t like fat Western women?

It has been postulated that Western men who marry Asian women are “losers”, men who cannot get a woman in their home country and must resort to an Asian, who some suggest are a lesser breed. Why would anyone choose an Asian
woman, some have asked, if they can get a woman from home? One writer even asked if George Clooney would be seen with an Asian woman. <Did he really say that? Nope, he didn't…Stick>

These are some of the questions, and there have been as many answers proposed as there are readers of this site. All of the explanations given are, to some extent, valid. Some Western men, I would imagine, simply have struck out at home.
Others have been emasculated. Many just prefer the Asian figure.

But I want to focus on a subset. Rich old Western men who choose to go out with, and in fact marry, much younger poorer Asian women. Why would a rich guy choose to do this? Are they “losers”? Are they, despite their wealth,
unable to find happiness with a Western woman? Why can’t a successful man find someone of his own background, and his own age, to be with?

Instead of keeping this hypothetical, I’d like to talk about some people I know who fit the description. And I would ask you, are they losers?

Mr. A is in investments. He has made and lost more than I can imagine but is currently doing ok financially. He recently married his Asian “nurse”, a woman 42 years younger than him.

Mr. B has done some acting. He married his first wife when she was 16, and has been with numerous women since then. When he was in his fifties, the Western woman he was living with found nude photographs he had taken of her 20 year old
Asian step daughter. The older woman threw the man and the young woman out in the street, and he eventually married her, 37 years younger than him.

Mr. C dabbles in real estate. He met and married his Thai “beauty queen” when she was 34 years younger than him. He has several children from previous marriages older than his bride.

Mr. D is a journalist. Previously married several times, he met his Asian wife, 31 years younger than him, when she was working in the same company as he. She had a history of having affairs with married Western men. He married her three
weeks after his divorce.

Mr. E is a bit different than the others, as he is quite good looking and well built. But he has a fondest for booking clubs which are Korean nightclubs where men go and pay the waiters to forcibly drag women over to meet them. Embarrassed
about how he met his 20 years younger wife, Mr. E tells people they met when she was working in a restaurant.

Mr. F is overweight, and has done perhaps one successful thing in his career. His Asian wife, only 6 years younger than him, was an actress in a Playboy channel “erotic drama” cable TV series.

Mr. G is the youngest of the group, and his Asian wife is the same age as he is. He has never worked for anyone in his life but has been taken to court several times by people who claimed he treated them unfairly in business. He will
be coming into a large amount of money fairly soon and recently married his Asian girlfriend.

So why did these rich Western men choose young Asian women? Could they not find anyone else? Someone “better”?

Let me tell you who they are.

George Soros
Woody Allen
Herb Simon (largest shopping mall owner in the US, worth $1.8 billion. Married to Miss Universe)
Rupert Murdoch
Nicholas Cage
James Gandolfini
Mark Zuckerberg

I have a huge respect for all of these men, successful in their careers, wealthy, who could have their pick of women. My guess is that none of them thought “I am marrying an Asian because she is slim, not feminist, western women
are overbearing, etc.” These are men who could have any type of woman they wanted. My guess is, all of them were in love.

I have had the extreme fortune to be in love with, and possibly loved by, two women in my life. One was an intellectual, the other not. One loved children, the other didn’t. One was worldly, the other a homebody. One was Western,
one was Asian. But I didn’t think of either of them in that way. I thought of them as women I loved. I couldn’t tell you why I loved them, or how I could love two women so different in all respects.

It just happened that way.

Take care,


's thoughts:

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I like what you have tried to do here, but the examples given probably don't fit a title with the word "poor". I am not into celebrity worship and know nothing of any of the women these guys married. What's the bet they were not poor, that they did in fact have a decent education and I bet none was ever a prostitute…which, let's be honest, are the key points that most of the debate of older Western men marrying younger Asian women has revolved around.

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